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day game dating blogspot

Day game is so easy in fact, that you could be on your lunch break, If you like the girl, you should always try for an instant date by saying. If this blog ever contained a fluff-piece, then this is it: my Daygame route. Together with sets and stopping to buy a coffee, it takes around hours. I start at. Learn more about day game from Sasha Daygame. Casual Dating Secrets | How To Date Multiple Women By Being Honest · Yesterday I shared a video.

I met you outside Selfridges, right? It must be written in the stars… what are you doing now?


It was around 7. I told her we could meet for a drink when she was finished her shopping and she agreed. Touche luv My name is Roy. Louise — do you still have my number? I pinged her my name and told her to text me when she was ready for a drink. We met at around 9pm near Oxford street and walked in the direction of my apartment and had a drink at the bar just across from it.

day game dating blogspot

I escalated hard and we kissed several times. It was last orders in the bar at 11pm so I tried to bounce her back to my flat. We got to the front door and Louise told me that it was too soon and that she had to get her last train home. A couple of weeks passed and we pinged back and forth. We were both busy, I was away a lot with work and she was always busy on the weekends, but we arranged to meet on a Saturday night at the end of September.

I told her not to worry and that she could text me when she was ready. We arranged to meet at 7pm on Saturday past. She arrived bang on time and had really made an effort. Black high heels, black tights, a short tight black dress which showed off her busty cleavage and a black leather jacket.

I walked us to an old boozer for the first venue.

day game dating blogspot

I got the drinks in and we sat opposite each other as we caught up. A few minutes in and we were already talking about her messed up past. Uuuuhhhm Speechless now, aintchya… watch this Louise lifted her vape pen up off of the table, it was about 20cm long, and proceeded to slide the whole thing down her throat and held it there for a few seconds before pulling it out.

No, no I was not. Interesting party trick you have there. We moved from the first bar at 8pm to go to the usual speakeasy I normally take my girls to.

As we were walking Louise complained that it was cold out. Is gash what I think it is? We eventually arrived at the second venue and sat near a fire so Louise could warm her tits and gash. Of course, of course said me. At around 9 I started floating the idea of going back to mine but she wanted to go to a club.

I told her how much I hated clubs and how I was a terrible dancer. Pleeeease, just an hour or two and then we can go back to yours, promise. I ordered an uber to Leicester square and 20 minutes later we were in a club called Zoo bar, she paid both our entry fees. As we walked in I was instantly reminded why I hate clubs, the music was deafening, it was a cock-fest and the few girls that were there were mingers.

It reminded me why daygame will always be king. Louise got the drinks in and we stood at the edge of the dance floor as she danced around me. Some girls are into Asians due to K-Pop.

How to TALK to WOMEN with CONFIDENCE ✔️Dating Coach 🆘 Daygame infield

Which brings me to my first point. No amount of being ripped mattered as an Asian unless you have your muscles popping out and its visiable. So focus 30 days instead on getting a V shaped body.

The right side you can see, the left side no one can see. There is no positive stereotype of Asians being strong.

day game dating blogspot

Unless you have bright skin like a Korean American that looks like an actor. Being tanned and Chinese looking is just going to get you Asian women. The shorter guys without my game, or looks.

SEVEN DAYGAME – French born Asian man's Daygame Journey

Will have to grind like crazy. Lots of approaches because women are shallow in North America towards Asians. Women are extremely shallow towards height. Having that height alone makes game way easier. Turns out I have more game than any company in the world. I took it for granted.

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But what I taught is so powerful its a miracle. You follow false idols like Todd Valentine that said to give her validation. This is the most harmful advice. Now you made it harder.

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Women sees Instagram or tinder as their smv. When you hear dumb white coaches saying being natural, since they are tall with higher smv. They just depend on online dating as soon as they filmed their number close videos. They will tell you not to neg or tease. Their other dumb advice is its all attraction building and comfort. So Asians who has no smv, even if they looked like that model who is ripped. This advice is dangerous. Its as dangerous as me eating non stop junk food and getting bleeding hemorids.

It will catch up to you one day when you listen to white dating coaches and their junk food advice. No amount of my daygame advice will hurt you.

Their advice only hurts you because they will say whatever they can tell sell to you. I think in 10 years you will see half Asian half white people popping up everywhere due to hypergamy.

day game dating blogspot

That is judgement day when you keep learning junk food or RSD kind of game. That is my message and warning. I believe in the future women will be so validated here. Only Europe will be refuge for Asian men.

day game dating blogspot

I believe in the future the only way to fight back is people will buy sex robots when its cheaper.