Dating someone with a language barrier

10 thing to remember when dating with a language barrier

dating someone with a language barrier

This is what it's like to date across the language barrier .. to try to explain and share something and introduce someone else to it,” says Eleni. be a revealing experience adding a sense of mystery in the primary dating stages. You see, relationships with language barriers are not always there are a variety of options in Spanish to convey that you love someone. But with a language barrier you learn that silence is better than forced He could be out there dating someone who speaks his own language.

I went on some dates where we spent most of time in silence. Finally, I found a keeper. In fact she was a Vietnamese teacher! So it came with many benefits. But there can also be a lot of inconveniences.

10 Things to Keep in Mind

Dating in Your Target Language: The Good Being in a relationship with someone who speaks your target language has lots of benefits. Here are my favourites: Learning From Experience is Better than Textbooks One of the best parts about dating someone in your target language is that you can learn the real life experiences and not from a boring textbook. No Fear of Making Mistakes With a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can practice conversations without the usual fear of making mistakes.

Your Goal Is Clear Finding a partner who speakers your target language gives you a clear purpose for why you are learning the language. If you forget a word, he or she is going to know.

New Food and Culture If your partner comes from a different country, that usually means new food and a new culture. Both are great benefits in a relationship! You will will open up new perspectives on life as well as open your mouth and enjoy new flavors and spices. Anyway, before I smash my head on the keyboard for that horrible joke, below are a few things to be aware of when dating someone in your target language. Miscommunication Communication is crucial in any relationship.

Having a foreign partner can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. When you speak your native language, you know exactly what you are saying and what it means. But when you are learning a new language, you often make mistakes. Or maybe you say something that ruins your plans.

For example, in Vietnamese, I used to mix up the days of the week. You May Get Lazy If your partner is too easy on you, you may end up not working as hard as you would if you had a class or a tutor. If they love you for who you are, they may not push you to learn more.

Multilingual Dating: Should I Date Someone Who Speaks Another Language?

When you go to a store, your partner is the pro. When you go to a restaurant, they do all the ordering. While this is convenient, it does NOT help you improve your language skills.

If your partner is not a certified teacher, they may not be confident and comfortable helping you with the language. Your partner may not want to be your teacher, so this could lead to a lot of problems as well.

dating someone with a language barrier

Below are the aspects of international relationships that can go both ways, depending on you, your partner and the situation. Personally, I find this fascinating.

Multilingual Dating: Dating Someone Who Speaks Another Language?

The more I learn Vietnamese, the more I understand Vietnamese culture and the more I understand my girlfriend. I understood the jokes, we sang songs togetherand it got more exciting. This can be a bad thing, though. Sometimes you can learn things that you may not like. For example, the more I learn Vietnamese, the more I swear in Vietnamese.

My girlfriend hates this. You may also discover some things about your partner only when you fully understand the language and culture. After being with someone for a substantial amount of time, you deserve to know your place but going about it is not easy.

When communicating with your partner, you will start to realise that in other languages there are several ways to express the same concept and subtle nuances can be extracted from different tones and sentence structures. Spanish, a colourful language filled to the brim with metaphors, turn of phrases and subtext is a perfect example to demonstrate this. When, what time and why?

And of course watch out for the medley of slang infused within daily dialogue, creating a new level of gibberish for us to decipher, accompanied by regional variations to make it that bit harder.

dating someone with a language barrier

This is a hurdle that can make or break a relationship. Your partner may seem sweet and genuine in one language but a completely different kettle of fish in his native tongue. Without possessing a high linguistic competency in the mutual language you communicate in, it is hard to detect what type of character he really is. They do say the best way to judge someone is by their friends. Cultural differences can also initiate mixed signals, as a Brit inviting you for dinner at Trust is one of the biggest issues associated with language barriers as transparency between yourselves cannot be fully ingrained into the relationship.