Dating sim sprite sheet

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dating sim sprite sheet

I work on an A4 sheet so not only can I use the sprites for any online size, they are also fairly . Coming Out On Top - An Adult Gay Dating Sim. Patreon TUTORIAL: Visual Novel Sprites The BasicsThis tutorial was made possible by my patrons. If you enjoyed this tutorial and would. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced game design artist or an aspiring Use your Spriter animation files directly in your games to benefit from silky.

That's where this Kickstarter comes in. Mori America is a new transfer student from Japan, just trying to fit in and make friends at Grand Old Academy. She starts out shy and worried what others will think of her, but once she succeeds in her struggle to overcome her anxiety, she reveals just how strong-willed and compassionate she is.

Unbeknownst to her, her first day at the school coincides with the first round of the debate club championships. Depending on the choices she makes, she might even engage one lucky debate club member in the greatest debate of all: Megyn is your bubbly and mercurial roommate. Megyn is one of the moderators of the school debates, and she takes them extremely seriously. Jeb is caring and generous, quick to open himself up to other people, but also quick to be hurt by them, making him an easy target for bullies.

He comes from a prominent family with a long history at the Academy, and the pressure of living up to their reputation weighs on him. While he may be a bit oblivious and bumbling, he has a kind heart. Ben is a pre-med student who is warm and gentle above all else.

Ben is deeply religious, and sees almost everything through the prism of his faith, which gives him strength, but also leaves him with blind spots. His mild-mannered nature makes him seem out of place on the debate stage, especially in this year of extreme personalities. Marco is the heartthrob of the Academy.

He has a dazzling smile, perfect hair, and a witty quip prepared for every situation. If anything, Marco is too perfect.

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Rand is quiet and serious, bordering on dour. Nobody else at the Academy seems to like him, probably for good reason. Is it a heart of gold, or a terrible secret? John is blandness incarnate. His persona is folksy and congenial: Donald is a mystery.

In this part I'm going to tell you how I went about creating character art with a closer look at our protagonist Teal.

Here's a feel to how the dating sim sprites would look. (Melting might get redrawn) : NuclearThrone

Prior to March when we prepared for the NaNoRenOwe knew we wouldn't have much time to produce the game. So the two of us tried to make design and production choices based on what we'd love to do but always keeping in mind that our resources are limited.

dating sim sprite sheet

You'll see how strongly this affected the way I designed Teal. Before any sketch for Teal was done, we had to figure out what key characteristics would define Teal.

And we got, kind of, this: TEAL Relatable to most and therefore not extremely unique, but unique enough to be memorable Young, looks about Cares about visuals and is therefore aware of current fashion trends Gets sidetracked easily and half-asses things out of insecurity about stuff Seems lazy and irresolute to people Tender soul Probably a hikikomori Might just fall in love with an AI As far as this was done I began sketching characters in my sketchbook in a style that is comfortable to me.


No matter how motivated, don't try conceptualizing when you have a really bad hangover. Designing and thinking work in general works best with a clear mind. I commented on my sketches in red to make feedback discussions easier. We went with outfit D, hairstyle 3 friendly classmate and opted for the glasses. Because I feared that I would get lost in the diversity of female fashion styles I made the male looking Teal first and based the female version on it.

Too bad her adorable lacy socks can't be seen on her in-game sprite. But if you've seen the concept, know that Teal has a thing for cute socks. I haven't colour designed the characters yet to focus on the shape and feel of things.

The fringe is tactical. No bouncy curls because that would look too vivid. Glasses to hide their relatively pretty face. These are comfortable and hide an attractive body shape or, like in Teal's case, belly fat. Also it's kind of cool now to wear them oversized. Slightly ripped denim pants and skirt. Jeans are durable and comfortable.

dating sim sprite sheet

The average human wears them. But Teal wouldn't dare to go full-punk. And sneakers are the go to shoes for young people.