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dating nate d vh1

Watch video clips online from Dating Naked, (Season[season:seasonNumber], Episode[episode:episodeAiringOrder]). And Molly has kept turning down dates with decent men and lusting on how you look at it — and a series of VH1-inspired events follow. Issa realizes that Nathan has ghosted her after texting him about the Julia: I saw a tweet asking if Mona Scott Young wrote this one and you know I'd also like to know. [To Serena] Well, if you'll excuse me, there's a tart in my room that I'd rather attend to. . Blair and NateRead the Recap» I didn't date Serena van der Woodsen for two years to not come away I mean, they're even filming it for VH1.

One last thing before the baby shower: D Not every date has to be you looking for a husband! Jesus, I hate that mentality. You can also date for fun and see where things go. We can date to have fun just like boys can!

Just to Run That Back a bit — get it? OK, cool — during the main Lawrence segment, he has drinks with Chad and Derek. We learn that Leah has dumped Chad after he cheated on her during his bachelor party. What ensues is a conversation about the double standard of cheating from the male perspective. Has there ever been a show to address the cheating double standard in a thoughtful way from the male perspective?

That was very nigga of him and it really irks me when men say shit like this. This conversation was a long time coming for this show. Chad was bent because Leah flipped the role and dipped. Men get disastrously hurt when women do the shit to them that they do to women.

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Chad is so problematic, bruh. Like him shaming Lawrence about having chlamydia was terrible and illustrated the misconceptions we have when talking about STIs. I saw no shaming. And that same toxic masculinity is why so many men are emotionally stunted. I guess Chad was my drag for the week. Onto that god forsaken, bullshit ass baby shower. It ends with Kelli, Molly and Issa walking out.

Tiffany follows them and says no one offered to throw her a shower. Kelli speaks up and says that she, actually, did offer to throw one. Inside, Issa and Lawrence run into each other and have a civil conversation. Molly tries to speak to Dro and he shuts her down.

That baby shower was a shit show if I ever saw one. From start to fucking finish, it was such a mess. And I have so many unanswered questions. Why the fuck would anyone have a coed baby shower in this context? I thought he was somebody plus one. Molly was being Molly, yes.

I have a lot of questions. Did you write this? I really need to know the answer to No. This whole baby shower was a mistake. Hell, she ever got a new gang of light-skinned, 3c-haired friends to help her put it together.

A whole group of friends that Molly, Issa and Kelli never met before. Like, how your best friends never met or heard about your other best friends, sis? I thought the mama and family did that? But, like Molly, Tiffany has been so preoccupied imagining what her perfect life as a mother would look like that she forgot that she still needed to cultivate her current friendships.

Like, sis, you let your new lil friends treat Kelli and her Gladys Knight cupcakes like shit since the moment she walked through the door. Thing is, Kelli did offer to throw you a baby shower but you thought ole girl would be a better fit because she has a child. I felt the rejection Kelli faced. You took the most joyous and carefree person on this show who loves so hard and has been there for yo raggedy stuck-up ass from jump and ripped her heart apart.

Tiffany, you really are the worst. Kelli deserves a better best friend than you. Consider this a hearty fuck you, Mrs. I have nothing to add. I agree with everything you said. I do wanna thank Dro for being a piece of shit and shutting Molly down because she never should have spoken to him. Molly got confidence watching Issa and Lawrence have a cute lil convo. For a split second, she thought she and Dro had what they had.

She needs to wake up for real and, like you said, stop being nice to these niggas. She also needs to hop out her feelings about Candice being pregnant by HER husband. Like girl, you look crazy. I get that you have feelings for him still but you need to do the work to heal. But I think what bothers me the most about the baby shower is the way Tiffany treated Kelli. So unfair and trifling. That really fucked me up. The scene between Issa and Lawrence fucked me up in a good way. It seems like Issa is past it and Lawrence may be wondering what could be left there.

And I hope she comes through and lets him know that the answer is nothing. I also appreciated that lil reference to the business plan from Season 1. But when Lawrence was talking to Derek about her being a new person, I could tell that was foreshadowing the kind of trouble that involves more than just exchanging pleasantries.

RT Dummies gon dumb. So where you think Nathan at? That nigga is hiding a child. And a few warrants. This is all bullshit that comes from a good intention. He was acting weird when they were together earlier in the episode.

Of course, it always happens this way though. You get attached and then a nigga goes ghost. I think we all saw it coming sooner or later. I just hate it had to be NathIssa. That convo plus that Lyft investigation triggered tf outta him. Yep and he ran.

dating nate d vh1

It breaks my heart for Issa. Hopefully her storyline moves beyond the men in her life a bit further because I still feel like it centers niggas too much — which is arguably something many of us women do.

I hope this block party reminds her to center herself more. Look at me being an optimist again. Wtf is wrong with me? You just believe in the good in people.

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Until they prove me wrong like Nathan did. Recap Edit The episode begins with Georgina repeatedly calling Serena, looking for her so they can talk but is unsuccessful in finding her. At the loft, Rufus is excited about performing at the Rolling Stones sponsored concert that evening. After Dan is unenthusiastic, Rufus assumes something is wrong. Dan explains that he and Serena keep fighting because she isn't telling him the whole truth about things.

Rufus encourages him to try to be more understanding and maybe that will get her to talk. Dan decides to take his advice and goes off to find her. Outside the cafe where Vanessa works, Nate meets up with her. She asks when he's going to ask her on a real date but before he can answer, he gets a call from Blair that she desperately needs his help.

He asks Vanessa out for that night, and they agree to meet at the concert that night.

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At the Palace, Lily and Bart are going through the wedding rehearsal schedule. Dan arrives and asks if they've seen Serena, and they answer that they haven't. He runs into Chuck and asks him the same thing. Chuck also receives a desperate call from Blair, who asks if he Serena came home the night before. Dan overhears a little of the conversation before Chuck notices and walks out of earshot. At the Waldorf penthouse, Nate and Chuck both arrive and the tension is high between them.

They are met by Dorota, who tells them that Blair will be home shortly. Outside, Georgina is still trying to get ahold of Serena.

dating nate d vh1

She heads to the Palace and is surprised to run into Dan. He calls her over and she lies that she's visiting an old friend at the hotel. He explains that he's trying to find Serena, who didn't come home the night before.

She suggests he call Serena but before he can, he gets a call from her phone. When he answers, a bartender named Drew is on the other side. He explains that she left her phone at a bar the night before and Dan was the first name on speed dial and that she left around two in the morning with three guys. Back at the Waldorf's, Blair arrives. She tells Nate and Chuck that she needs their help, and brings them to the elevator, where Serena is passed out on the floor looking disheveled and upset.

They take her upstairs where Blair puts her into the bath. Chuck brings hangover cures and remarks that it's just like old times. Nate asks Blair what happened, and she says Serena came by the night before and was scared but wouldn't talk about why.

She explains that she went upstairs to get some Paxil to calm her down but when she came back, Serena was gone and it took Blair all night to find her. Chuck asks what Serena told her, but Blair doesn't say and just replies that they need to help no matter what the problem is. Outside the concert venue, Rufus asks Vanessa what's going on with Dan. She says his problems with Serena have to do with her being jealous of Sarah but that she's confident once Serena gets to know her, all will be okay.

After she says that, a large poster of Rufus is hung up. At the same time, a reporter shows the photo to Lily and asks where she took it. He asks if her and Rufus were already involved when she took it, and asked if it was too hard for her to continue shooting him after she broke his heart. Dan arrives and again asks where Serena is. Lily asks if he's tried calling but Dan replies that she lost her phone. She mentions that Chuck went to Blair's to pick her up and tells him to try there.

After Dan leaves, she tells the reporter that they're out of time as she needs to prepare for her rehearsal dinner. As a final question, he asks Lily if she was able to take such incredible photos of Rufus because of how much she was in love with him.

Lily, caught off guard, replies that she wasn't in love with him that much and the reporter leaves. Back at the Waldorf's, Dan arrives looking for Serena. He finds Blair, Dan, and Chuck, who all tell him Serena doesn't want to see him. Not believing them, Dan tries to go upstairs to find her. She comes down on her own and talks to him.

He asks her what is going on but she is vague in explaining. He confronts her about the phone call from the bartender and the three guys and finally asks if she cheated on him. She says yes, and Dan leaves. In the elevator, Dan receives a call from Sarah who offers to meet up with him so he can talk about what happened and he agrees.

dating nate d vh1

Outside of the Palace, Lily starts finding faults with all the wedding plans. Bart asks if she's okay, and she promises she is.

dating nate d vh1

She receives a call from Dorota who informs her that Serena is reverting to her old ways. Angry, Lily thanks Dorota for telling her and apologetically tells Bart that she needs to do something.

She heads back to their suite and starts rooting through Serena's things looking for drugs.

The Latest Episode Of 'Insecure' May Be The Messiest Yet

She instead finds the video Georgina sent her and starts watching, but stops before anything bad happens. After he's gone, Blair asks Serena why she lied to Dan and Serena replies that she would rather Dan think she cheated than know what she actually did. The three press Serena to explain what's really going on.

Finally, Serena agrees to tell them. Serena explains that something else happened the night of the Shepherd wedding, something she wanted to forget but now Georgina is blackmailing her with.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks. After having sex with Nate, Serena desperately needed to leave the venue due to her feeling so guilty about what she did. She had plans to meet up with Georgina later and she went straight to their meeting place, a hotel. When she arrived, she found Georgina there with a guy named Pete Fairman.

Unbeknownst to Serena, Georgina had previously set up a hidden camera to get a genuine Serena van der Woodsen sex tape. On the tape, it's shown that Pete asked Georgina if she was sure it would work, and she replied that Serena goes down for anything. Still upset and dwelling on what happened, Serena wasn't much fun and definitely not in a sexual mood.

Serena goes to throw up, and Georgina tells Pete Serena gets in the mood after she hurls. When she comes back, she starts making out with Pete but before anything happens, Serena stops him and says they should do a line of cocaine first.