Dating moroccan girls

why moroccan women marry western white tourists?

dating moroccan girls

First off Moroccan girls are hot IMO, the hottest women I saw were in frowned upon for women to date and have sex outside of marriage. Results 1 - 12 % free Morocco personals. Women from Morocco. We are Morocco Bound. A good woman is hard to find, and here's why us Moroccan women will never disappoint you GIRLS. photo cred - Rebecca Perez.

You will be expected to pay for meals, and drinks afterwards too. Your new Moroccan girlfriend will have no issue with asserting herself from the very start of your relationship, but in a positive way.

Moroccan parents expect their daughters to preserve their virginity until they get married, but Moroccan women have found ways around this. Why do they want foreign boyfriends and husbands? Just be aware that when you marry a Moroccan girl you are literally marrying her entire family.

That will be followed with a discussion about when they can move in with you. Moroccan families are very tightly knit, so be prepared for this. Men are the real decision makers in most Moroccan families. Visiting Morocco So what destinations should you add to your travel itinerary? Casablanca is the largest city in the country, and is also the economic and business hub of Morocco. If you want somewhere a bit more up-market then check out Spasso — a bright, modern bar with a better class of customer.

Alcohol is expensive no matter where you drink! Marrakesh This is a city unique in North Africa because it borders with the Sahara Desert, but has snow-covered mountains too.

Marrakesh is the third largest city in the country, and is a hugely popular tourist attraction thanks to the sprawling souks markets. This is also visible for mixed couples like myself and my significant other.

Prostitution is also illegal and while the two things are mutually exclusive topics they both occur in Morocco. On an almost contradictory point, I should point out in big cities some couples actually live together. I lived with my Moroccan boyfriend for about a year before we got engaged. This post is not the all-encompassing guide on dating in Morocco, but I hope it will shed light on some stereotypes and give you a different perspective on a topic that is usually hush-hush.

By keeping these experiences only in private conversations, we give power to the taboo and no one wants to feel like their desire for love is taboo.

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Because love is love. We have to meet up in Casablanca because people in her small city of Settat will see us together and tell her dad. And her dad is super strict. Her sister knows about me, and her mom knows of an American friend who sometimes sends her gifts a mom probably knows by now seeing all the hints and stuff Her dad wants her to marry a full blood Moroccan and so she told me it will be a problem in trying to convince her dad to marry me.

But we have to think of a plan. Maybe it's because her dad was a veteran and served In the Moroccan military or something. It makes sense to me. Also which dad wouldn't want to see their daughter close and living in the same country as himself?

But now I'm here in Morocco, we met yesterday and had fun, we went shopping and I got her 2 gifts, not super pricey but I'm visiting her from America after traveling 5k miles to get here.

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I have to pamper her a tiny bit. But she's super happy and cute, she acts shy and blushes around me. Oh also she helps my niece with her Arabic homework over whatsapp. She seems very kind hearted, and down to earth.

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A little quirks here and there about her personality, but who doesn't have those? Now truthfully, I have a very hard time believing she's just trying to scam me. Her phone is a garbage Galaxy S3 and I'm an enthusiastic, one look at her phone and seeing it all cracked and crap everywhere, it made me feel bad for her. Also she's borrowing her friend's phone a lot because hers randomly dies. The battery is probably over 5 years old. And so it will hit 40 percent battery and her phone will shut off.

I did mention I might look at a phone while I'm out here and she got excited. We checked out the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and stuff because they were on discount.

But I said it was too pricey and she said okay, her phone works so it's okay. I joked with her over text that night and told her that an expensive gift such as that is a package that comes with marriage and she just got happy and said okay and put smiley faces and said she understands.

And her phone works right now so it's okay. She seems very conservative with money. Her money got eaten by the train ticket machine and it was only 20 dirham but she insisted on talking to the security there and trying to get her money back and it took like 15 minutes.

It was a pain.

dating moroccan girls

Even when I told her I'd pay for her train ticket back. So either she's from a low-mid class family or she just appreciates money and doesn't take it for granted. Before she got on the train, I told her that I would buy her data and that it's okay and insisted, but she was just saying "wallah it's okay, I don't use data anyways and it'll go to waste.

I'll just text you over whatsapp when I'm home" so I was like okay. After she got home, apparently her mom got mad that she's not studying for her exams and we weren't able to hang out today. But we will try for tomorrow.

dating moroccan girls

During this time, I reached out to a fellow redditor who told me he went through something similar with a Moroccan girl but his was a scam and he wasted 2 years of his life and a lot of money. So my main question is, how do I find out for sure if she's scamming me? How can I prove her innocence?

10 Reasons Why Moroccan Women Make The Best Wives

Right now I'm reading online about these scams and assuming the worst, I'm thinking from the mindset of "guilty until proven innocent" and because of that, my mind is also clouding my judgment.

It seems so out of character for her it's nuts. But there are a couple red flags like I mentioned above. So I need some advice on how to proceed. I know where she lives, I know a bunch of things about her and her family. Even one of her cousins and her Facebook.

So what do I do guys?