Dating hohner harmonicas

How old is this harmonica?!

dating hohner harmonicas

Results 1 - 48 of Vintage M. Hohner Echo Harp Harmonica Original Box Key C CG Vintage Harmonica,Hohner,The Up to Date Very Best Tremolo. In the mids, responding to the competing new Lee Oskar Harmonica System by Tombo, Hohner. There are too many factors involved, and Hohner has never kept precise records on dating their harmonicas. Also, details given from experts.

dating hohner harmonicas

Designed by noted harmonica player and customizer Joe Filiskothis plate helps reduce any rattle caused by the low frequency tone produced by the reeds.

Available in key of C. It is named for, and was developed in part by noted harmonicist Steve Baker, who resides in Germany and has contributed to the design of several other Hohner harmonica models, including the Marine Bands Deluxe and Crossover.

Available in the keys of C and G. Over the years, several harps have been added to this system. The Blues Harp has been around since the early s.

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Until the s, it was functionally identical to the Marine Band, the only differences being the cover plates and the varnish on the front of the wood comb, and the Blues Harp's profile was thinner as well. At one point, Johnny Cash promoted the Blues Harp.

This new Blues Harp lost its uniqueness, and is interchangeable with the other models in the MS line, but it currently remains the standby of many players who use MS harps. The Pro Harp features lacquer-coated cover plates with a glossy black finish and a plastic comb. Since its inception, it has become a very popular model among rock and roll players. The Pro Harp was another model that was in Hohner's handmade line of harmonicas, and was later adapted to the modular system.

The black coverplate coating was greblon. It was discontinued in It is favored among beginner harmonicists, although many experienced players also prefer the Big River for its higher natural volume. It features a plastic comb and bare metal cover plates. It features stainless steel cover plates with a wider back gap for enhanced volume while playing. The unique feature of this harp is the comb, which is made out of translucent blue plastic.

The comb allows for brighter tone than the black combed models. It also has a special just intonation JI "Chicago tuning".

dating hohner harmonicas

It is also now available in other keys. It was made on a black plastic comb, with chrome-plated reedplates, and black powder-coated coverplates with art resembling a vintage car's hood-emblem. It was available only in the key of A. One other feature that sets the Meisterklasse apart from most other Hohner harmonicas are its full-length cover plates, which extend all the way to the ends of the harmonica's comb rather than sharply angling down before the ends to form an adjoining surface parallel to the reedplates and comb.

The only other Hohner harmonica possessing this quality is the curve-framed Golden Melody. Up until the s, this model was a quality instrument made in Germany on a wood comb. In the s, Hohner began manufacturing this model in China on a plastic comb with a significant decrease in quality. Among harmonica fans the downgrade remains unpopular.

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This German-made, plastic-comb model has a slightly different tuning equal temperament than other diatonic harmonicas, making the Golden Melody better suited for playing single-note melodies and solos. Released init was specifically designed by harmonica specialist Rick Epping to simplify proficient bending of the notes. To make this possible, the XB uses forty reeds as opposed to the usual twenty found in most ten-hole diatonics.

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With these bending capabilities, the XB gives access to all the notes on the chromatic scale through bending the natural tones of each hole. This model was discontinued in Originally made in Ireland on a wood comb, this model is currently being made in China on a plastic comb. It is somewhat unusual because it is slightly shorter in length than most harmonicas, leading to its namesake of being pocket handy.

It is Chinese made, which is unfavorable to most harmonica players, but the Pocket Pal has caught on as an inexpensive, yet quality harp. Like the Old Standby, the Pocket Pal is designed for use in country music.

With four holes, the 38C plays a single octave in the key of C. Like other budget harmonicas, the 38C is manufactured in China with a plastic comb. It is technically a playable harmonica, but it is generally regarded as a knick-knack piece that can be used as personal jewelry. It is also available as a keychain.

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The Little Lady holds the distinction of being the first musical instrument to be played in outer space. This was the original Hohner chromatic model, available until recently in C or G. Contains forty-eight reeds featuring full length cover plates, the same 1. There is also a Super Chromonica which contains forty-eight reeds and spans three octaves.

It is designed without the valve or windsaver technology found in many other chromatics, and because of its ten holes, it is smaller than most chromatics.

This makes it a simple and inexpensive chromatic, ideal both for novices and for experienced diatonic players making the transition from the smaller hole harmonicas.

Like the Educator 10, both are also hole and built on a pearwood comb. May 31, With the recent discussion of the Hohner and it's variations, I thought that a discussion of determining a Hohner's approximate vintage may be interesting to other harp collectors. This article was written for HCI inby yours truly. It is about Hohner products only.

In some cases, with this article, we may be able to date the harmonica to within 10 years. In other cases, it's not that simple, or may be impossible, if the harmonica has been repaired or customized.

Here's what we know: We can't usually get an exact date of the harmonica's manufacture. There are too many factors involved, and Hohner has never kept precise records on dating their harmonicas. Also, details given from experts may be incomplete, false, true, or somewhere in between. The experts disagree at times.

But, we can accumulate enough factors to make an educated guess, using the guides in this article. There are at least 6 ways to estimate the production date of a Hohner harmonica, listed here in no particular order: The Box or Container, Harmonica Materials: The harmonica box or case may contain copyrights or patents that may help.