Dating high maintenance woman

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dating high maintenance woman

Dating. 10 signs she's too high maintenance. If your girlfriend raises too many of these red flags, . So much more goes into muscle loss. . Latest in Women. A high maintenance woman might come across as attractive at first. And then after the millionth time she sends her food back at the restaurant. It's known that guys often go head over heels for girls who are high maintenance or we can say, who are just not easy to handle. No offence, but they do see.

This might make some people view her as difficult or challenging, but to the right guy, these qualities are attractive.

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She won't put up with a man who doesn't treat her the way she thinks she deserves, such as by not being chivalrous or honoring his word. For example, if he says he'll call her, he'd better call her otherwise a woman of worth will tell him that she doesn't approve of his behavior. And, this, in turn, causes her to be respected by others. As this Reddit user claims, he's got more respect for people that demand things of him.

dating high maintenance woman

He rises up to the challenge because he knows that the "high-maintenance woman" will be worth his time.

She'll push him to be a better man. Some women might think they have to like the same things that their dates like, such as when it comes to interests and hobbies, in order to seem like a catch. Or, they might think they should agree with their partner's views in order to be liked. But doing that can put men off! It also backfires because the women will end up having to pretend to like certain things that they really don't like, or silencing their honest opinions. Why would someone want to put themselves through that?

A high-maintenance woman won't resort to such dating games. She knows herself and she'll express her opinions and ideas without worrying about not being liked for them. That's what makes her so refreshing and attractive.

dating high maintenance woman

Some women who do this might be seen as difficult because they're so outspoken, but the point is that they've got the strength of character, which is always a good thing to have when dating. On the other hand, a girl who I pick up super easily always makes me feel like hrmm.

We're always told that men like the chase in dating. They like to pursue women, and the more challenging the woman, the better. In fact, women are often told to play a little hard to get so that men see they're worthy of dating. The idea is that if anything comes to easily for someone, the fun of pursuing it is gone. As this Reddit user claims, if he can date a woman really easily and she doesn't offer any challenges to him, he might think that she's not as great as she seems or she's easy to date because she probably just dates anyone who asks her out.

See, it's about a woman having standards and high self-esteem that are important. Although it's not always good to play hard to get because dating games make things complicated, a woman who's considered high-maintenance knows her worth and will want a man to rise up to meet her standards.

That's what makes him want to invest in dating her.

dating high maintenance woman

Although it can put some guys off, others really like women who are like this! It's not because they want a woman who feels she's better than anyone else, but because of how it makes them feel to be with such a woman. As can be seen in this Reddit user's post, he likes to treat women with care and respect.

So, really, he's the one who's treating women like they're meant to be put on a pedestal. He might think that high-maintenance women are those who will appreciate men who do this, or even demand such behavior from the men they date, but it's really his choice that he's making. It's part of being a chivalrous gentleman, which is still appreciated by many women, both those who consider themselves high-maintenance and those who don't.

I don't necessarily care if it's the paragon of current style, but I will definitely be much more attracted to a woman who is well-dressed than one who isn't. That's why, when it comes to women who are considered high-maintenance because they pay attention to the clothes they wear, some fashion-conscious men actually like this trait.

Being well-dressed tells the world many positive things about you. For example, it says that you care about yourself, you have healthy confidence, and you take pride in who you are.

Clothing choices can also reveal your personality, which is great because it gives the world a glimpse into what you're about and who you are, such as if you're elegant or artistic. High-maintenance women who take extra care when choosing clothing to wear therefore give men lots of good messages about themselves.

Plus, looking well put together will just make them walk taller and feel more confident, which is really what's attractive.

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It's about confidence, not clothes! Business attire runs the show, super smart, well-off, very pretty. I have yet to meet a girl like that at my age, but have met some girls that I think will be that lady in a few years, so maybe I will eventually have a relationship with a powerful woman.

The image of a woman who's worked her way up the corporate ladder and looks good while doing it can be intoxicating. But what's really behind the need for a powerful partner? According to a Psychology Today article, people that are attracted to powerful people often believe that just by being close to them, they'll absorb some of that power and become more powerful themselves.

So maybe those high-powered women who seem so unapproachable are actually intriguing to men. They might be seen as high-maintenance, but that's because it takes a lot of work to succeed at what they do. Hmmm, perhaps it's that determination and ambition that's really what's so attractive underneath their polished, powerful appearance.

The idea that women who are high-maintenance want men to provide for them is a common stereotype, but it's not always as simple as women being gold diggers. As this Reddit user clearly states, he loves supporting his partner and actually feels proud to be able to help her financially. Some men want to be providers, which is why they won't run in the other direction when approached by high-maintenance women. In fact, even if the women aren't chasing them for their money such as the Reddit user's partnerthese men might still want to provide for them.

So, when you see a woman who appears to be high-maintenance with a new boyfriend, you can't assume that she's the one who demanded to be provided for - it might just be that he's attracted to women who let him support her. I think women's fashion is really cool personally.

Of course, these things cost money, which is why when you see a woman who's polished you might immediately assume that she's spending lots of money to look that good - or getting someone to pay for her. But what's interesting is that some of the Reddit guys in this article are clearly okay with high-maintenance women if they're financially independent. It's like that's the disclaimer: It makes sense and is fair.

If someone wants a high-maintenance lifestyle, then they've got to be willing to pay for it, with their own money and time.

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It's unfair for them to expect their partners to pick up the bills. Not only do I like feeling wanted, I like feeling needed. On the one hand, women are encouraged to be independent, but then, on the other hand, they're looked down upon if they're too independent.

She can only dine in the finest restaurants and more often than not, sports designer labels. The high maintenance woman is particularly meticulous about her appearance and is always groomed to within an inch of her life. This means frequent professional cosmetic consultations, such as hairdressing, manicures and pedicures; which do not come cheap.

A bad hair day is a non-existent phrase in her life. Her hair is always brushed and coiffured to perfection. A high maintenance woman is a symbol of admiration until she finds herself with a wrong man. Men may raise a stink about dating a high maintenance woman, but the truth is that every guy secretly wants to be with one. A man becomes spiteful if he once scooped a high maintenance woman but ended up being dumped because he could not keep up with her.

Of course, that does not mean he will never date such a woman again. Need a quick litmus test to determine whether she's high maintenance or not? Ask yourself the following questions: Do you let her pick out her own gifts on her birthday and at Christmas because she's so picky that you don't want to bother giving her something she'll only return anyway?

Does she often send back food in restaurants if it's not exactly to her liking? Does she put make-up on whenever she goes out, even if it's just to the grocery store? If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you are definitely dating a high maintenance woman. Fortunately, there are some upsides to this situation.

She looks like a million bucks High maintenance gals are arm candy, pure and simple. Their fascination with their own looks means that whenever they step out of the house, they look perfect.

dating high maintenance woman