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Dating guru Blake Lavak says you can get any guy in 60 days! How? Tune in now to find out! With Ian Nika, Laurie Blake, Danielle Inks, Kate Rappoport. The misadventures of a guy encountering the world of online dating. Blake Lavak has been criticised for telling women to 'play it hot from day one' in his new dating book. But his method - which he says helped Angelina Jolie to date Brad Pitt - is more emancipating than it might sound. In Own that Guy in 60 Days: A Practical Guide to Love for the.

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His findings have been distilled into a tome titled Own That Guy In 60 Days and include putting the man you want on a pedestal and focusing all your attention on him. Oh and have sex with him on the first date too. He grew up in New York before studying psychology at the London School of Economics and after a successful career in international finance now runs a business consultancy in the City. Meanwhile others were inept, including some of my own friends who are attractive and lovely but relentlessly single.

Achieve this and he will love you and do anything for you.

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Here are some of his tips for finding — and keeping — The One. Do you want looks, wealth, a young toned Olympian or a man with a Chelsea townhouse? Whatever it is you can find it more easily if you hang out in places where your "type" does.

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Make sure your hair and nails are always done, your clothes stylish. Look scruffy and you won't have the confidence to talk to a man. So don't sit around and wait for men to come to you.

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If you see a nice guy, talk to him. Even if you're not particularly happy, learn to fake it. In fact be determined to have fun. Men will gravitate towards you.

dating guru blake

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dating guru blake

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dating guru blake

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dating guru blake

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dating guru blake

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