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dating factory vs white label website

Jun 14, Finally decided to take the leap and do a White Label Adult Dating program with Dating Factory. Got my domain names, joined, built my site. DatingFactory Build your own online dating site using our international private label dating platform, and make money online with our affiliate marketing program. I have more than 8 years experience in online dating white label. There were also no legitimate contacts on this dating website; a total scam. Helpful? Yes 2.

You have as many filters as possible to refine your report such as by niche markets Senior dating, Disabled, Trans and etc. Extra filters gives you even more factors to refine your report by; country, sex, age and currency. The period of time for the report is also customizable by preset dates or can be change to whatever you prefer. As well, you can limit the entry date of members to track the payments of the new members that registered within a certain period of time: Also when you analyze the traffic on your sites by countries you can clearly see that some countries give you large volumes of unique visitors but very little live or paid members.

That means that the traffic is not properly targeted and the visitors are not focused on dating sites at all. This is a typical example of how to use the reports to improve your site performance.

If you drive this traffic to your site with any kind of promotion you need to compare the cost with the member value you get and correct your promotion campaign accordingly. Here are some more details on the most important report columns that best describe your sites performance: It characterizes how well your landing page is working to convert visitors into registrations.

dating factory vs white label website

This is how many people actually confirm their emails and are able to use the sites, receive our promotion and offers. This describes how well your traffic, your site and our system convert from trial to paid memberships. Some of the useful columns here are: It shows how well your traffic and payment page convert to paid members. This gives you some data for analysis if you need to pay more attention to your site in terms of retention. Mainly it happens due to some suspicions on fraud or skimming.

dating factory vs white label website

This also shows the quality of traffic that you drive to your site. If this number is significant it could be a reason for you to change the traffic source.

Payment reports Some of the strongest tools of the Dating Factory reporting is the ability to provide our partners with up-to-date well-structured data of the payments they get from the sites on our platform.

Powerful Dating Technology and Expertise Dedicated to Converting Traffic and Increasing Revenue.

There are also some very helpful columns that you should pay attention to: It shows the number of members that have not cancelled the subscription and re-billed on your sites.

This is an indicator of how well your members find the interesting and appealing.

dating factory vs white label website

It counts the members that have paid and cancelled before and then pay again on your sites. This helps prove that your newsletters and our promotion tools and offers played the role well in winning back members.

The payments cancelled that went through due to the credit card fraud and could not be stopped or disputed by us.

dating factory vs white label website

The company focuses primarily on niche and multilingual markets. Completely FREE white label dating solutions allows you to win!

Dating Factory offers white label dating program, it allows you to create websites with your own. International white label dating affiliate program. Multiple languages and niches. Become an affiliate now and make money online. Build your own dating. DatingFactory is an international white label dating platform with over partners. Datingfactory is by far and away the best dating network I have dealt with, friendly.

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This video tutorial helps Lead Wrench Customers configure a new 'Partner' using one of the available. With 22 languages available Dating Factory is a white label platform with the broadest geographical coverage worldwide.

The selection of niches ranges from. Registering an Account with Dating Factory All new partners will now automatically register on the Dating Factory platform. We are sure its the best white label platform in the idating business now. Our white label dating platform offers endless possibilities for webmasters and online marketers to make.

Whiteboxdating aka as White Box Dating is a private label dating site program similar to dating factory datingfactory reviews are here and white label. How to earn money with your own white label and affiliate online dating service.

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White Label or Affiliate? Diverse membership, and great place to meet many white label dating vs dating factory people for those with a busy social calendar and life that is full of. There useful selected group of students who love video games to another dating factory white label and use to find person that standing for the prestigious.

Powered by white label dating solutions dating factory. Designed by professional dating marketers to. Dating factory white label.