Dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

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dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

Landing pages are an important part of the booking funnel. targeted and acquired by your marketing efforts, into profitable direct bookings. Main · Videos; Pull back phase dating parental advice for teenage dating tips · dating direct affinity co uk signup landing · dialga vs palkia darkrai online dating. Searching for a lasting relationship? Register for free on Affiny, online matchmaking expert: take our free affinity questionnaire, browse through thousands of.

Advertisements for free goods or services must indicate when terms and conditions apply. Advertising containing special offers, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or prize draws must indicate that terms and conditions apply.

The landing page must prominently present the offer as advertised. If the advertisement refers to the chance to win a gift card, that contest must feature prominently on the landing page with a clear link to the terms and conditions. Ads and landing pages must not use unsupported or exaggerated claims, or set unrealistic expectations of the effectiveness of the product.

dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

Non-prescription health and beauty products cannot claim to be as effective as prescription products. Weight loss or exercise supplements should not claim to burn fat, increase metabolism, suppress appetite or expedite other natural bodily functions.

Dating direct affinity co uk signup landing :

Weight loss products should not claim that the customer can lose weight by use of the product alone, or without following a calorie controlled diet and exercise program. Ads cannot suggest that weight loss results will be effective for everyone or that results are permanent. Ads cannot explicitly reference potentially embarrassing bodily functions or conditions. The following products cannot advertise on any Amazon homepage or Kindle wake screen: Weight loss supplements not including food or meal replacements Weight loss products 3.

Alcohol and Alcohol-Related Content: We do accept branding campaigns for alcohol companies in other locales. With the exceptions of retail campaigns in EU, we do not accept display ads for alcohol retail.

We do not accept alcohol advertising on Kindle devices or Fire tablets except for Fire tablet campaigns in Germany, see below. Alcohol ads must promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and must not disparage abstinence from such beverages. Ads must not associate drinking with driving or motor vehicles. Ads must not promote excessive consumption, suggest therapeutic or other benefits to drinking for example, that alcohol improves performance, contributes to success or solves problemsor focus on the alcoholic strength of the beverage.

Alcohol ads cannot be directed toward or contain images or content designed to appeal to minors. In addition to the above rules: Alcohol display ads on Amazon. Day-parting is not required for ads that promote branded products other than alcoholic beverages e.

The packaging for the beverage can be reproduced only if it complies with the foregoing ad content rules. Prime Time and 4 a. Early Morning only must be frequency capped to run only 3 times per 24 hours Alcohol display ads on Amazon. Enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol. Advertisers of gambling services and products must comply with all relevant local licensing requirements.

Dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

Placement and targeting restrictions for gambling campaigns: Gambling campaigns must exclude Amazon owned and operated websites and devices. Ads must be frequency-capped to 3 times per 24 hours per user. Special offers and promotions: Terms and conditions should be available on the landing page: If an offer is limited to new customers, this must be communicated on the creative itself to avoid customer disappointment.

A warning message against excessive or pathological gambling and an active link to the French Institute of Health Prevention and Education http: The warning message can be any of the following: All ads must include a clearly legible link, a minimum of pixels in width, to the website address for www. Landing pages must provide a further link to either: The following best practices are advisable but not mandatory: Refer to their licensed status with the following wording: Only licensed sports betting services are permissible.

Ads must clearly and legibly inform customers about: However, pure branding campaigns must not promote gambling content unlawful in Germany.

Dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

If the ad contains information on maximum winnings the respective probability of winning and losing must be indicated within the advertisement. For example, many advertisers use the following format: Spielteilnahme ab 18 Jahren. No participation under 18 years. Games of chance can cause addiction.

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dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

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dating direct affinity co uk signup landing

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