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View Danelectro reissues for sale at Forsyths to a comfortable, Fender like neck profile and the first of the classic Dano designs, the U2 was born. The double. I have looked into this a bit and have found some information on dating re-issue Danelectros. Now .. I have an early 60's sears/ danelectro guitar with amp in case for sale. . I want to put a Seymour Duncan strat pickup in my Danelectro U2. The Danelectro U2 is a dual-pickup hollow bodied guitar made of Masonite and shaped similar Vintage Guitar Magazine reviewed the 56 Pro in their June issue, saying "In all, the 56 Pro is a very cool retro axe with a quality fit and .

I looked through the web and I couldn't find any photos of it in brochures or catalogs. Anyone have any links or information about these guys. I am curious what year it was produced, and perhaps how many of them were made.

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I have an opportunity to buy one of these. I really did this amp. It's in great shape and has foot pedal. I think it was made in Is that a good deal. It is posted in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Craigslist listings.

Hello - Need some help identifying this 6 string Danelectro Longhorn guitar. Nice sunburst color, coke bottle headstock with silver lettering down the middle. Three lipstick style pickups, two F holes, rosewood neck. I can send pics if anyone would like to see it. Not sure if it is from the 60's or a reissue. The guitar is clearly set up as a 6 string bass it has bass tuning machines,nut and saddles,and is tuned E to E one octave lower than a guitar.

It doesn't look like a simple string swap is going to make a conversion. The guitar has a U2 body and looks like the baritone classic except for the head stock which is not painted. I dont know the year but the seller said they bought it in Can this be converted without alterations?

Does anyone have experience with one of these? Hey, I have played on a danelectro U-2 that had ernie ball baritone strings on it. I have seen on a couple msg boards where people bought the danelectro VI, which was apparently kind of supposed to be a crossover between a bass and a guitar, so, i think it actually CAME with bass strings on it. I had a local tech look at it and he said kind of the same thing. The guit does need a set up and truss rod adjust.

The pick ups have a nice twang and its a Dano so it looks cool. I am looking for Specs or schematics for a Danelectro Corporal amp. I believe its a 50's or 60's model with one tone and one volume knob with 3 inputs and 2 x 8 inch speakers.

Does the Danelectro U2 guitar sound like a toy?

We can't seem to find one anywhere. Even if you have something hand written, we need all the help we can get. The power tubes seem fine but something is wrong with the pre amp circuitry. This seems like a very simple amp but we are missing something. Do I regret my choice? No, and I think to offer him other little sisters of the brand, certainly Dano Proone of these four 5 of 6 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful?

The technical specifications have already been reported by other users. Otherwise I would not try to match the prose of my comrades, it's perfect! The shape is very nice, the balance is good.

The knobs are effective, the microphones were just a buzz when Groos tendency to have spent close to a TV screen Me I double my lines with my disto and Danish models have the full sound spectrum of a guitar: The Danish transperse the mix without needing to match the power of a humbucker.

I also love the sounds it delivers clear, deep, warm and with more personality that a stratum. Even before connecting, playing "dry", the sound is pleasant enough to use in your room.

In any case it contains more air than a traditional solid body. A pronounced chorus effect is created between the two sounds. Whose fault is it? No compensation can be separated with jumpers. That is why I bought an easel as those fitted to newer models. After setting it should.

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Personally mechanics do not bother me, she hold well. The nut can be cracked metallic harmonics everywhere, it sounds bright lipstick and hold the road even fuzz.

I will try out a shield electronics still When I just want to play I go often to her than to my dryer and my Gibson. The sound is very flattering and this little guitar just waiting to get better I ordered just after the cessation of production of this particular model on the internet at a shop in south-west.

I had tried one in Marseille and saw that all the 56 U2 are all strictly identical for reasons of production methods and materials usedno surprises.

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This is one of the few instruments that can be ordered remotely without trying it. Not as a stratum or in the same range for the same price we found a board and a guitar infamous correct eg series or even the Fender Mex.