Dating culture in vietnam

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dating culture in vietnam

About love and relationships in Vietnam. Tip for dating in Vietnam: it is conventional that men are supposed to pay for the bill as a VIETNAM CULTURE. Vietnamese culture has a well-developed system of morals and social rules dating back thousands of years. Tradition places men and women in highly. She said it was as though I was saying she was ill or there was something wrong with her and that people don't do this in Vietnamese culture.

This is in no way meant to be indicative of feelings as a whole, either of different groups of people or of City Pass Guide. Interviews have been edited for length and clarity, and some names have been changed for anonymity. Phuong, 35, Businesswoman How has your dating life been, in general? And something started with a Vietnamese-American guy for only one month. And then I started dating only white guys.

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Or I was too skinny for them. I got a lot more attentions from white guys. For you, has it been different dating a foreigner from a Vietnamese man?

I was 18 and I was dating for a few weeks, or a few months. And it was very different, yeah, because what can I say? We went out for food, and then for dessert, and had conversation. And then he brought me back. But after that I was afraid of something. And I think he wanted [this to be] serious.

With foreigners, how does a typical date compare with that? And this was already 15 years ago, 20 years ago. It was different [than today]. Now, year-old teenagers kiss or even go to bed together. But, at that time it was different. So when I started dating foreigners, of course it was different.

We had more privacy, so we started kissing quite early, after the second date or something. And after that, I started to know what a one-night stand is or I started dating and went to bed after one week or something, you know?

How about your friends? Who do they tend to date?

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So they already did everything like 15 years ago. And my current friends, yeah, i think most of them date foreigners. And they have different stories than mine. What sorts of different stories? So at first they just have a date and see that the men played with them or something. You know that each girl has a sense [about men]. They just go for it, and if something happens, it happens.

So some people will just take a chance on anybody? I think so, yeah. And also, because you have to select. So do you think that most white guys think that Vietnamese women are the same? For example, one time I went out with my foreign friend, right? I always thought that they would think that I could be different. But actually, one time I met one guy when I went out with my foreign friend, and I felt lonely at that time. So I decided to go with him, right? Some people can tell, but some people cannot tell.

Of course, I was dressed sexy, but elegant sexy, right? If a single girl is my age, the chance for them to meet a married man is high, since the men who are the same age or older are all married.

And the young ones? Too childish for them. They work and go out with their friends or just go home. No chance to meet a man. And since they can earn money they become more independent and more picky than traditional woman.

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So they just work, hang out with friends and travel with friends. What does your family think about your dating past? I think that they have to accept what I like. So I could just date, and I informed them, and they were happy whenever I had someone.

But I was quite picky, so it never worked out. Like I would date someone for only one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month max.

dating culture in vietnam

Because for me, if I was not happy I just broke up, or the other way around. Son, 28, Sound Engineer What has your dating history been like?

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I have so many drama dating stories! Most of them are Vietnamese. The way I think about life, the way I think about passion, about jobs, about money. My longest relationship was two years, and we broke up, of course, for many reasons. But when I do something, I want to do it with my passion. And I want to live with my passion. And your girlfriend wanted you to have a stable income? Yeah, she wanted it in the opposite way. Many Vietnamese girls want a stable life.

They just want to get married, taking care of their husband, have kids, and go to work every day. Life should be more interesting. Go out and see the world and see what you can do. You just need to be beautiful. You just need to take care of yourself and you just have to have a good outlook and then just date with a rich guy and his family or he is going to take care of you. How do you think the fact that they need to think about money will affect the way they treat a boyfriend?

There are advantages and disadvantages. To me, there are two types of girls. They want to work, they want to make money, they want to travel around the world by themselves.

They are not confident at all. Sometimes they are confident about their looks. They can dress well and they can go shopping and they can laugh, they are confident in their beauty. But inside, their core values, they are not confident. Why do you think some people become pretty but insecure, while others become independent and secure? The way they were educated in the past, when they were kids.

dating culture in vietnam

Some families, they have a very modern, a very Western mindset. They try to teach their daughters that no matter what they do when you grow up, you have to be independent. You have to be happy with yourself. Especially in the countryside. How about the men? What are they looking for in a woman?

Very easy to understand! If you live in a society that produces the kind of woman, they also produce the kind of man who fits the kind of woman.

In Vietnam, a man who has property and money, they will love to have a woman who they can control.

dating culture in vietnam

She's the most wonderful woman I've ever had the privilege of being in a relationship with -- and I've had a lot of relationships, good and bad -- and I want to do everything to avoid these weird fights that come out of nothing, misunderstanding. How can I get over this learning hump quickly? Or will this all just take time? She said it was better to keep our worries to ourselves so we don't worry others.

I didn't take it so well. She apologized the next day, but I was left wondering if this is a cultural difference or a cause for concern. She's done a lot for me and when I was sick a while back she came with a care package. She flew to Bangkok just after we met to spend the weekend with me before I had to go back to finish a contract elsewhere, before I moved to Saigon.

She's going with me on a trip to convert my visa to a work permit through my employer.

dating culture in vietnam

She's brought me food her family has cooked for me.