Dating articles thought catalog long distance

7 Little Known Advantages Of Being In A Long-Distance Relationship | Thought Catalog

dating articles thought catalog long distance

Your Long Distance Relationship Will Be Worth It, If You're Willing To My advice, in a world where there are options and not enough time to. What Makes Long Distance Relationships Worth It. By Danielle Cervoni, May 24th . More From Thought Catalog. 7 Sweetly Romantic Date. To make things clear, I'm not saying that all Thought Catalog articles are show that supposedly 90% of long distance couples usually fall out.

  • Important Things To Remember When You’re In A Long Distance Relationship
  • Your Long Distance Relationship Will Be Worth It, If You’re Willing To Work At It
  • 7 Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work (And Last)

When you have distance from one another, it is not uncommon for you to share more of your day-to-day happenings as well a lot of the minutiae that happens in your day. You are interdependent versus being dependent on one another.

Important Things To Remember When You’re In A Long Distance Relationship | Thought Catalog

An LDR offers a unique opportunity. You not only exercise your independence but interdependence on one another. You still maintain a sense of who you are with your partner, but also when you are on your own, and your partner is not with you. You realize that you want to be with them, and there is some level of reliance on them, but you also have a high level of comfort of operating on your own and making independent decisions outside of your relationship too.

5 Things GIRLS DON'T KNOW About Long Distance Relationships

It can help create a very healthy relationship dynamic. You may feel more secure in your LDR relationship.

dating articles thought catalog long distance

Couples in LDRs realize the level of commitment needed to have their relationship work. And as a result, they put in more time and effort to keep their relationship on par.

But, because you have the dynamic of an LDR, it adds to you having to be very present in your relationship when you are with your partner and address these issues heads on so that you both feel secure with one another. It seems counterintuitive, but divorce rates are no different than a couple who live with one another every day versus an LDR.

dating articles thought catalog long distance

One person will have it harder than the other I woke up at 5: Realize the bigger picture There will be days when the entire thought of the long distance relationship gets to you. We were both fresh out of college, building our careers and meeting new people and still decided to make this commitment. Trust me, I know the feeling and it happened multiple times.

But if you really want something, through the uphill battles, you need to be strong enough to look past it and look towards the bigger picture. See the blessings in disguise Living alone, thriving alone, in a new place, is good for personal growth and will benefit you either way.

It also forces you to trust your significant other by pretty much not giving you any other choice.

This Is The Honest Truth About Long Distance Relationships | Thought Catalog

And just think about how much character this will add to your love story. Pray Whatever you believe in, just pray.

dating articles thought catalog long distance

When you start putting miles between you and your partner the relationship is going to get challenged. You will learn a lot about your significant other. I mean like really learn about them, down to their core. What you find may terrify you, surprise you, or excite you. Regardless of the emotional discoveries you make, I ensure you that the journey of long distance relationship is filled with many trials and tribulations.

Mistakes will be made. Oh yes, they will be made. Your relationship is going to twist and grow in ways which may have never been possible. Given that we know distance between one another is very challenging, what are some things a couple can do to make a long distance relationship work and last?

Here are six tips: This is the traditional arrangement for relationships. It is just you and your partner, with no one else in the picture.

7 Little Known Advantages Of Being In A Long-Distance Relationship

Many sexual partners are involved in a polyamorous relationship. Ideally, the couple keeps communication open and all sexual partners are known about.

dating articles thought catalog long distance

Again, you and your significant other will have to decide what is best for both of you. And finally, we arrive at polygamy although it is often confused with polyamory. Polygamy involves having many spouses. Polygamy is heavily based in religion, such as Mormonism, and in the traditional polygamous sense a man would have many wives. What I am talking about is merely on a biological level.

10 Ways To Make A Long Distance Relationship Not Only Healthy, But Actually Work

Humans, by nature, are sexual beings. There is nothing wrong, or taboo, about having a great sex life.

dating articles thought catalog long distance

It is wired into our biology and is a big part of what makes us human; up there with having opposable thumbs and the ability to reason. Frequent masturbation is a great way to relieve stress, and can help ease the physiological blow of going from a great sex life, to a great sexting life.