Dating a southerners

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dating a southerners

10 things southerners do that make northerners want to fight them However, there are occasions when a southerner says or does . Women around the world are devastated that they won't be able to date this sensitive soul. Here's what you need to know before dating a Southern gal. There's nothing more unattractive to a Southern belle than a man holding a fishing pole upside down. For those who don't know, "shag" is a dance and a mighty-fine movie that you should watch before dating a Southern girl. Before you start dating a Southern girl, here are some crazy brutal truths you of the East Coast, the truth is: I'm a born and raised Southerner.

It always blows my mind. When they are, they stick to their roots with songs they can relate to.

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Rock on, sweet thang. Study all Christian religions. In the South, you identify your family with your church, ie.

dating a southerners

You see, they go to the Methodist Church. Many nuances in the doctrines drive what your crush might think about social issues and family dynamics, so pay close attention if you want to be wifed.

From my experience, Southern men are slightly threatened by a woman who wants to argue about this, so tread lightly. Baptists tend to lean toward fire and brimstone sermons, while Methodists prefer inspirational stories about living a better life.

Depending on the city, one always gets out of Sunday service before the other. This causes a race to the best brunch restaurants. If your crush is a member of the later releasing sermon, consider crushing on a different Southern man.

Otherwise your grits will be cold. Say yes to cigarettes, but no to weed and tattoos.

dating a southerners

Weed and tattoos are for liberally minded Northerners, West Coasters, and Europeans. Tobacco, however, is a major cash crop. Southerners know it kills them, but so does the tanning bed.

10 things southerners do that make northerners want to fight them

Many southern men smoke, but only a few ladies can pull it off. If you must, remember it should be done only while sipping a cold beer or dark liquor drink. When I say eat healthy, I mean… Cook as healthy as possible for your new love bird. Your meat and veggies are coming straight from Southern farmlands.

dating a southerners

Food is how we show our love. Let him take care of you, girlfriend.

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Southern Girl

These guys want to take care of you, and you have to let them do that. Let go of the reigns a bit and offer put a bandaid on his most recent injury. As silly as it seems, they love that shit. Have friends from the same region.

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The South is steeped in tradition. One of them being Sunday dinners and, more likely than not, church. Dating in the South has shown me that some men really value those southern traditions. Initially, that was one of the biggest surprises for me.

dating a southerners

You Might Also Like: These southern family values can lead to younger marriages and children from previous relationships. I had to adjust my perspective a bit when talks of children and marriage would come up on the first date or sooner. I had to realize that in a southern family, sometimes conversations about work and ambitions take a back seat to discussions about child rearing and religion.

It was flopping around all over the place. There are some things that I've only experienced with southern lovers — like receiving a warm towel after sex. Chivalry is not dead: Dating in the South has expanded my definition of chivalry.

dating a southerners

Things I thought only happened on TV have happened since I began dating in the South — including car doors being opened for me, every time, instead of hearing the "beep beep" of the car alarm having been disarmed. One guy I dated was keenly aware of where we were walking, always making sure he was on the side where there was traffic.