Dating a southern man

How to Date a Southern Man | Dating Tips

dating a southern man

I wouldn't say they were all southern gentlemen, but dating in the South is uniquely different from dating northern men. Other than deciding to. Here are some dating tips southern men should have mastered and other gentlemen should adopt. Thanks to D'Marge for the list. In a world rife. If it's the southern accent that's most desirable, do southern men live up to their charm in other ways, too? Why, yes, they do. They don't call.

Step 2 Read up on his hometown. Understand the history of his old stomping grounds and partake in events with his family. Drop hints about places you would like to see in his Southern town or suggest a day at a park that relates to the history of his hometown.

dating a southern man

Step 3 Show your interest in him by listening to his likes and dislikes. Southern recipes like chicken and biscuits or barbecue ribs are great ways to a Southern man's heart, according to Ford.

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However, you should tailor your efforts to your guy's interests. If he has a favorite meal, find a way to prepare that dish for him and show him that you pay attention to his preferences.

dating a southern man

Plan an evening around a big game at his favorite sports bar or get the family together for a day outing. Step 4 Allow your Southern man to do things for you. In a report by psychologist Dr.

dating a southern man

Diane Plummer of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, Southern men indicated that they treat a woman with the utmost respect and place importance on values. In addition, Ford writes that Southern men want traditional male-female roles, such as a man who opens the door for a woman and fixes the leaky faucet around the house.

Patterson suggests that Southern men are more sensitive than Northern men, so be ready to nurture his feelings. Step 5 Befriend his mother. Big, curled, hair-sprayed hair takes time to complete, and Southerners prefer ladies who put forth the effort. Nothing makes a Southern boy rev his Chevy engine like an overly-tanned girl fresh off the pontoon. Mm mm… skin cancer. Spray tan it is.

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Southern women are flashy. There is no other look to consider when the warm months roll around. Now that I think of it, Southerners like their women in sundresses at all times. Just throw a Northface fleece over that sucker in the winter.

It always blows my mind. When they are, they stick to their roots with songs they can relate to.

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Rock on, sweet thang. Study all Christian religions. In the South, you identify your family with your church, ie. You see, they go to the Methodist Church. Many nuances in the doctrines drive what your crush might think about social issues and family dynamics, so pay close attention if you want to be wifed.

From my experience, Southern men are slightly threatened by a woman who wants to argue about this, so tread lightly. Baptists tend to lean toward fire and brimstone sermons, while Methodists prefer inspirational stories about living a better life. Depending on the city, one always gets out of Sunday service before the other.

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Southern Gentleman

This causes a race to the best brunch restaurants. If your crush is a member of the later releasing sermon, consider crushing on a different Southern man. Otherwise your grits will be cold. Say yes to cigarettes, but no to weed and tattoos. Weed and tattoos are for liberally minded Northerners, West Coasters, and Europeans. Tobacco, however, is a major cash crop. Southerners know it kills them, but so does the tanning bed. Many southern men smoke, but only a few ladies can pull it off.

If you must, remember it should be done only while sipping a cold beer or dark liquor drink.