Dating a nigerian

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dating a nigerian

Dating a typical Nigerian lady can be a topsy-turvy experience especially for a man who is just wetting his feet in the dating game. Normally. So, if you are dating a Nigerian man – whether Igbo or Yoruba – you need to be a good cook or at least learn how to cook if you don't know. The Nigerian man (along with his woman) likes to enjoy the good . I am an African American woman and I've been dating a Nigerian for 4.

He is an engineer. Something bad happened with the company in Nigeria. An executive was mishandling funds. He wouldnt vouch for him. People came to his house looking for him and they ended up hurting his house boy while he was in the US. His parents told him to stay in the US.

dating a nigerian

He has legal documents stating that he can be here Supposedly he can reapply when the time expires in order to stay longer. But I do not think it covers him working here.

By having no social security card is preventing him from working as an engineer here. So he basically works a manual labor job that pays under the table.

dating a nigerian

He just purchased a used car so he can try to find another job. However he has to register the car, get an actually US license etc.

I keep telling him its going to be difficult without a SS card. I wont cover the car either I like him but Im no fool. Anyway I have really grown to like spending time with him. He reminds me physically and with his accent of a shorter Idris Elba. We started off making judgements about each others cultures. I basically asked him on our first date if he was here legally.

dating a nigerian

Dont make me call ICE. What is your real game Are you looking for a green card? Are you a fake prince or some sort of scammer? Do I only eat fast food. Do I only have a GED.

We basically laughed that night about all of the negative stereotypes and really got to know each other. Over the past few months we have spent a lot of time with each other. He has been stressing lately about his current job.

Back in Nigeria he was an engineer. He hates what he is doing now and is frustrated. To test him I asked him he if wanted to get married. That way he can eventually obtain a green card. Well I was shocked. He completely turned me down. He stated that he wants to marry me but for love and not in a rush for a green card. Im a Capricorn Im not into the lovey dovey stuff. He is a virgo and is very loving. He kisses my hands and lips all the time. He asks about my family etc. Virtually all Nigerian men pride on the traditional foods.

Understand that most Nigerian men are football enthusiasts. If you are a pro-feminist you might find it difficult dating an average Nigerian man. This is because of the fact that Nigerian culture — regardless of the tribe — accords so much respect for the male gender. The Nigerian man is always seen as the head of the family, his opinion supersedes that of his wife.

Nigerian Men

So, you need to have the same respect for your man if you want your relationship to go anywhere. Nigerian men may come off as being emotionally insensitive. While some will say it is weird, the truth is that most men, not just Nigerians here, are wired this way: This is in line with the last point, it is still considered unconventional for Nigerians to display their affection in the public.

dating a nigerian

Contrary to what you may think, Nigerian men, are lovable and love their partners as much as themselves talk about the biblical command to love. You need to respect his family. An average Nigerian man holds allegiance to his family and so you need to respect the members of his family. In the Igbo tradition, the male children are bred with the belief that they need to cater to the family when they grow up.

Nigerian Men…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

As a result, Igbo men hold their family in high esteem, maybe even more than their partners. Nigerian men are hustlers. Yes, Igbo men pride themselves as one of the most industrious people on the planet. Whether it is a petty business or a white collar job, a Nigerian man always makes sure that he puts in his best in it.

This means that you should not be surprised when a Nigerian man forgets to call you as he probably might be thinking of his business Nigerian men love to sweet talk. If there is an award for the best men in the art of flattery then that award should go to the Nigerian man.

dating a nigerian

Yoruba men hate lazy ladies. It part of the Yoruba culture for the woman to take care of the house, failure to do so as a lady paints you as a lady woman. So, before you decide to date that Yoruba man, make sure that you have inherited or learned the virtue of diligence.

While this may not mean anything to foreigners, it is common for an Igbo man or a Yoruba man to judge their partner or would-be spouse by their utterances. If they find you loud-mouthed then there is no point bringing you home to meet their family.

Nigerian Men…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! -

Nigeria men rarely renege on their word. Both the Igbo and Yoruba men are known for their faithfulness on promises. Although there are bound to be detractors, most Nigerian men tend to keep to their word. Nigerian men are easygoing. To say that Nigerians are friendly is, to say the least, they are amiable.