Dating a married pastor

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dating a married pastor

Mar 30, Why do pastors have affairs? Explore the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual doors of intimacy you open and close to safeguard your. I mentioned before in my old post – I fell for my married church pastor and .. I think he used you for sex, excitement that he felt while dating a. Feb 27, Mailbag: I am cheating with a married man who is my pastor. . started our improper relationship on x date, and it continued for x period of time.

That means that where God calls he must follow. He has committed to following Jesus no matter where that may be. You may end up in the inner city, the rural countryside, or even in another country. Your lovely little suburb lifestyle may be stretched beyond your wildest imaginations.

They want the man of God but not the call that goes with it. If you marry a pastor many times he will be asked to get up at 2: He may have to work a secular job and pastor a small church, and you will have to be willing to let him go when your personal time is minimal.

You will feel many times that he is putting the church over you. He is not but he is obedient to the call that God has placed on his life, and you knew that before you married him. You will be held to a higher standard than anyone else in the church. I am not saying that this is right, but it is a reality. What you say, what you do, how you dress, how your children are taken care of and behave, how your husband looks, and how you conduct yourself in public will all be looked at with a nuclear-powered microscope and the Hubble telescope.

You are placing a target with a red bullseye on both your forehead and your heart. That is why I believe it takes a special and unique woman to be married to a pastor.

Are you called to marry a pastor? I would encourage you before you even consider dating a pastor let alone marrying a pastor that you seriously get alone with God and seek his face about this. I believe that where God guides, He provides.

I believe that if He calls, then He enables. After reading several of your blogs, I need your help to end the affair the Godly way. I am not afraid of the consequences because I made these stupid, destructive choices. Dear SB, Thank you for writing to me! I have hope for you as you clearly are owning your sin and are willing to turn from it. That is a great place to start.

Such follows the general godly response to sin—i.

dating a married pastor

Now, here are some concrete details to what that might mean in your situation: End it completely and definitely with the pastor. What I have read about executing this is that no good way exists to do it. But ending the relationship completely is important.

That is to invite temptation into your life.

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Like a drunk no longer going to a bar, you need to avoid feeding an unhealthy relationship by contact or time together even with others present. Write a letter or an email telling him that the relationship was sinful and is now over. And find another church to attend! This is important both to help you end this and not keep the door open to temptation. Also, this is important for the healing of his spouse.

Seeing you and knowing you cheated with her husband will likely be very painful for her. Get tested for STDs pronto! You know the pastor is willing to lie and cheat on his wife. He may have cheated with others beside you. Get tested for STDs. When you know the results, I encourage you to let his spouse know these results as her life is in danger as well.

17 and dating a married man

And this brings me to my next point: I see this as a manifestation of the Golden Rule Luke 6: If you were in her shoes, what would you want from the OW? I would want to know the truth as the faithful spouse. She deserves to know what took place. Knowing this beyond a doubt helps a great deal in the healing process. Part of repenting of these sins is to aid the one you wronged in her healing process.

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A letter with facts would suffice here along with your STD test results. It will be painful knowing the truth but having definitive proof in her hands will arm her to deal with reality as opposed to continue being deceived by her husband pastor and possibly, others.

It will paralyze you from making better decisions.

dating a married pastor

I say this because the reasoning is easy to follow: If you believe you are a wretched woman then why bother trying to choose better and do better? You are a daughter of God John 1: You now have the opportunity to live like a true daughter leaving this sin behind you by the power of God.