Dating a coworker retail comic

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dating a coworker retail comic

Ask her out for something casual maybe? Don't go all creepy with flowers and a dinner date, but try something simple. Do you ever finish shifts. 10 Coworker Hookup Confessions That Might Make You Reconsider an I had zero clue that they were dating because they chose to keep their relationship a secret. I definitely see the funny side of it now but I would never do . on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Here are some pretty interesting statistics about office romance – the 37% of workers have dated a coworker [of those relationships, 1 in 3.

Think back about whether this was part of your training. Maybe even ask your boss if there would be a problem with you asking out another employee.

If you don't take "no" for an answer. If she says something like "Maybe," then the ball is in her court to follow up--take it as a no, and you'll be pleasantly surprised if she does follow up. If it causes "drama" somehow, like the coworker avoids you afterwards, or her ex is also working there, or you two end up making out all the time instead of working.

If you're pretty good at focusing on your job, and so is your coworker, then there's probably a low chance of this being a problem. Try a script like this: I don't know you very well yet, but I would like to go on a date with you. No pressure to say yes -- I know it might be weird because we work together. I wasn't sure whether to ask in the first place because we work together, and I know that might feel weird, so no pressure. It convinces her that you know you should not be "creepy" about this and that you will respect what she wants.

It gives her a gentle way to decline if she's not interested. They had not seen each other for many years until meeting again when Crystal became assistant manager at Grumbels. Lunker did not take on his nickname until after he and Crystal lost touch. A recurring gag in the strip is to show Lunker singing and dancing when nobody is watching, only to be interrupted by a surprised coworker who is intimidated into silence by a threat from Lunker. April 7, early cameoMay 13, as a regular Crystal is Marla's fourth and current assistant manager, being hired to replace Brice Tanner.

Crystal was originally interviewed a year prior as a possible replacement for Arthur, but Marla had to settle on Brice instead because he was more qualified. When Brice left, however, Marla had no one else to fall back on; Crystal, in spite of her counter-cultural beliefs, was the only other person who had any retail management experience, having worked as an assistant manager at the Pewter and Incense store for 6 months before they closed down.

Unlike Marla's previous assistants, Stuart had no hand in her getting hired, not even interviewing her, as he was too busy trying to replace all the managers that were let go for embezzlement at another store in his district. Marla noted the irony that Stuart decided to trust her instinct the one time she had to pick someone out of desperation. Other characters[ edit ] Alan Zimmerman Alan manages the shoe department and is good friends with Cooper, although, as confirmed in Octoberthey did not know each other's last names until Cooper's girlfriend Zoe pointed it out to him.

Craig Craig is the head of the electronics department at Grumbel's, and a friend to Cooper. He was briefly let go when store cut back on payroll but has since been rehired.

dating a coworker retail comic

Courtney Courtney works as a cashier. She is lazy, ditzy, incompetent, and constantly rude to customers. It has been hinted that she was hired largely because of her looks, and she avoided being fired on one occasion chiefly because she isn't paid as well as other store workers. She is one of Marla's sources of frustration besides Stuartand has even gone as far to blackmail her for Friday nights and Saturday mornings off. When Marla took over as store manager, she campaigned to make Courtney's employment as miserable as possible, a revenge Courtney did not take kindly to.

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In the June 2, strip, she was fired from Grumbel's. On the June 19, strip, it was revealed that she had found a new job at the mall coffee shop. Keith Sanzen Keith was added to the line up in October He got his job in the shoe department by contacting Cooper through Cooper's Blog. After starting work at Grumbel's, Cooper discovered that Keith had made a blog that copies his format exactly, hence driving a wedge between these two former friends.

Eventually, Cooper hacked into Keith's computer and infected it with a virus. Keith held a grudge, and in Aprilwas able to get his revenge when he discovered Cooper's secret lounge on the roof of the mall, and started blackmailing him by making him give total access to the lounge. Within few days, Keith has converted the lounge into "Keith's Poetry Perch. As a result, Keith was banned from the mall.

Despite this, Keith vows vengeance on Cooper when he "least expects it. It was explained that his ban from the mall was only for 5 years.

Keith is the first character known to be based solely on a real person the second being Charles Brubaker on June 8, Josh Tobin Josh was hired as temporary Christmas help in October Marla hired him from a pool of otherwise incompetent applicants for Christmas positions, since he appeared to be the perfect employee: However, Marla and the rest of the employees quickly discovered that Josh is determined to be the perfect retail worker and that he is fond of pointing out the policy violations and other flaws of his fellow employees.

Stuart, of course, bonded quickly with Josh and considered him potential management material. In spite of the other staff members' blatant dislike of Josh and their best efforts to have him fired, Josh cheerfully accepted an offer from Stuart for a permanent position at Grumbel's in January After being promoted to shift supervisor in JanuaryJosh replaced Marla as assistant store manager when Stuart became district manager and Marla was promoted to store manager.

In lateJosh told Stuart and Marla that Delman's offered him a job with higher salary. After Stuart gave him a raise, Marla discovered that Josh was never offered a job and lied about it. Realizing that he was caught, Josh accepted a job at another company. He gave Marla his two-weeks notice, but after he admitted that he lied about the Delman's offer, Marla fired him on the spot, not letting him work out the notice.

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Josh hasn't appeared sincealthough he was mentioned in March 25, and May 15, strips. Masters' is Marla's mother. She is an understanding mother to her daughter, but frequently frustrates her with her inability to understand many of the inconveniences Marla experiences. A running joke in the strip is Marla's mother asking her to run out and buy something during holidays, which annoys Marla due to her belief that business shouldn't make their employees work then.

Jerry Deco Jerry was initially the district manager in the strip, who was even more obsessed with rules and a source of great frustration for Marla, who he constantly calls "Darla", since he pretends he can't remember her name.

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While his demeanor may reflect problems in his personal life as revealed in a November story arc where he was in a middle of a divorcethe way he took it out on the employees of the stores in his district earned him little if any sympathy. Jerry was written out in May when he was promoted to a regional position. Much to Marla's horror, he was brought back in May when Gary, the current district manager, was fired. Jerry left Grumbel's in Maynaming Stuart as his successor.

Connie Connie replaced Jerry as the district manager. She is portrayed as much more reasonable and understanding than Jerry, leading to surprise from Marla and Val that someone "human" could be in upper management. Connie left her position a year later when she accepted a job in another company. Gary Gary replaced Connie as the new district manager.

In his few appearances he is shown as more focused on the rules than Connie, though less so than Jerry. After watching Marla and Stuart bicker and attempt to undermine the other, he assigned them to a weekly management communication seminar.

Gary was abruptly fired and replaced in May upon Jerry's return, and his seminars were discontinued. Arthur Arthur was hired in Februaryreplacing Josh as Marla's assistant manager.

He previously worked as a department supervisor at another Grumbels store in Stuart's area; he would be happy with this promotion for the simple reason it would give him a shorter commute. One of the three assistant manager candidates recommended to Marla by Stuart.

dating a coworker retail comic

In spite of being one of Stuart's selection, he was liked by the other employees, including Marla. Arthur's outlook on retail is the same as Marla, even having his own manifesto. In Marchhe left the store after accepting another job from his brother-in-law.

Stuart's Personal Recommendation of Brice allowed him to be on the short list of candidates for Assistant Manager. He started to work at Grumbels while he was in business school and wanted to become a District Manager like Stuart and work in the corporate office.

Originally a Department Supervisor from the Southbridge Store, a Grumbels located in a High Income area, Brice believed that following the rules will result in meeting the goals set out by corporate. Brice At first he appeared to be like Stuart and Josh; who wouldn't question anything from the corporate office and believing that you shouldn't cut corners no matter what happens with Payroll. While conflicts between seeing how corporate treats other stores started to influence his perspective, the main issues he had during his time as Assistant Manager was being at odds with Marla's management style.

As Marla believes treating employees fairly would help out in the long run while he believed that employees should remain loyal to Grumbels, no matter what happens.

However, unlike Josh, Brice is always strictly Marla's subordinate, and she is able to directly order him to be more diplomatic with the staff, leaving him unable to understand why he is considered in the wrong by everyone at work.

However, Brice also grows increasingly disgusted with Stuart's petty arrogance at work, even if Brice didn't immediately realize he shares those flaws himself. It was this conflict that caused him to leave Grumbels and work at Delman's in the same mall with Mina as Store Manager after her Assistant Manager quit.

However, when he started working at Delman's, he noticed how toxic Mina was to her employees and to him. After running into Marla at chance in the mall, Brice admitted how bad Mina was and that it was a mistake it was to leave Grumbels. Marla placed a call to Stuart about offering Brice the Store Manager job at the New Hampshire store, in which Stuart was temporary running as management was fired due to embezzlement. At first, Stuart did not want to talk with Brice since he left to Delman's but also insulted Marla's Management Style Stuart claims he was defending the chain of command but as Stuart was desperate for anyone he offered Brice the Store Manager job.

When Mina found out about him talking with Stuart, Brice walked out on her and quit Delman's without notice in July Scott Garrison Scott is Marla's husband. He is a bartender at Dave's Carousing Cantina in the same mall as Grumbel's. They met after Val insisted Marla spend an evening out with her in February Marla feared that Cooper ruined her chances with Scott when he spilled the news that she liked him during a visit to Dave's.

Fortunately, Scott liked Marla too, and the two were shown as a dating couple in occasional strips since that time.

dating a coworker retail comic

After pressure from Marla to make a commitment to their future together, Scott proposed in May They were married in Juneand had their first daughter in April Warren Warren is the buck-toothed mall security guard. His job is to make sure that the stores and the employees in the mall follow all mall regulations to the letter, although he would often prefer to hang out with Cooper than do his job.

He regularly rides on a Segway scooter, that has been stolen and vandalized on multiple occasions. Jasper Morley deceased Stuart's former manager, who died seven years earlier when he choked on a Clucky Chicken sandwich. He reappeared as a ghost in front of Stuart, revealing that he is forced to walk on Earth for all eternity wearing a chain of Grumbel's Policy and Procedure Manuals.

Zoe A barista at the mall cafe who has an uncanny resemblance to Marla with blonde hair. Marla denies seeing any resemblance, although she was creeped out when Cooper asked Zoe out for a date. The date, however, went downhill when Cooper discovered that Zoe's dad resembles and acts like Stuart. In Augustthe two started dating again, but Zoe eventually broke up when Cooper stopped paying attention to her. Spike Was hired after Marla discovered Stuart was keeping a secret "Do Not Hire" file based on visible tattoos and unnatural hair colors or styles.

Marla informed Connie, the DM, and Stuart was forced to hire employees he felt were not employable. Spike, a man sporting a mohawk and sleeve tattoos, was Marla's first hire.