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dan wheldon wife dating

The wife of two-time Indianapolis winner Dan Wheldon told how she just Funeral: The funeral of Indycar driver Dan Wheldon was today held at .. have a wine- and fun-filled date on the dance floor after he asks her out. ST PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER Dan Wheldon's widow Susie Emma Dixon, wife of driver Scott Dixon and close friend of Susie. Dan Wheldon and his wife had their initials - DW and SQ - tattooed on At home: Dan Wheldon with his wife Susie, who he married in .. and Netflix co-star Noah Centineo made a no-dating PACT before filming started.

Dan would be proud of all of you. Former Formula One racer Anthony Davidson yesterday tweeted this picture from the British cadet championships. Wheldon sits on Davidson's front wheel with former F1 world champion Jenson Button stood up Young speedsters: Davidson also tweeted this picture of the three at the Silverstone kart GP, which shows him leading, Wheldon second and Button third Born in Emberton, England, Wheldon raced go-karts at the age of four.

His father was a go-kart racer and his mother was the timer at a local track. He was an IndyCar rookie in and won his first Indianapolis two years later. Formula One driver and one-time world champion Jenson Button, who competed against Wheldon as they were growing up, tweeted: I can't begin to imagine what his family are going through and my thoughts are with them at this very difficult time.

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The St Petersburg city council was scheduled to honour Wheldon with a resolution on Thursday afternoon, and IndyCar officials are holding a public memorial service on Sunday afternoon at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy. The Indy memorial service will open its doors to the public at 2. In Milton Keynes, England, fans attending the soccer match between MK Dons and Scunthorpe gave a minute's applause for Wheldon before kick-off, at the same time as his funeral was starting across the Atlantic.

Wheldon was born in the village of Emberton, just outside Milton Keynes.

dan wheldon wife dating

A trust fund for Wheldon's family has been established. Never did anyone think the day would end in tragedy.

It happened quickly, a fiery car accident just minutes after the start, and it was immediately apparent that Wheldon was seriously injured. Susie Wheldon does not discuss the events of that day.

But the reality is the race changed her life.

IndyCar Confirms Dan Wheldon's Death

I feel lucky but our four years of being married is like a second in time. I get angry sometimes at that, that I wish we could have grown old together. She read every one, replied with hand-written thank you letters and saved them all to one day show her sons. He really was that guy. He was obviously a fierce competitor, but he was an even better person. Her husband was 33, a two-time Indy champion, when he died in a crash at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Five years later, Susie, 38, has built a new home, started a new business and struggled to be a single mom to two boisterous boys. Letting her son race, she said, is the hardest thing she has had to do.

Susie Wheldon Heads To Indy To Honor Husband – CBS Tampa

On a dreary winter Sunday at the Ocala Gran Prix, she watched her first-grader plant his feet on both sides of a gas tank. Between his knees sloshed a gallon of fuel. The go-cart doesn't have a seat belt; if it flips going 60 mph, the coach said, it's better for the driver to be ejected than to roll with the wreckage. She waited until her son revved the engine, then stepped aside. When Susie met Dan, they were She had just graduated from a small Christian college and taken a job at an advertising agency.

They were introduced at a photo shoot for Jim Beam whiskey. Outgoing, but not really arrogant," she called the toothy young driver. I noticed he was handsome. But I was so busy trying to fake that I knew what I was doing, I never saw him as my future husband. His dad, a plumber, raced go-carts and put Dan in the driver's seat when he was 4.

By 10, Dan was British Junior Kart champion. After high school, he moved to America to drive Indy cars. He and Susie worked together for two years. She set up photo shoots, staging him with the Jim Beam logo, traveling to races.

She was cheering at the finish line when he won his first race in Japan, screaming beside the track inwhen he won St. Petersburg's first grand prix. Later that year, after winning the Indianapolisshe said, "That was the first time I really felt him hug me. Susie had to stay sober, to make sure Dan got to his 6 a. When Dan decided to move to St. Petersburg a few months later, he asked Susie to come work for him as his personal assistant. So she followed him to Florida, helped him build a house on Snell Isle and manage his new-found stardom.

dan wheldon wife dating

Sometimes, she made reservations for his dinner dates and bought gifts for other women. She swore she wasn't jealous. He started being much more tender toward me.

He held out a ring and dropped to one knee.

Dan Wheldon funeral: Large crowds gather for IndyCar star's funeral

They married three months later; a year after that, baby Sebastian was born. Susie never felt frightened, she said. In almost a decade of watching Dan drive around a 2. One of their friends, who had young kids, had been paralyzed. Susie just didn't dwell on those possibilities.

Dan was so experienced. He had flipped cars, been crushed in pileups. But he always came out smiling that over-sized grin. She took Sebastian to the track, along with a new addition to their family, 3-month-old Oliver.

She watched from the pit stall, where she could hear her husband on his headset, through the radio. After four hours of driving, with two laps to go, Dan was still behind. Then, in the last turn, someone crashed. And Dan pulled ahead. Susie held her breath. He was the first driver ever to win the Indy while only leading the last lap. Susie brought the boys to Victory Lane where Dan scooped up Sebastian and carried him to the finish line.

Together, they knelt and kissed the fabled bricks. He left his own party after only an hour that night.

Susie Wheldon Heads To Indy 500 To Honor Husband

He told racing writer Andy Hallbery, "It was like someone flipped a switch when he found what he was looking for in life with Susie and the boys. He became the voice of a driver on TV's animated Hotwheels Battleforce 5. And he was able to be home more often, finally relax. He kept a Lamborghini in the garage, but drove his Honda Fit to the gym.

He would get groceries with Susie and the boys, go get their hair cut.