Cush jumbo dating

The Good Fight's Cush Jumbo: 'I was told I was too white, but not quite black enough'

cush jumbo dating

London-born actress Cush Jumbo, star of new US drama The Good Fight, can remember exactly where she was when Donald Trump was. The Good Fight star Cush Jumbo has given birth to a baby boy called Maximilian. The British actress is best known for playing lawyer Lucca Quinn in the legal drama, as well as its predecessor The Good Wife, and her pregnancy was written into the TV show. Earlier this month the. The pregnant year-old Brit talks to ET about Lucca's new direction.

It sometimes takes more strength in asking for help and making yourself more vulnerable than there is in shutting everybody out. That's what she's going through now.

cush jumbo dating

How important is it to Lucca to have the father of her baby in the picture? She has to go through a black book and a calendar and work it out when she was ovulating. It's kind of a Rachel situation from Friends. It's more like everyone else who is trying to work it out. She knows exactly who it is, but with her and Colin not together, there are questions about whether it is Colin or not, whether she should tell him or not.

cush jumbo dating

Their relationship continues to be in flux. And although Lucca knows that Colin is a great person to father a child [with], because he's reliable in some ways, I don't think she's ever been fully satisfied by what she gets from him in a relationship, and maybe that's because she's not quite satisfied with herself yet. She's not quite discovered who she is. It's more that he's chasing the happy ending a little more than she is, especially now that it might help his political career that he's trying to launch, and she's suspicious of that.

She has no problem being a co-parenting single mother. How has that tonal shift been to play? It's the overriding feeling, which is very unnerving for them at the law firm, which prides itself on being the law firm that fights for the underdog and does the right thing and works against police brutality.

If you're going to lie, why don't I lie a little bit?

The Good Fight's Cush Jumbo: 'I was told I was too white, but not quite black enough'

If you're going to bend the rules to win, why don't I bend the rules to win? It shines a light on what the right thing to do is, and maybe that's why some of these clients are losing their minds. It forces the law firm to look at itself. That's quite an exciting place to be, because in the Good Fight and Good Wife universe, nothing is ever black and white, there's always a gray area in who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

What is Lucca's take on Liz? First of all, forget Lucca. Has this play made you reexamine your own relationships? It only makes me examine things in a good way, I think. When you're playing someone with a lot of issues, it makes you step back and realize, OK, maybe I don't have so many problems.

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My boyfriend is back in London. He's coming over quite often to visit. You take that into the room with you, because you're carrying a bit of yourself every time you go in. Whom are you playing in The River? I'm playing The Woman.

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She's a bit of a hectic city girl. She's very excited to be going away and to be with this guy. She doesn't realize what is going to happen to her inside and out until she gets there. And then she's there. You recently portrayed Josephine Baker in London, right? It's a one-person show that I wrote a couple of years ago. We first workshopped it and put it on at a pub theater in London.

cush jumbo dating

Then Phyllida Lloyd, who directed Mamma Mia! We did tons of research.

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It was a story about Josephine's life, but also the story of a modern girl. The story jumped between the two. Do you seek out roles that are dissimilar from roles you've played previously?

I'm somebody who enjoys pretending to be other people. I don't want to play someone really close to myself. I want to really investigate someone else.