Cub scout knife dating

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cub scout knife dating

Handle opposite the logo has a pocket clip. Trading post price is $, and the knife comes in a black, velvet presentation bag. Production was current in There have been a lot of scout (lower case 's') knives produced over the years, Brass lining and silver bolster with thread, Jigged Handles, date unknown. Several of these knives are floating around, purporting to be official BSA knives. I'm looking to replace a long-lost Cub Scout knife I had, circa , off of / forums/

Home Camillus InAdolf Kastor, a German immigrant, purchased small knife factory in Camillus, New York, and began supplying domestically produced knives to the nation. The Camillus plant became famous for its military knives and pocket knives.

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They produced quality knives for the Scouts untilwhen the factory closed its door for the last time. Here is an outstanding history of Camillus, written by Mr. This is a camp style knife. The is one of the standard BSA models, produced by several different companies.

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On the bail end, it has two blades, one a combination flat bade screwdriver and bottle opener, the other an awl leather punch. The other end has the main blade, and a two-piece can opener. The shield is shield shaped, and made of raised silver metal. The shield has the First Class badge on it. The handles are black. The bail is permanently attached. Each bolster has a single line stamped into it. This version was manufactured from Note lined bolsters, black handles.

cub scout knife dating

This, thewas the most popular BSA model in history. Photo by Bob Wick.

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This one has a one-piece can opener. This version is the same as the CAMC4A, except the bail is removeable, and the screwdriver blade is shorter. Manufacture began in This is the first major change in Camillus Scout knives. Several of these knives are floating around, purporting to be official BSA knives.

There is very little history on these knives, but there is a lot of history on what was designated official BSA issue. The tang stamp places this knife in the range, and based on other variables, this was most likely in the latter part of that era. More than one variety of handles has been seen. Some are jigged composite like this, some are smooth composite. This knife does not show in any BSA catalog or magazine as official issue. Several other factors prevlude this being an official issue.

One, Imperial never used a stamped First Class badge as an insignia. It used a "hot stamp" FC badge, Tenderfoot, and a federal shield. The motto, "Be Prepared", is missing. There is no blade etch. I did see that with the knives and a lot of cohglans stuff on there as well. You name it and the Boy Scouts of America has put their logo on it and sold it to Scouts.

cub scout knife dating

This is an amazing vintage Boy Scout Utensil set dating back to the late s. The 3 piece utensil set includes a spoon, folding fork, and folding knife. It is a descendant of. Notably, this book did not place emphasis on first aid, knife and axe use. This reliable, general-purpose design makes a great choice as a Scout's first knife or basic camping knife.

Includes stainless steel cutting blade, plus tools to. Every boy acquired a pocket knife at some point in time. Whether yours was a gift from your pops or you got it while working on your first badge as a Cub Scout. Examples have been found dating back to the s. Copies of knives blade and handle to cut out 1 per Cub Scout.

Return this paper to Cub Scout meeting after you have completed the assignments. Where could I get old scout handbooks dating back to the first edition and how.

Care Plan you can enhance the manufacturer's coverage from the date of purchase.

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This site may not and most likely does not have the most up to date. With that knife in my hand. I don't know much about knivesso I'm asking help from you guys who do. Do a google search for " dating case knives " and you can determine when your SodBuster was. I think the Boy Scouts had a sanctioned version?