Constipation in pregnancy causing pain dating

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constipation in pregnancy causing pain dating

However, despite this, women who have painful complicated haemorrhoids may be Constipation: Constipation in pregnancy is probably caused by rising progesterone levels. . Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Search date 4. Get more advice about constipation and suitable laxatives from NHS Choices. pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP) or symphysis pubis dysfunction Due date! After what has felt like a very long time coming, it's finally my due week!. The pains listed below are considered a normal part of pregnancy. . well as vitamins and iron supplements, may cause constipation (difficulty.

Constipation is more common in women who have become dependent on laxatives to poo, or who have abused laxatives in the past. Ignoring the signs of needing to go to the toilet. Over time, doing this can lead to changes in the tone of the bowel wall and rectum which means the body is less receptive to the normal evacuation signals.

What is the treatment for constipation during pregnancy? A healthy diet which is high in both soluable and insoluble fibre and roughage. Soluable fibre dissolves in the gut when it is around water. It ends up like a soft gel which is easily passed from the body. Examples of soluable fibre are found in potato and pumpkin. Insoluble fibre is evacuated from the body looking much the same way as when it enters, e. Drinking plenty of water really helps to avoid and treat constipation.

Have regular exercise and move your body. Swimming, walking, yoga and gentle weight training are all ideal exercise options during pregnancy. Some women may need to take medications which are known as stool softeners. These reduce the transition of water out of the poo so it remains soft and easier to pass.

It is essential to check with your maternity care provider or a pharmacist before taking any medication during pregnancy. Castor Oil or other mineral based oils are not safe to take during pregnancy and should be avoided. Likewise enemas and suppositories should only be used under medical supervision and guidance.

It is important to rule out other medical conditions which may be causing constipation during pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, haemorrhoids or hypothyroidism can all influence the likelihood of constipation occurring. What foods help with constipation? Any type of fresh fruit or vegetables. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, Chinese greens or salad leaves are ideal.

Carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and corn. Dried fruit and nuts especially almonds, Brazil nuts, sultanas, apricots and prunes. Berries such as raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries. Wholegrain cereals and breads, brown rice, pasta and lentils. Breakfast cereals, especially those with unprocessed bran and oats. Avoid eating cereals which are flaked, popped or toasted.

These tend to be more highly processed and separate from their original state. The more manufacturing and processing which goes into food preparation, the more removed it is from its origins. Eat raw food where possible, while maintaining careful food hygiene. What should I avoid? Mineral oils, harsh aperients such as castor oil and laxative tablets can be risky during pregnancy. When taken in the extreme they can lead to premature labour.

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What else can help with constipation? Make some time to sit on the toilet undisturbed every day.

Constipation in Pregnancy

After breakfast, lunch or dinner and try not to be rushed. Take a book with you, read the paper, lock the door and try to relax. Avoid straining and sitting for long periods.

Aim for more of a squatting position when sitting on the toilet; leaning forward with the elbows on your knees may help. Avoid an excessive intake of caffeine. Some medications contribute to constipation. Check with your maternity care provider or pharmacist if there are alternatives which you could take.

Avoid ignoring the cues your body gives you that you need to go to the toilet.

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Work commitments, lack of privacy and self consciousness, and feeling tense can all lead to holding on for longer. Fight back with fiber. Fiber-rich foods help you eliminate waste; aim for 25 to 35 grams each day. Check the food labels if you want, but there's no need to do the math. Instead, focus on simply eating plenty of whole-grain cereals and breads, legumes peas and beansfresh fruits and veggies raw or lightly cooked — preferably with skin left on and dried fruits.

Going for the green can also help you go, in both the form of leafy green vegetables and kiwi fruit, which packs a potent laxative effect.

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Sample from this fiber-rich and tasty menu to get started. Try adding some bran or psyllium to your diet, starting with a sprinkle and increasing as needed. Be sure to check with your doctor first before you do this, though, and don't go overboard, since these fiber powerhouses can carry away important nutrients before they can be absorbed. Also be prepared for some flatulence, another common complaint of pregnancy as well as a temporary side effect of upping the fiber in your diet. Shun refined grains white bread, white rice, refined cereals and pastawhich tend to back things up.

Downing 12 to 13 full glasses of fluids watervegetable or fruit juice and broth every day keeps solids moving through your digestive tract and makes your stool soft and easier to pass. You can also turn to warm liquids, including that health spa staple, hot water and lemon, to help stimulate peristalsis the intestinal contractions that help you go.

constipation in pregnancy causing pain dating

Prune juice is a good pick for truly tough cases, since it's a mild laxative. Don't max out at mealtime. Big meals can overtax your digestive tract, leading to things getting backed up.

Constipation During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Diet, and Tips for Relief | What to Expect

Try eating six mini-meals a day rather than three large ones and you'll also experience less gas and bloating. Go when you gotta go.

constipation in pregnancy causing pain dating

Regularly holding it in can weaken the muscles that control your bowels and lead to constipation, so try to go whenever you have to.

Consider your supplements and medications. Ironically, many of the supplements and medications that do a pregnant body good prenatal vitaminscalcium and iron supplements, and antacids can exacerbate constipation. So check with your practitioner about alternatives such as slow-release iron supplements or adjustments in dosages until the situation improves.

Also ask your practitioner about taking a magnesium supplement to help fight constipation. Taking it at night may relax achy muscles and help you sleep better, too.