Complacency kills relationships dating

Did you know that these 5 relationship issues could be slowly killing your career

complacency kills relationships dating

Did you know that these 5 relationship issues could be slowly killing your career Finding someone who's willing to date you when you're pulling 12 hour days Your partner's own income/wealth is making you complacent. Complacency Kills - Keep the Magic Alive in Your Relationship Best Relationship Tanya MS Finks | Dating & Intimacy Coach | Dating and Relationship Tips. Relationships are give and take. When this happens, the relationship becomes filled with heated It's comfort and complacency that kills.

Sometimes, people are fine with the way things are and have no urge to improve anything. Sometimes, they get stuck in a rut and accept the lousy situation they are in.

In both situations, they have no need to try a bit harder, to put in some efforts, to try something new and to be actually present in the relationship. The worst part is, most often than not, their behavior is unconscious.

To prevent that from happening, we first have to know how to recognize complacency in a relationship: Comfort is a positive feeling.

It usually means you feel relaxed with your partner and you can be yourself around him. This is just one simple example and there are a lot more similar ones. The thing here is that you have become too comfortable. You have stopped seeing one another. You have stopped noticing the little things that matter. Lack of communication Your partner is not your confidant anymore.

The Five Differences Between Love and Romance

No matter what was happening good or bad, you use to run to them with the news first. Also, there are a lot of couples who go from zero communication to communicating only when they are fighting.

And while fighting can be beneficial for the relationship and help things to change and improve, when complacency kicks in, fights become a series of unaddressed and unresolved issues that only make room for resentment. Low efforts This is definitely one of the biggest reason complacency kills relationships.

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They are so deep into the relationship that they have just stopped making efforts. They let things be. They feel no urge to work on things to make some adjustments to improve them. Even when things are going extremely badly and when the time comes to step up and fix the relationship, they remain passive. They forget how important it is to spend time together as a couple. They emotionally drift apart and are unable to connect anymore.

We relate to them like broken women. You relate to women as emotionally indulgent men. Gender aside, each of us have different ways of approaching the world. Our different approaches work for each of us. As a strengths-coach, I help people recognize their natural talents and identify ways for them to be more of themselves to even better effect.

The Trap Of Becoming Too Complacent In A Relationship And How To Avoid It

As a strengths-based dating and relationship coach, I help singles and couples create understanding and appreciation for the different ways they navigate the world, and to learn to leverage each others strengths, rather than trying to convince the other to do things their way. But for the sake of your relationship, understand that their way is likely better for them. And learn how to make your ways work better together. Save Save Save Save Save 3. Keep a Gratitude Journal When I discovered bullet journaling, one of the things I was most excited about is that the practice helped me strengthen certain habits.

You might also enjoy: Those two elements in combination inspire gratitude. All it takes is the noticing.

complacency kills relationships dating

The only ones who know us to that extent are usually our best friends or our parents. So when someone gets too comfortable, we let that side of us squeak out. Just a little bit at first. What I mean by that is openly breaking wind around each other.

Complacency Kills: Keep the Magic Alive | Intimate Explorations

Belching without covering your mouth. Cause romance is hard work. So the fundamental difference between comfort and complacency is that becoming complacent is a conscious choice.

complacency kills relationships dating

You are making a decision to place the relationship on the back burner to work on the other aspects of life. And as long as both of you are aware that this is going on, a relationship can be salvaged. But generally when we become complacent, it means that we get lazy at working at it. Especially in an established relationship. Somewhere in our minds, we connect comfort with happiness. So obviously, when you adopt this perspective, the more comfortable we are, the happier we are.

The people who equate comfort with happiness take their partner for granted.