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Strange folder behavior in left pane of Windows Explorer

classic explorer bar disabled dating

How do I disable the classic start menu per user? How do I modify the expansion delay for sub-menus? How do I enable or disable the menu animations?. Main · Videos; Skavti proti zombijem online dating classic explorer bar disabled dating classic explorer bar disabled dating wwe 2k14 summerslam simulation. Too many apps can clutter your otherwise useful Windows taskbar. Here's how to manage and hide notification icons in Windows 7, 8, and

After you agree to the license terms the installer will ask which features you want to be installed. By default all components are checked. Uncheck the ones you don't want. The installer fails with error code What can I do?

How to Hide Notification Icons on the Windows Taskbar

The exact cause of the problem is not known, but is most likely related to access permissions. The problem can be resolved by using the hidden Administrator account to run the installer. Follow this link for instructions: Use the Administrator account only if you encounter this problem.

For most people it should not be necessary. What is the right way to uninstall Classic Shell? To uninstall Classic Shell follow these steps: Then follow the instructions.

classic explorer bar disabled dating

You may have to restart Windows to complete the process. If you installed any additional skins for the start menu you will have to delete them manually After I uninstalled Classic Shell I can't hide the menu in Explorer any more. What do I do? If you missed step 3 from the uninstall instructions and you are having problems with the menu, you have two options: In most cases it will be safe to install a new version on top of the old one. Usually the installer will find all applications that use Classic Shell and will try to restart them cleanly.

You can choose to not restart those applications, but then you will have to log off as soon as possible to complete the install.

How to disable the auto-update feature? The Classic Shell Update component checks weekly if there is a new version of Classic Shell and will show a notification popup. Then uncheck "Automatically check for new versions".

You can also completely uninstall the update feature. What are the command line parameters for the installer? Windows keeps a copy of the MSI file in its C: If the file is missing or corrupted, the attempt to uninstall or upgrade Classic Shell will fail. If that happens, you must locate the installer for the same version you currently have. Visit the All Downloads page for instructions how to find older versions.

Once you find the correct installer, run it and select the "Remove" option. You may also attempt to repair the missing MSI file with the following command: How do I save and load settings? You can use XML files to back up and load your settings. The easiest way is to do it from the Backup button of the Settings dialog. You can also do it from the command line. Use the "-backup" command line switch to save the settings and "-xml" switch to load the settings.

You have to do it separately for each component: After every new release there people who report that their browser or AV software blocks the installer and shows a warning that it is not safe. This is because these programs use a heuristic that marks any newly released file as suspicious. Most programs have a way to allow the suspected installer to run but it is different for each program so I can't give you more detailed instructions here. If you can't figure it out or if you want to play it safe you can wait a few days until the new version has gained reputation and is added to the "nice" list by the AV developers.

What's wrong with the Windows 7 menu? Read more about the subject here. How do I disable the classic start menu per user? Open the General Behavior tab in the Settings dialog and find the checkbox "Start automatically for this user". How do I modify the expansion delay for sub-menus? You can change the Menu delay value in the General Behavior tab of the Settings dialog.

Use Classic Shell to Get a Classic Start Menu & Explorer Toolbar in Windows 8

Another way is to change the global system setting. Follow the instructions here: You can change the Main menu animation, Main menu animation speed, Sub-menu animation and Sub-menu animation speed settings in the General Behavior tab of the Settings dialog. Open the Advanced system settings, click on the Performance Settings button, check or uncheck the option "Fade or slide menus into view".

How do I create skins for the start menu? Check out the Skinning Tutorial. How do I customize the start menu? You can customize the start menu from the Customize Start Menu tab of the Settings dialog. Drag and drop menu items to change their order or create any new items you want. How do I add a custom folder to the start menu? You can add any existing folder to the start menu.

Go to the Settings dialog, open the Customize Start Menu tab and add a new custom item. Add a custom item by dragging the "Custom" item from the right column to the left column in the location you wish.

For Windows 7 style: Add a custom item with right-click and then "Insert New Item". Change the type of the new item to "Custom". After you created the new item right-click on it and select "Edit Item".

Pick a folder from the Link dropdown list, or click on the [ Change the label or the icon if you wish. Select "Don't Expand" if you wish the folder to not be expandable as a sub-menu.

How do I remove the Start Screen shortcut from the main menu? You can right-click and select "Unpin from Start menu Classic Shell ". You can also find the setting "Show Start screen shortcut" in the Main Menu tab and uncheck it. How do I change the default shutdown action in the main menu?

If you are using the classic menu style with one or two columns then you will have to customize the menu items. Go to the Customize Start Menu tab in the settings. Double-click on the Shutdown dialog item in the left column. Pick the command you want from the dropdown - shutdown, restart, logoff, and more.

Change the label to the text you want, like "Shut down" or "Restart". Change the icon if you wish. If you are using the Windows 7 menu style then go to the Main Menu tab in the settings. Locate the "Shutdown command" item near the bottom.

classic explorer bar disabled dating

Pick from one of the provided choices - Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, etc. How do I stop the opening of the settings the first time I use the menu?

When you install Classic Shell for the first time and then press the start button, the settings will show up to allow you to choose the style for the menu and the start button. Sometimes, particularly when installing for multiple users on the network, this behavior is undesirable. You can suppress it by pre-setting the menu style in the registry or in the group policies. This forum post shows how: The closest you can get is with the XP Luna skin. It makes the start menu look similar to the XP start menu.

It supports 2 columns of items and 3 color variations - Blue, Olive and Silver. Note that not all features of the XP start menu are supported. For example there are no fancy shutdown buttons or personalized menus. The start menu can search for programs, settings, files, email, and other documents. In the Classic style you can also register custom search programs like Agent Ransack of Everything that let you search for files anywhere on your computer. Also you can register search tools like Google and Bing to search the Internet.

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classic explorer bar disabled dating

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