Charatan pipe dating advice

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charatan pipe dating advice

Learn all about tobacco pipes in this ultimate beginner's Pipe guide markings and were mostly made of porphyritic and other hard stone. . factors alone recommend that a beginning pipe smoker seek advice . Charatan. Any ideas on the date? Earlyish Charatans did not always have a cp logo on the mouthpiece. finally,it to find a selected quality pipe in this 'catalogue shape' in later Charatans. So thanks for the advice on posting a pic. Date Checked, URL, Hostname, Server Response, IP, Google Safe . href= http ://hollister pipes Charatan pipes dating /a /li li tips relationship Dating tips relationship advice /a /li .

charatan pipe dating advice

The CP till the is very fine, the C penetrates the P. From to the CP logo is more pronounced and the C penetrates the P. The X and the DC appear only on pipes after Identification of a third era pipe First Lane era, Pipes of this period are quite common.

If the stem is not a double comfort but a saddle one, it is characterized by the letter X on the right of the shape code e. From the above information, it can be safely assumed that this particular piece dates from somewhere from tothat is the first Lane Era, which coincides with the period of the other pipes that belonged to my grandfather. With this information in mind, I moved ahead to the next process in the restoration. Steve given out in his blog on restoration process for novices like me and carry out initial visual inspection of the pipe.

This helps a lot in formulating your POA for the restoration. The bowl is heavily caked with an equally heavy overflow of lava on to the rim top. However, the inner edge of the rim is a totally different story!!!! The internal condition of the bowl and the exact extent of the char can only be ascertained after the process of reaming is completed. The stummel and the shank are covered in grime and dust of these years of use and subsequent storage, giving it a dull and lackluster appearance.

This will need to be addressed. Air does not flow easily through the pipe and requires some lung power to do so. The stem is a Double Comfort stem which is correct for the period.

Heavy calcification can be seen on the lower half of the DC stem with a few deep bite marks and lot of tooth chatter on both the lower and upper surface. All said and done, the major cause of concern which will require maximum attention and work is the rim top, rim inner edge and the extensive charring seen on the right and left inner edge!!!!

Using a Kleen Reem pipe tool made short work of reaming and she was able to get rid of the thick cake. She gently removed all the remaining cake crust till she reached the briar using my fabricated knife set and thereafter sanding the chamber with a grit sand paper.

Thereafter, using the fabricated knife, I gently scraped and removed all the overflow of lava, tars and oil from the rim top.

charatan pipe dating advice

With hope in my heart and prayer on my lips, I gently scraped the charred wood from the inner edge on both sides till I reached solid briar. The picture below will tell the story of its condition!!! I decided to top the bowl and create a bevel on the inner edge to address these issues. I Facetimed with Mr. Steve and he too concurred with my POA.

I started by topping the bowl with a grit sand paper till the charred surface on the inner as well as outer edge of the rim was reduced. Using a folded piece of grit sand paper, I gave a slight bevel to the inner edge. However, I was not very pleased to see the results. The charred surfaces stood out like sore thumbs on either sides of the rim. To further mask the charred inner edges, Abha suggested creating a deeper bevel and attempt to conceal the damaged inner edge within this bevel.

After viewing the pictures, Mr. Steve also approved of this plan.

charatan pipe dating advice

Thus, I created a deep bevel making sure that the charred surfaces are within this bevel. The inner edge is looking much better and presentable as can be seen in the pictures below.

It took me considerable time to complete this stage since I had to frequently check the progress so that I did not end up losing too much surface off the rim top.

I wiped it down with a soft cotton cloth and kept it aside to dry out. I painted both the surfaces of the stem with a Bic lighter to raise the tooth chatter and bite marks to the surface. Sanding the stem with grit sand paper, I evened out the surface of the stem. The actual challenge of Charatan collectors or enthusiasts is not really the dating which as you'll see from this article is fairly easy, once you understand the necessary classification on aspects of the various "eras"but beyond that the ability to recognize the master's hand that created the Charatan pipe.

For collectors, a Charatan known to be Barry Jones would be gold I intend this article to be a work in progress and, you may have noticed, it is often added to. The final goal is to be able to publish photos of the many freehand styles, reporting accurately as far as you can in a virtual context, as an example of an objective analysis should be done with the original pipe in handand not showing the reader a simple photo how to recognize the work of different "master carvers".

Other interesting notes can be added about "micro-details" that can be traced back to changes in the eras. Another interesting challenge is the study of the latter period. There is virtually no detailed literature on that, even though it encompasses at least 4 distinct eras! From a first Dunhill era dating where the pipe production continued in the original factory based in Grosvenor Street.

Lane Era Charatan’s Make “Special” # DC | rebornpipes

What is curious about those eras of long and complex vicissitudes, almost everything that has been written about them usually only refer to them as "the French period"!

Nothing is said especially of the revival that started in the yearand the move of production of Charatans to Colin Fromm 's Invicta, recently acquired by Dunhill precisely for this revival project, that involves some of the brands owned. The Invicta factory is located in Chatham. A bit of history Charatan was founded by Frederick Charatan in in London. Mr Charatan was an immigrant full of ambition who immediately attempted to create an elite product. Frederick's production, that should be properly be named 'Charatan's Make' and not simply Charatanhad an immediate impact.

This first era was from untilwhen Frederick decided to leave the factory to his son Rueben. Reuben continued to produce very high quality pipes for many years, as his father had before him. He characterized the production by ceaselessly improving even the smallest detail of the pipes that were already considered an absolute reference point.

In the meantime the production had moved to Grosvenor Street. In Reuben died and his wife immediately decided to sell the company and it was purchased by Lane Limited. At the beginning Lane decided to leave everything unchanged concerning production and workers.

The famous 'Double Comfort' stem was the only Lane innovation. Things started to change in after Lane's acquisition of the Ben Wade brand and related machinery. Essentially Charatan acquired a brand, rather than a real pipe manufacturing business.

Charatan took part in this operation too since some Danish freehands were displayed in its catalogue while the so called 'seconds' were marked Ben Wade. In mid Charatan was acquired from Lane by Dunhill. That obviously resulted in some major changes untilwhen Dunhill decided to shut down the historical Charatan factory in Grosvenor Street.

It is worth noting that the factory was in Forest Road and not in 32 St. Andrew Road, Walthamstow, where the Dunhill factory was located since In Dunhill sold Charatan to J. Russell and the production was moved to France. For many this is considered Charatan's dark period. This operation has to be viewed as Dunhill's goal to give a new life to an old brand of the past, and the production of Charatans, Invictas, Simmons, and Hardcastles is taken over by Colin Fromm in Invicta's site in Chatham.

This information leaked during a recent interview with Marc Burrows, head of Dunhill's shop in London's Jermyn Street, who claimed that recent Charatans from seem to be superior to those of the first Lane era!

To all this must be added the story of Barry Jones. Jones started his apprenticeship with Reuben Charatan during the 50s. After a period in the storage and briar curing division, he was introduced by Reuben, who really appreciated Jones' ideas, to the carving of pipes. In a short period Jones became a 'master carver' responsible for many free hands of this period.

He put a 'Danish like' style to many creations and he still remained at Charatan even after Reuben's death.

Dating of Charatans

He eventually left the company in I believe after the disappointing Dunhill acquisition and then moved to Upshall, or more correctly, to the Tilshead Pipe Co. Many collectors consider Jones's creations as the ultimate thus, for them, the era is seen as the most expressive time of the brand. This makes the few Jones freehands even more precious. Jones has also given some detailed information about how to recognize his creations establishing a lot of interest among collectors.

Era identification For a proper dating of Charatan's pipes we need to target the various 'eras' and see if they are recognizable in the details of particular pipes. The company history and a precise study of the pipes, lead us to the following eras: Charatans are made in the French factory in St.

It is worth noting that during the second Lane era, after Ben Wade's acquisition, its machines were installed in the Charatan factory, revolutionizing the production of pipes, especially lower grades. Other were commissioned to outside factories. Most of these pipes went out with the Ben Wade brand but is possible to find some pipes marked Charatan that have been produced by someone else. For sure Preben Holm was involved but there are some suspicions on other factories such as Willmer.

Dating It is important that the dating operation is carried out on an original pipe. The first step on dating a Charatan is to carefully look to some details: From they use the 'Double Comfort' style still used today. By the way there are some saddle bits without the double comfort used in pipes that date after but these models are always characterized by a X in the place of the DC engraved after the shape number on the shank. This means that if a pipe has a tapered mouthpiece instead of a double comfort one, it is definitely a pre-Lane pipe before While if a pipe has a normal saddle bit stem, it could belong to every era.

Nevertheless the pipe is pre if the shape code does not include an X, and is a pipe from after if the X is engraved. Finally any pipe with the double comfort stem is definitely after Some differences are less obvious than others, however the glaring differences are detectable in 4 phases. The CP till the is very fine, the C penetrates the P. From to the CP logo is more pronounced and the C penetrates the P.