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Main · Videos; Profile for dating website dating profiles canti sacri latino dating canti sacri latino dating eva 4 dating sim hacked eva 4 dating sim hacked. Seconda raccolta de' sacri canti: Venezia, Vincente Reprint/reissue date: ; Original date: ; Series: Faksimile-Edition Rara ; Nr. 20; Note: Title Sacred songs for voices with continuo; figured bass not realized; Latin words. Triphon ; Three Latin prayers ; Pranam II ; Antifona ; In nomine lucis I ; Tre canti sacri ; In nomine lucis V, Giacinto Scelsi, (electronic resource). Resource.

Two sets of text were interspersed: The final effect is one of listening to cathedral-like echoes, or the reverberations of a bell, where the pitch of the notes has been altered by the surfaces they are reflected off. Using only four voices the performers appeared to be singing to themselves, sometimes sotto voce, sometimes entirely silently. This conceit, once explained, produced a very interesting effect — one that would work well in a dramatic setting where perhaps the singers were getting on with something else at the same time.

Miller described how she chose this because she wanted to produce a piece that felt good to sing. Even before seeing the score the performers were required to learn the Muldaur by heart. The score then fragmented it, providing the performers with pitch and repetitions.

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The choice of tune was catchy, and I found myself humming along after the concert had finished. The Exaudi Exposure commissions happen annually — the composers have a completely free rein with only the brief that it must be for eight voices. A splendid aim, but none of the first tranche had the expressive experimentalism of the old boys. In everything, the clear unaccompanied voices were unprotected if difficulties arose.

Typically, the programme juxtaposed old and new, with madrigals taken from the third and fourth books by Monteverdi, and the fifth and sixth by Gesualdo, performed with the same fastidious attention to detail, one singer to a part, that the group brought to each contemporary work.

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In madrigals by Monteverdi and Gesualdo, we could hear intimations of the birth, not only of opera, but of everything we know as modern music, classical or otherwise: Certain vocal sounds resembled birdsong or simian ululation, others evoked the wind. This was music stripped back to prehistoric basics. In certain circumstances, nearly two hours of madrigals, sung mostly in Italian, would be considered a cruel and unusual punishment.

Here, as elsewhere, the performances were a marvel. Here correctness was swallowed up in riveting emotional engagement. I have to say that it has been some of the best money I have spent on a concert all year. The group manage the wild frontiers of avant garde choral music with a mix of good singing, fearsome musicianship and very English, this one wit — if the music fails to stun or seduce then the audience laughs with the musicians, not at them.

There is no chance of being bored… I think part of the appeal of this concert was watching the group perform: It must surely be a very different experience simply hearing the music on record or in broadcast. Either way the singing would be just as fine. Other Exaudi colleagues joined him in the moving Stabat Mater, a work where time seems to stand still.

On Friday evening I was sitting with around intrepid souls on a grassy sand-dune outside Sizewell nuclear power station, trying to ignore the wind-blown rain, while a choir sang among many other things the Requiem Mass of Jean de Ockeghem, written around … And why were we listening to choral music in the evening rain? Because this was the musical component of a new site-specific multi-media event, evoking the excitement of nuclear power in its early days.

So of course it had to take place in the shadow of a potent symbol of that age. Everlasting Light was conceived by the designer and film-maker Netia Jones, and as with her previous Aldeburgh events it was a conjunction of film and performance artfully placed in a landscape. It began at the Sizewell Refreshment Cafe, where we watched nostalgic s film of Arthur C Clarke predicting a future where everyone would communicate instantly.

Then we were guided past dilapidated boat-sheds to another spot in the dunes, where the choir [sic] Exaudi appeared, looking just like characters out of Mad Men. They sang fascinating Renaissance madrigals about cosmography and the Sybilline prophecies, and eerily apt modern music by Ligeti. Finally we and the choir pitched up in front of Sizewell, sinister in the violet evening gloom.

The strange haunted atmosphere and the romance of that far-off age came together in the most magical way. Skempton sometimes disarms by being deceptive and surprising. The programmes are dedicated to new and experimental music, music that would otherwise more likely go unperformed and unheard. This year the series was expertly launched by the vocal ensemble Exaudi, one of the most sensationally gifted vocal groups performing in the UK at the moment.

Exaudi have swiftly gathered a dedicated following, and the concert started 20 minutes late as the organisers hurriedly arranged some extra seating to accommodate the unanticipated numbers of people turning up on the night. Encouragingly, some distinctive and original voices are starting to come through. The Times Fuseleeds is a festival that aims to expand the definition of contemporary music. The vocal ensemble Exaudi expand the definition to over six centuries, in a programme that interleaves work by the medieval master Guillaume de Machaut and the modernist icon John Cage.

It made a wonderfully contrasted and concentrated experience. EXAUDI conveyed all that with a confidence that belied the technical challenges the singers were meeting so effortlessly. It was hard to imagine this music better performed, and there could be no better context in which to hear it.

The Guardian On a windswept, stormy Saturday afternoon above the swollen Blyth estuary there was to be found an hour of perfection. Weather patterns, musical patterns, a superbly attentive and almost cough-free audience with a group of superb singers in the incomparable setting of Blythburgh church — such were the ingredients of this golden hour. The singers of the justly celebrated EXAUDI compelled instant attention with their secure treading of the sometimes rocky harmonic paths of Orlande de Lassus…if Lassus is occasionally rocky then Rihm is often — vertiginous?

To begin a devotional piece quietly with such grating dissonances requires musicianship of the highest order and nerves of the toughest steel…James Weeks and the members of EXAUDI will know from the atmosphere and the response that they delivered something special and this review can only hint at what those lucky enough to be present experienced. At the risk of repetition, perfection. They captured the murky mood of the music, which, in the reverberant acoustics of the beautiful church, dating partly from Norman times, had a hallucinatory effect.

Yet how else to explain that they were able to find and hold the pitches during the skittish, leaping passages of this complex tone score? Following the Italian theme, they sang Gesualdo and Monteverdi, and then jumped feet first into the 20th century with pieces of mind-bending complexity by Sciarrino, Castiglioni, Scelsi and Nono.

This is music that few people are likely to hear more than once, but if that one time is a performance by EXAUDI they are not likely to forget it.

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Where else are there sopranos like these, guaranteed to hit the notes other choral singers cannot reach? Four hundred years and one hour later, we ended with a cough — the final notated sound in the panoply of siren cries, shouting, whistling, and glissandi that make up the angry, fearsome Xenakis score Nuits, dedicated to political prisoners.

To successfully combine both stylistic extremes in the same concert takes stamina, skill, bravery and cheek. We usually think of Finnissy as a fiendish creator of barbed-wire jungles; yet, driven by his faith, he stripped himself down in these marvellous pieces to several florid vocal lines arching over insistent drones.

Music of contemplation, this; but music with teeth and sinews. It was all over, without an interval, inside of 70 minutes. If only more concerts were like this: Why are you opposed to homosexuality. Its just so not a good bet.

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