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cameo bass dating

Type Two Twenty, PR65 Ultra Cameo Only Four Confirmed Specimens in Collectors' Hands Ex: DiBello, Bass PR65 Ultra Cameo NGC. however, when one subtracts the number of institutionally held examples of this date. Awesome reaction to a @LanceBass Cameo - looks like the Groom was more To date, 56, Cameo videos—which are an average of Cameo is aiming to bring the celebrity autograph into the 21st century the company's current valuation or the amount of equity raised to date.

On the strength of that song, he signed us to a record deal. We played in a lot of gay clubs. One gay club, in particular, called Better Days is a place where we played very well. We played cover songs and stuff like that, so we always had a great live show.

Cecil signed us as his first act for the label.

Cameo (band)

This is when we started doing all the funky stuff. We started becoming a funk band. This is how the group was formed. From the first album, Cardiac Arrest, on to the last, it was history. When we were signing our record deal, we wanted to change our name.

We wanted to call ourselves the Players instead of the New York City Players, but the Ohio Players were burning up the charts at that time, so that was the conflict.

So we were in Toronto one day doing a show at a club, and we were rolling down the street and saw a billboard for Cameo cigarettes. We also thought about using Cameo Brooch like the jewelry because a brooch is finely crafted, and we thought of ourselves as a group of finely crafted men and musicians. So we had a couple of metaphors and taglines to Cameo. We settled on Cameo because it was one word and it was easy to say. During the early years of your group, can you describe the process of finding your signature sound?

Well, the guys in the group came from different musical backgrounds. I was a singer and a writer. They were my influences. My mother was a great singer, too.

This is how I developed my style by listening to these greats. Later on, I would also listen to Steely Dan.

We had a wide variety of musical influences. Larry was a great drummer, so he had his own style. Many of the other guys in the group did as well. This was after we were signed. This was when the Mothership Connection came out for them. We were opening for them every night. Imagine being on the road with the kings of funk at that time. During that year, we became so good that we wound up switching places with The Bar-Kays. We did a lot of our writing on the road on our tour bus.

It was a very cool process because we were all together. This was before there were studios in a bus. We would have our mini tape players, and we would mouth beats into it or bass lines. How did you become involved on this project? I did a couple of sessions with them on that album. They had another assistant engineer at the time.

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There were about four or five popular engineers there. I was working with my people, and they had another guy named Tommy.

All the artists were very particular about their assistant engineers because the assistant engineer was always there in the studio.

So they had this guy named Tommy that they loved, but Tommy wanted to produce another project and it was conflicting with Word Up! One of the engineers there named Matt Kasha was someone I worked with a ton. So I replaced Tommy, and I ended up doing many things and all of us became close.

We definitely wanted to take it to the next level. Everything after Word Up!

cameo bass dating

I think we may have reached our peak at Word Up! We were really at our creative peak during this time. We were striving for the same goals. It was a very exciting time. There was an English gentleman from Polydor Records in the U. It turned out to be the biggest song we had. It has influenced many other records. We always had that rock edge to our stuff anyways. There were always guitars, keyboards, horns and brass instruments were very important to our sound. So we were not unlike many of the groups at that time.

Over the course of time, we were able to develop our own sound based on what we collectively imagined. Our sound developed to become the Cameo sound. Sooner or later, our creative consciousness expanded, and we were doing our music and standing on our own. We were always quirky. The combination of the vocal styling, the arrangement, and what the song was talking about turned it into a phenomenon. It was fantastic because we had a singer named Willie Morris who had that gritty, Southern voice, which was a great counterpoint to Larry, Charlie [Singleton], and my voice in the studio.

We were excited to be doing what we loved to do. We had the backing of the record label. We were able to have a great time. The only thing we had to concentrate on was making music. I wrote the song from a bass line that I mouthed into a mini tape recorder. We gotta do something with that. Mike Burnett was playing the bass then, too. It was just amazing.

cameo bass dating

We had a tight group of guys. We were in sync. When a band is in sync and rolling, people can tell. I think the reason why everything flowed so well was that everyone was happy and in a good place mentally.

How we came up with the title for Word Up! One day, we were in London doing an interview at the BBC. We were rolling through the gates at the BBC and the fans were all out there by the gates.

We were wondering what to call that record. We knew we wanted to make it contemporary and current. At that time, we wanted to say word and something else. We continued to write the song. We had the beat, the groove, and everything else. It was really amazing. Cameo has always been on the edge of rock and funk. There are a number of positive stories from this record. The clap sound in the song is something we spent days and days and days making.

We were putting microphones on different floors, and we were clapping five floors down. We had a thousand different sounds until that one particular thing came together. This record was a really big deal. At Quad, we worked on a lot of big records. This one was a big deal. Single Life did well on the charts, so they had a lot of people coming by, and I was constantly getting people off the floor because there were too many people in there.

They worked their asses off, though. To this day, when people tell me they want to be successful, I use Cameo as an example.

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They worked really hard. Larry [Blackmon] was very particular about everything.

Project RnL ft. Jack Conte - Expiration Date (Pomplamoose)

On the day I did vocals, we punched one word for like three hours. It was the word the. This experience taught me how to do vocals. This is how we did the drums, bass, and everything. I learned a lot from them. It was good times. This record was particularly fun. They were really nice guys and everyone got along. When you make a record, you get close to people, so it was really cool.

cameo bass dating

That was name of it on the track sheets. Like I said before, we only worked on it during that first week in the studio, then we worked on everything else.

This was some of the first MAC based drum stuff. It was completely computerized. We were hooking up cables everywhere. Sammy [Merendino] had the first MAC and he had samples on it. We would sit there for hours making snare and kick sounds. We had a Mitsubishi thirty-two-track digital recorder with a reel tape that was an hour long. By the end of the album, I was kind of petrified that we might lose something.

With analog reel there is only twelve to fifteen minutes of recording, so you could be changing tapes all day. By using the Mitsubishi, we could go from song to song without changing reels. It was a really good machine. It weighed 6, tons but it was awesome. They had a former group member, Charlie Singleton, to come in and play guitar.

They had the Brecker brothers, Michael and Randy, to come in and play sax. That was the only session I missed during the recording of the album. To this day, I regret it. I was on a vacation at the time. They played on three or four songs, and they played such amazing stuff. Tomi was such a nice guy. He was always smiling, and he worked his fucking ass off. Larry was intense and a really great guy.

When the engineer, Larry, and I would be in the room working, it was such a blast. Larry worked his ass off, too. These guys worked so hard for it. I really respected those guys. Who led the charge in coming up with the melodies, harmonies, and arrangements for the songs on this album?

Larry was very influential in doing the arranging of the songs. Blencowe had gotten a player he worked with -- Cassius Marshwho was with the Seattle Seahawks at the time -- to record a video for a friend having a first child. The video was a hit.

When you make that personal connection with a follower, they become a fan for life. Jillian Rose Reed, aka Tamara on MTV's Awkward Galanis and Blencowe initially wanted to create a service that would let the hoi polloi aka, you and me schedule outings or tweets from professional athletes, but the logistics proved impractical.

When they recruited friend Devon Townsend, a former Microsoft employee and Vine star, to be their CTO, Townsend contributed his experience with limited celebrity. He regularly got direct messages from fans asking for shout-outs.

Cameo: How you get Dennis Rodman or Lance Bass to give you a shout-out

That gave them the idea of expanding beyond athletes. In a way, it's an evolution of the selfie, assuming you're lucky enough to a happen upon a celebrity and b take a photo with that person. Hilton didn't respond to a request for comment. With Cameo, you don't have to leave things to chance.

Best wishes Since its launch in Marchthe company says, people have requested more than 36, Cameos. Rapper Omarion wishes you well on your wedding day. Pete Rose says happy birthday. As for the celebs themselves? She was pretty sure he didn't actually know them.

Now if fans want Reed to send them a message, like some encouragement before finals, they can. Reed can use Cameo to decide if she wants to accept or decline the request, get a prompt with all the pertinent details, and then record or rerecord the video.