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buster crabbe dating

Crabbe, who grew up in Hawaii and swam for the University of Southern California, dates. April 23 · February 7. Buster Crabbe, byname of Clarence Lindon. Photograph shows actor Buster Crabbe as Tarzan, wearing an animal skin, with Date based on caption in Look Magazine article, "Princeton-Bred Tarzan,". Elizabeth Ruth Grable (December 18, – July 2, ) was an American actress, pin-up girl, dancer, and singer. Her 42 films during the s and s .

Buster Crabbe

The ever-industrious Crabbe became a stockbroker and businessman during this period. In the mids, Crabbe purchased the Adirondack campus of the Adirondack-Florida School, [7] which advertised itself as a swim camp for youngsters aged eight to fourteen.

In his capacity as Vice President of Sales, promoter and spokesman for Cascade — the world's first "package pool" company — he attended shopping mall openings and fairgrounds combining promotion of his swim camps and Cascade vinyl liner in-ground swimming pools. A pool line was named after him, and pools were sold by "Buster Crabbe Dealers" throughout the eastern seaboard and southern states from until Though he followed other pursuits, he never stopped acting.

However, his career in the s and after was limited to lower-budget films, notably westerns such as Gunfighters of AbileneArizona Raiders and The Bounty Killer He appeared as the father of a young swimmer in the comedy Swim Team and as a sheriff in the horror film Alien Deadfollowed by the feature film The Comeback Trail inone year before his death. Crabbe also appeared in television commercials [8] for Hormel Chili, Icy Hotand the Magic Mold Bodyshirtan upper body male girdle of sorts, which purportedly helped in weight loss.

Through Icy Hot, he was actively involved in arthritis education. Despite his numerous film and television appearances, he is best remembered today as one of the original action heroes of s and s cinema.

In the s, two comic book series were published named after him. Inhe was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. During his senior swimming career Crabbe set 16 world and 35 national records. His first book "Energistics" was an exercise program for seniors. It sold quite well and went into several printings.

Feinman then did a series of infomercials with Crabbe that sold a huge amount of diverse products. Personal life[ edit ] Inhe married Adah Virginia Held — and gave himself one year to make it as an actor.

If he didn't, he would start law school at USC. Crabbe and his wife had two daughters, Sande and Susan, and a son, Cullen. All in all, it just seemed to me that lots of studios and production companies were searching for western heroes who could interest the distributors, theater owners and Saturday matinee crowds.

Why Buster Crabbe didn't connect during this period is beyond me And he was busy doing serials on a loan out arrangement to Universal. I'm getting a little ahead of myself, so let's go back to the beginning. Richard Arthur Norton provided some family info and birth dates: Buster had a brother: In the family was living in a boarding house and Edward Senior was working as a real estate broker.

Buster's dad was born in Nevada, and his parents were born Hawaii and California. Buster's mom was born in California, and her parents were born in Illinois and Pennsylvania. InBuster was still living at home age 12 with his parents and brother but in the commissioned officers' quarters at the Army's Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Oahu Is.

This census page was very faded and difficult to read. The dad's rank was "2nd? The second word was not lieutenant but I could not make out just what it did say. The neighbor families were headed by a captain and a major. He graduated with a B.

buster crabbe dating

He had thoughts about continuing his college studies and obtaining a Law degree, but that didn't happen. His family nicknamed him 'Buster' his brother Edward was nicknamed 'Buddy'.

Crabbe set many American swimming records, and was selected for the and Olympic swimming teams. At the Olympics in Amsterdam, he had a disappointing fourth place in the meter freestyle but earned a bronze medal in the meter freestyle swimming event. And at the games in Los Angeles, Crabbe earned a gold medal in the meter freestyle and set a new world record.

InBuster and Virginia Held married, and they were together for 50 years through Crabbe's death in Hollywood noticed the new Olympic champion, and his movie career began.

I'm missing some notes that I took about thirty years ago when I interviewed Crabbe. But I recall that he signed a contract with Paramount around Around the same time that Crabbe was in his loin cloth, Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller was at MGM beginning his reign as the ultimate screen Tarzan.

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During the mid to late s for Paramount, Crabbe appeared in a hodge podge of westerns, crime dramas, comedies, collegiate sports films, etc. In one movie, he'd have a support role and in the next, he was the leading man. His best Paramount work occurred in several sagebrush adventures based on the novels of Zane Grey. Then Crabbe was given the lead in several.

buster crabbe dating