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The Browning Semi Auto 22, sometimes called the SA, was first or if you want something more up-to-date, I wouldn't look into the SA Caliber Short, Long, Long Rifle · Action · Pump-action. Feed system, round tubular magazine. Sights, dovetail front and elevation-adjustable rear. The FN Browning Trombone is a pump-action long takedown rifle designed by John M. ACP ACP ACP ACP · 9mm Browning Long ACP. 50 BMG. I have a Browning autoloading rifle (SA22 or variant?) serial #77xx. I haven't If you look at the above date sticky,under "Proof house",it shows a year of manufacture for that serial number. , PM I had a Browning SA wheelsight that had no serial number anywhere to be found.

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If you are online, you are being spied on; 'nuff said. You may be able to minimize your online footprints by using Tor and Duck Duck Go. To each of you, thanks for stopping by! Sunday, May 24, Browning Semi Auto.

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Depending on the part of the country we are traveling to, it sometime comes along as an essential piece of vacation luggage. Browning still offers a fitted case for the. My old case has plenty of room for extras, such as the rounds of LR ammo, weatherproof matches, space blanket, light raingear, spare pocketknife, etc. The case that Browning currently offers looks to be just as accommodating. I may lower the spare ammo to rounds; the current weight may be stressing the carrying-handle pins on the case.

Browning SA-22 Takedown Review

I also want to mention that the brands of ammo carried have proven to be reliable in this firearm. This rifle has proven to be superbly reliable; otherwise, it would not be suitable for contingencies. Production continued at FN untilwhen it was moved to Miroku in Japan, where most Browning rifles and shotguns have been made ever since. This Limited Edition SA commemorates the th anniversary of the rifle. A similar rifle was made by Remington from to as the Model 24 andunder license from Browning.

The main difference in the Browning and Remington versions had to do with a slight variation in the take-down system for removing the barrel. The Brownings were also cosmetically a bit nicer, with attractive checkering, wood, fit and finish.

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I recall as a youngster seeing my first Browning. I was especially impressed with the.

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My experiences with Texas fox squirrels taught me that. Over the years I kept telling myself that I really needed one of the Short models, but somehow I never got around to buying it. The most noticeable is the downward ejection of empties. Another distinctive feature is the cocking button on the underside of the receiver. This design, coupled with the ejection port on the bottom, gives the SA a nice, flat surface on both the right and left sides of the receiver.

Previously mentioned is the take-down feature, allowing the barrel to be easily removed without tools by way of the knurled ring at the rear of the barrel that can be turned with the fingers. Operation of the Browning.