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Brenda Minton -- the complete book list. A Rancher's Mission As a volunteer at the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, . The Rancher's Secret Wife. Brenda Minton. and then “Hot date?” Jackson His wife was missing in action, but he did have the marriage license to prove they were a couple. “Have you. Get the The Rancher's Secret Wife at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Brenda Minton Publication date.

Remington was kicked off their ranch and sent back to his parents. Remington has moved back to Martin's Crossing to help his family. I love his horse John Wayne. Sam and Remington have to forgive each other and their families. You meet some new characters and see a bunch from the first 3 books back. This is a Christian romance. A lot about prayer that fits so well in the story considering Remington is the new pastor. The characters felt real. They had weakness and strong characters.

The Rancher's First Love

They cared for those around them. I have enjoyed reading the first 5 books of this series this week and look forward to reading more books by Brenda Minton in the future. I was given this ebook to read by NetGalley and Harlequin. The leads provide drama and emotion to the plots as they learn lessons of forgiveness and coping with life, even as they mature over the course of the narrative.

The heroines and heroes of the series make for fine characters dealing with current challenges and past hurts, while coming out with love and growth on the other side. Set in the American Midwest, the Cooper Creek contemporary romance for the most part takes place in a small Oklahoma town.

It is a Christian contemporary romance and hence themes of family are intermingled with the drama of romance and love between some of the most interesting of characters. With its author being a staunch Christian, the themes of parenthood, altruism, forgiveness, love and the definition and importance of the family unit come in heavy in the narrative plots.

The contemporary romance series is very intense, but without the usual explicit romantic scenes. Right from the very first novel, romance is a very strong component, particularly when it seems to arise from some unforeseen calamity.

Our heroes and heroines seem to have been blinded to love having experienced some traumatic loss. For instance, Keeton and Sophie lose their families and go their separate ways, only to meet years later unable to love, despite the inexplicable strong attraction between them. Most of the novels in the series also deal with issues of masculinity and the role of the man in the family and the role of the family.

The Rancher's Secret Wife (Cooper Creek, #3) by Brenda Minton

For most of the men such as Keeton, being a man means trying your very best to be responsible. It also does mean associating with masculine leaning occupations that call for demonstration of independence, bravery, and skill. However, as the narratives progress, the definition of masculinity is challenged with love, courage, and loyalty being pushed as the most important. Jackson is a reformed societal rebel with a mean streak, who believes he can take anything thrown at him.

Even as he is sure that it is impossible that her claims could not be true, he is full of pity for the girl and takes her in. However, he is bright enough to know that there is no way he could take care of the child alone, and hence asks Madeline Patton for help.

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Then he wanted to be more to her but how can he when he can't see. Reese's family wants to know what she is to him but neither will tell thier plans. His family sees the difference she is making to him and they are welcoming.

Cheyenne has bad pains and she drives herself to emergency room and the doctor is working and reading the chart and sees that she is a Cooper. The doctor asks her who her husband was and said let me introduce myself. Now Reese's brother know that they are married. So he tells his parents the truth. It is fun to see them fall in love and heal each other. How welcoming Reese's family is. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.

As soon as I saw the cover I was hooked. The title was an extra bonus. Cheyenne Jones is just stopping by Dawson, Oklahoma to check on the man she married six months ago. She has no plans of sticking around, even though she has no one to count on and nowhere to go.

The Rancher's Secret Wife

When the grandmother of the man she came to see, insist Cheyenne opens up the old Barber Shop in town, she finds the offer too hard to refuse. Not when he can take care of her…or can he? I just love Reese Cooper.