Bioburden usp 797 beyond use dating

Beyond-use/expiration dating Ability of sterility test to detect contamination also decreases if: Degree of microbial contamination (bioburden), which. Define and explain beyond use date (BUD) and stability studies. 3. Compare and Summit. USP > Toxicological. USP Stability considerations in dispensing practice .. Used for bioburden determination in raw materials. growth of a pathological bioburden of microorganisms3 and that patient morbidity (USP) chapter , Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile. Preparations

Common examples of CSPs include inhalants, injections, soaks for live organs and tissues, intravenous solutions, chemotherapy drugs, irrigation solutions, and ophthalmic drops and ointments. Such preparations are made on-site either because they are not made commercially, or because a custom mixture is required to meet patient needs. Costs related to USP compliance can vary greatly from minimal costs that support basic hygiene and environmental monitoring practices to, in some cases, larger investments in equipment required for sterile compounding, such as laminar air flow workbenches LAFWbiological safety cabinets BSCsor other primary engineering control PEC devices.

A key consideration, however, is the cost of non-compliance in the event that a contamination is tracked to your facility.

Bioburden testing usp beyond use dating

What are CSP risk levels? How do I test for contaminants in the areas where CSPs are prepared? Are both identification and colony counts of microorganisms necessary? What is the appropriate frequency of sampling? What actions should be taken if microbial contamination is detected? Should sampling and testing be done in-house or outsourced? Remember that monitoring air quality and surface cleanliness of the area in which you are compounding is only one aspect of USP compliance. Other factors include hand hygiene and garbing procedures, proper labeling and storage of ingredients, and adequate training of all personnel preparing or handling CSPs.

However, environmental quality and control are among the most complex requirements. Each category is assigned based on the potential for microbial contamination, as well as for foreign chemical and physical contamination, during compounding activities.

Bioburden Testing Usp 797 Beyond Use Dating

Additionally, the high-risk level is assigned based on the potential for not achieving sterility of the CSP. Naturally, requirements for compounding environments that prepare high-risk CSPs are more stringent than for those preparing low- and medium-risk CSPs. A first step is to determine the risk levels for the CSPs your pharmacy or site is preparing and follow appropriate protocols for each, including for air and surface sampling.

As part of this, critical areas for compounding within your site will also require certification of workspaces for example, clean rooms as ISO Class 5, 7 or 8, depending upon the risk level of CSPs being produced. For guidance on determining CSP risk levels, including the related ISO classification requirements, see Appendix I to this document beginning on page Environmental Sampling Air and Surface 5 6 Air and surface sampling in areas where compounding is taking place is a key requirement for USP compliance.

Compounding areas to be considered for evaluation include ISO Class 5 PECs, buffer areas, ante-areas, and segregated compounding areas at greatest risk for contamination. In general, guidelines state that: Environmental sampling should be conducted as part of the commissioning of new facilities and certification of equipment Air sampling should be performed at least every six months Surface sampling should be conducted on a periodic basis Environmental sampling should be initiated as a reaction to recognized problems with end products, personnel work techniques or patient-related infections.

It is important to note that with regard to air quality, many compounding pharmacies have more frequent sampling programs in place.

In fact, some experts contend that the semi-annual USP requirement is inadequate for microbial control. Trained in-house staff can perform air and surface sampling, or it can be outsourced to those with specific experience, such as industrial hygiene and safety experts, controlled environment-testing technicians, or an environmental health lab specializing in controlled microbiological testing and analysis. To test for contaminants, air sampling requires the use of a volumetric sampler that is capable of collecting a sufficient volume of air the recommended volume is to liters per sample and a general bacterial or fungal culture media depending on the risk levels of CSPs being prepared.

Surface sampling can be performed using contact plates with either bacterial or fungal culture media depending on the risk levels of CSPs being preparedor sterile swabs. A qualified industrial hygienist or environmental health lab can provide further instruction on air and surface sampling techniques and protocols.

bioburden usp 797 beyond use dating

If Microbial Contamination is Detected If pathogenic microorganisms are detected and exceed the concentration action levels as defined by USPcompounding sites must take action. In most cases, this requires only basic measures such as wiping surfaces with a disinfectant or reevaluating proper garbing or hand hygiene practices. In less frequent cases, a more thorough evaluation of the compounding environment may be required, including a review of air filtration system efficiency or the installation of new equipment.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to consult with an infection control specialist to identify and correct the source of contamination. Other Considerations 7 8 USP presents a notable change for many compounding sites, including those with environmental air and surface sampling practices already in place.

Two of the impacting factors include: Volumetric air samples are now required over the use of settling plates for assessing microbial air contamination. Although volumetric samplers are relatively easy for personnel to use with some training, the equipment itself is costly and also requires maintenance and calibration on a regular basis; therefore, rental of sampling equipment may be a better choice.

Compounding sites are also now required to identify the types of microorganisms that are contained in air and surface samples, in addition to the microbial concentration. While the latter can be performed with the naked eye, accurate identification of microorganisms requires specialized knowledge.

bioburden usp 797 beyond use dating

The next section of this paper discusses the benefits of using qualified industrial hygiene experts and credentialed environmental health laboratories to assist in USP air and surface testing and compliance.

Selecting and Working with Environmental Health Experts 8 9 Sampling, Analysis and Guidance Compounding sites may find it more economical and efficient to partner with technical experts in the field of environmental health like industrial hygienists and credentialed analytical laboratories to fulfill their microbiological sampling and testing requirements for USP compliance. For hospital pharmacies in particular that have access to on-site clinical laboratories, it might seem that conducting such analyses in-house is a better option.

However, consider these facts: Most clinical labs in hospital environments are already overworked and are often backlogged with patient samples for testing.

Bioburden Testing Usp Beyond Use Dating - San Jose

Hospital clinicians generally do not have experience in identifying and analyzing environmental contaminants, requiring additional education and training. Qualified environmental experts can provide you with the specific level of assistance your site needs.

In many cases, compounding sites will opt to conduct their own air and surface sampling using products and equipment provided by the environmental health lab, and then send the samples to the lab for proper testing. Some environmental health labs and industrial hygiene firms can also go beyond this to provide comprehensive onsite services that include air and surface sampling and troubleshooting in the event that a contamination is detected.

Some of the products and services an environmental health lab may offer include: It will also specialize in laboratory analyses designed to help clients meet the requirements specified in USP As part of this, the lab should focus specifically on environmental bacteria and fungi, and be able to offer protocols and guidelines relating to the collection of these organisms.

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