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Resorts in Bangalore for Couples - Here is the list of romantic resorts near on a delicious romantic breakfast in Bangalore at Taj Westend's beautiful grounds. Egg Dosa in Bengaluru - View Menus, Photos, Reviews and Information for Food Hygiene Rated Restaurants in Bangalore In reviews: " blueberry jam was good,healthy and yummy Egg Dosa:(4/5) Simple dosa with a twist of egg, liked. Explore Ani Joshi's board "Bangalore breakfast" on Pinterest. Idli and Dosa are very common breakfast items in many south Indian house holds. Most.

Many are now aware of the regional variations in the different cuisines of the Subcontinent. In addition to the regional differences in Indian food, there are significant variations within the same region. Additionally, each sect of Hinduism and other religions in India has its own specific way of cooking, complicating the intricacies of Indian cuisine even further.

London's Indian restaurants and supperclubs are increasingly giving us a glimpse of these regional variations. Brilliant's tandoori fish tikka. Northern India Punjabi Key flavours and cooking styles: Mostly rustic but very rich wheat-based cuisine. Onions, garlic and ginger form the base of many dahls and vegetable dishes, along with tomatoes, ghee, cream, home-made white butter, and hot and aromatic spices.

Breads and kebabs are cooked in tandoor clay ovens. Punjabi food is normally the main regional style of cooking at home and in restaurants.

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As our selection here shows, Southall is the best area of London to eat Punjabi. In the first floor dining room, try fried, crunchy street food snacks, or parathas flavoured with various vegetables. This is the place to try much-loved classics such as tandoori chicken, tarka dahl and palak paneer. Choose from bhallay papri chaat street food snack of lentil dumplings in yoghurt and tamarind sauces on crispy wafersbutter chicken, dahl Amritsari, and lamb chops in richly spiced sauce.

The best-known dishes here include chana bhatura chickpea curry with puffed fried breadskarela bitter gourd — a weekend special and butter chicken. Primarily the cuisine of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, with variations found in other regions such as Calcutta and Hyderabad. Awadhi and Mughlai food comprise refined, delicately flavoured dishes created in the royal kitchens, influenced by Indian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern flavours.

Intricate, very skilfully made kebabs are a speciality of the region, along with biryanis and kormas. This is special occasion cooking. There are spiced potato and pea-flecked samosas, saffron-marinated seabass tikka, and dum pukht biryani with Somerset lamb on the menu here.

Try chicken tikka with ginger, and slow-cooked Hyderabadi lamb shank. On a regularly changing menu, you might find duck tikka with tandoori plum chutney, slow-cooked leg of lamb with black cumin, spinach and fig tikki, lotus root kebab, and rice dishes cooked with the highly prized aged basmati.

Kashmir restaurant's lotus root kebabs. Kashmir Restaurant Kashmiri couple Chef Razdan and his wife Shweta own this restaurant specialising in traditional dishes from the Kashmir Valley.

Start by ceremoniously washing your hands at the table from an ornate vessel known as tashtri; then opt for the Kashmiri items clearly marked on the large north Indian menu. There are lightly spiced lamb ribs cooked in milk, lotus root kebabs with black cumin and walnut chutney, chicken or lamb rogan josh, classic dum aloo whole baby potatoes fried and simmered in spiced gravy and more.

Western India Gujarati Key flavours and cooking styles: Mostly vegetarian food based on grains, beans and lentils. Thalis; plus a large range of steamed, baked and fried snacks. Coriander-cumin powder as the main flavouring in many dishes; plus cumin seeds, mustard seeds, asafoetida, jaggery, tamarind, yoghurt, fresh coriander, coconut, nuts and sultanas. Gujarati dishes are often a balance of savoury, spicy, sweet and tangy flavours.

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Photo by Nicoletta Barbata. The weekly changing menu at this cosy restaurant may include handvo spiced savoury lentil cakeBengal gram and bottle gourd curry, and fresh fenugreek flatbreads. The menu is succinct, and everything is freshly cooked. Try snacks like dhokla steamed savoury lentil cakes — a massively popular Gujarati classic and lilva kachori pastry balls stuffed with Indian broad beans ; or opt for one of the great-value thalis, generously and continually topped up as you eat.

Alternatively, choose an excellent-value thali. The menu is huge, but stick to Surti specialities that are clearly identified.

Visit on a Saturday or Sunday to take advantage of the weekend buffet. Take home Gujarati mithai sweetmeats and farsan fried or steamed savoury snacks from the sweet counter. Parsi scrambled eggs akuri at Dishoom. Since their s heyday, when their popularity was at its peak, their numbers have been dwindling — so this venture is a unique slice of nostalgia given a trendy London makeover. These include green chilli and fresh coriander-marinated bream, and shellfish pilau.

Influences from the cooking of other coastal regions from Maharashtra down to South India are also present on the menu.

Deliveroo now from Marylebone Parsi Key flavours and cooking styles: Iran-meets-Gujarat in dishes based on rice, lentils, sweet-and-sour or coconut-based curries, potatoes, tangy kachumbar salads, and an imaginative use of eggs. But Brahmins is certainly one of the most well-known. Some patrons say the chutney alone is enough to keep them coming back for more soft idlis and tasty vadas. Most of its regulars simply know it as the benne butter dosa restaurant.

Unlike most other South Indian joints who just drop a blob of butter on your butter dosa, this place has a generous amount in the batter and you can taste the butter in each soft bite.

This legendary hangout will cater fresh dosas to your door, well car door anyway. And after all these years, this place still boasts of one of the best tasting dosas in the city. Google plus Yes yes!

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We all know that Ganesh Darshan is renowned for its dosas, but it's also one of the only places you can procure quality akki roti. If you've never tried akki roti before, be warned that if you have it here, you may be instantly addicted. Flickr Plan B is the epitome of a youthful modern Bangalore joint. Stayeatsee Before we start a riot, we know that many will stand firm by Millers 46 when it comes to a legendary chicken wing dish of the city. Those who have tried the wings here have set very high standards for their taste buds and few restaurants can compete, let alone match, the succulent taste.

Some will claim to be proud to be Bangalorean just because this joint exists in the garden city. The meals here are unlimited and scrumptious, to say the least. We can't say for sure this is the best pork dish in town, but certainly is one of the most established. Delectable burgers all round, their real signature is the Moo's Your Daddy burger, which is a gm cheeseburger that has captivated the palettes of burger lovers all over the city.

But all that waiting is worth it when you are seated and served one of the most iconic burgers in Bangalore topped with salami. The All American Cheese Burger is a close contender. We're going to stick with the classic steak and eggs meal to title as their iconic contribution. Some love the biryani here, others feel they've had better. But with a heritage dating back tothis place is so frequented that lines for mutton biryani can results can go on for hours!

But when it comes to whose biryani is the most legendary, few can compete with the history of Rahham's.

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