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1 Bruce Wayne / Batman; 2 Clark Kent / Superman; 3 Lois Lane; 4 Lex Luthor; 5 Martha Kent; 6 Perry White . And now we learn that we're not even special in the entire Universe – because there is Superman. Because you, my friend, have a date! [Ultimate Edition dialogue begins]: Lex Luthor: [unfazed] Oh. Look at us. Batman: The Complete Animated Series includes 12 Blu-ray Discs featuring all Blu-ray Movies 4K 3D DVD UV MA iTunes AIV Games People Forum. × . Spanish: Dolby Digital .. The new street date for the highly-anticipated box set is October Batman Begins (), , Feb 28, Batman () [IMPORT] [Blu-ray]: Movies & TV. A multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player is request to view it in USA/Canada. Please Review.

Ironically, however, the first and some still say, best of the Batman films received, comparatively, the weakest transfer. Certainly the source looks great, with no obvious flaws and a smooth, film-like look.

However, I've always found 'Batman' rather drab, and colors here don't ever pop. Black levels, while solid at the low end of the scale, look a bit too bright in the midrange for me, which flattens out depth somewhat.

However, the image remains quite detailed and three-dimensional. Aside from the Prince songs on the soundtrack -- which sound pretty spiffy and beefed up, at least compared to the DVD -- there isn't that much in the way of aggressive surrounds. I've always thought of 'Batman' as a strange sonic experience, with much bland silence and a lack of active envelopment. Discrete sounds are decently overhauled for TrueHD, with some bursts of fun in the rear channels, but otherwise there isn't much here to revel in.

Dynamics are solid, if not incredibly expansive -- the film's production date shows a bit in comparatively restrained low bass and a lack of truly spacious, full-bodied highs.

Dialogue sounds fine, and is well-balanced. Still, this is a pretty informative special edition, especially if this is the first time you are picking up 'Batman' on disc. Audio Commentary - Tim Burton kicks things off with a solo track. I've always liked his commentaries, because he doesn't blow smoke up his own ass and freely admits to his films' failings. He does a good job here discussing his initial reservations at taking on the Dark Knight, his controversial choices in casting, his love of Jack Nicholson even though he could be "difficult to communicate with" and Prince, and what he sees as the shortcomings of 'Batman.

A very solid track. For this stand-alone Blu-ray of 'Batman,' Warner has honed it down to only the segments pertaining directly to the first film. The three sections of "Shadows of the Bat" included here are: Despite the missing cast members, there were really no questions left unanswered, and few punches pulled. We learn how the original 'Batman' came to be, the development of the story and concept between Hamm and Burton, casting, the shoot, and the film's ultimate reception.

Add to that some pretty good making-of footage there is more material than I expectedand you have a very good, very comprehensive doc.

And when this savior character actually comes to Earth, we want to make him abide by our rules? We have to understand that this is a paradigm shift. We have to start thinking beyond politics. Are there any moral constraints on this person? We have international law.

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On this Earth, every act is a political act. Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy? To have an individual engaging in these state-level interventions should give us all pause.

Human beings have a horrible track record of following people with great power down paths that led to huge human atrocities. We have always created icons in our own image. What we've done is we project ourselves on to him. The fact is, maybe he's not some sort of Devil or Jesus character. We're talking about a being whose very existence challenges our own sense of priority in the universe. When you go back to Copernicus where he restored the Sun in the center of the known universe, displacing Earth, and you get to Darwinian evolution and you find out we're not special on this Earth; we're just one among other lifeforms.

And now we learn that we're not even special in the entire Universe — because there is Superman. There he is, an alien among us. Are you, as a United States Senator, personally comfortable saying to a grieving parent, "Superman could've saved your child, but on principle we did not want him to act.

I'm not saying he shouldn't act. I'm saying he shouldn't act unilaterally. What are we talking about here then? Must there be a Superman? You're gonna go to war? That guy brought the war to us two years ago. Gosh, Alfred, count the dead. He has the power to wipe out the entire human race, and if we believe there's a ONE percent chance that he is our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty But he is NOT our enemy!

I've been living my life the way my father saw it. Righting wrongs for a ghost. Thinking I'm here to do good. Superman was never real — just a dream of a farmer from Kansas. That farmer's dream is all some people have. It's all that gives them hope.

It did on my world. My world doesn't exist anymore. You know you can't win this. I'm older now than my father ever was.

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This may be the only thing I do that matters. Twenty years of fighting criminals amounts to nothing? Criminals are like weeds, Alfred — pull one up, another grows in its place. This is about the future of the world. You know, my father sat me down right here. Told me what Wayne Manor was built on. Railroads, real estates, and oil. The first generation made their fortune trading with the French. Why did you say that name?

It's his mother's name! It's his mother's name. The problem of absolute virtue. I'll take you in without breaking you. Which is more than you deserve. The problem of you on top of everything else. Ah — 'cause that's what God is. See, what we call God depends upon our tribe, Clark Joe. No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy's fists and abominations. I've figured it out way back: And if he's all good, then he cannot be all powerful.

And neither can you be. They need to see the fraud you are. The blood on your hands. What have you done? And tonight, they will. Because you, my friend, have a date! Ripe fruit, his hate; two years growing, but it did not take much to push him over, actually. Little red notes, big bang — "you let your family die!

The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. You think I'll fight him for you? Mmm, yes, I do. I think you will fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life. She's safe on the ground. Every boy's special lady But the mother of a flying demon must be a witch.

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The punishment for witches, what is that? Superman's eyes soon turn fiery red] Superman: I would not let them tell me! Now, ah, if you kill me, Martha dies. And if you fly away, mmm, Martha also dies. But if you kill the Bat And now God bends to my will. Now, the cameras are waiting at your ship for the world to see the holes in the holy!