Ball is in her court dating

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ball is in her court dating

Originally Posted by Gamblor From my limited dating experience it has never worked for me. Sometimes when I've had no other option but to. I'm wondering if when you "Put the ball in her court", will the girl actually ever get back to you? I say this . In the future, plan a specific date. I'm normally pretty good at gauging whether or not I'm connecting with someone and in this case, I really thought I was. For context, we had.

Putting the ball in her court

Also, this was for the second date Reply Asker What confuses me, if you can shed some light on this, is when I asked her for the second date, she didn't respond for two days. Then she contacted me and asked me when I wanted to go so I told her, she said she was busy, then I gave her 2 more options and she said she was busy.

ball is in her court dating

Then I thought to myself, why in the heck did she even bring it up then? Reply Asker We met four months ago during school, but she's transferring to another in-state school so the only way to see me again is to meet up and it seems she doesn't even want to do that.

ball is in her court dating

And it confuses me because during break, she has had no problem texting with me, as if we were good friends. And if she does just consider me a friend Reply Anonymous Yes you did. You have done your part by asking her out more than once, and she knows that you are interested and would be happy to go out with her.

If he wants to go out with you she will contact you as she already knows your interested. Leave her contact you and if she doesn't don't try contacting her again and just drop her out and find someone worth your time. Hope all goes well for you and gl, hope this helped. Moral of the story: Especially for the third date.

ball is in her court dating

What you have to gain - acceptance, fun, great girl. Unknown - did she get text? This early in the dating, there could even still be some obnoxious Rules thing going on where a text is insufficiently formal or whatever. Get some guts and call. D Anyway, yeah, just call.

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If you get her voicemail, leave a message. If her VM is full, call again in a day or two. And the fact that she hasn't gotten back to you may have nothing to do with you. Maybe something urgent came up. Either way, it's been two dates.

Putting the ball in her court, but have a question : seduction

I mean, geez, I'm sorry, I'm a fogey of 44, and I'm an e-mailing fool, and I use texting for some things, but I just can't imagine asking for an important social commitment by text.

OTOH, I'm aware that some people don't answer the frickin' phone anymore I still think you should call. Not creepy to call once even if she's on the fence about the text. She may not have received the text.

So what do you have to lose at this point? If she doesn't want to date you, then you'll confirm that with the call. Otherwise, she could be sitting there wondering why the hell you haven't contacted her. I don't think so. A year old friend of mine recently asked what was a polite way to text someone to explain that she hadn't listened to their voicemail yet and could they just text her instead if it was important?

She thinks that listening to voicemail takes too much time. I explained that in the amount of time she has asked me she could have listened to the damn voicemail and decided if she had to respond or not.

Not all somethings have this problem but I've seen it happen a lot lately. I do not know if anonymous is a something. Say that you're sorry you didn't connect last week, but that you'd like to see her again if she's up for it" Agree that the OP should just call her but wtf?

Surely you'll get a delivery report? And I've sent thousands of texts and never had a one not arrive - is there any reason why this might be likely?

I don't know why it happens but it absolutely does. I've never heard of a "delivery report" for a text message. You're in the UK and I'm in the US, so maybe it's a difference of technology, but my phone gives me no indication beyond "Sent" of what happens to my texts. And I've definitely had people tell me that they didn't get my text. I suppose they could be lying, but the point is that, in my experience, it is possible for a text not to go through at all, and for the sender to be unaware that there was any problem.

Text messages are unreliable, and can be delayed or just not arrive. It has happened to me several times.

ball is in her court dating

It can be flirty and fun and actual preferable to talking on the phone, for some people. I don't there's anything wrong with texting to set up dates, especially with someone who you've only been on like two dates with. Having said that, here is what I would do: Think up something new to do that you can invite her to do that's not the same thing as the date you already proposed. If you get to talk to her, ask her how she's been and blahblahblah and then ask her if she wants to do the new thing you came up with.

If you get her voicemail, leave a similar voice mail. Don't be all "Did you get my last text? If you leave a voice mail, drive to a bar. On the way, send her a text saying "Hey, I just left you a text about [whatever it was], but I'm heading over to [cool bar] right now. Want to join me? I'll never understand it. I miss texts all the time.

I wasn't sure if you got it.


Would you like to go out on Friday? But in defense of other fellow twentysomethings, it is faster to read a text than to listen to a voicemail. The time that it takes to click and read a text is a lot shorter than the time to dial, punch in your code, listen, etc.