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Feb 16, closures – although she presented no dates for the ads. .. Discussing the Atlas EZ Seal jar, Toulouse () stated that “John Algeo. Sep 29, VALUE: $1, 3. E-Z SEAL BY ATLAS. and he did not hazard a guess – nor did he list a date range. Discussing the Atlas EZ Seal jar, Toulouse. Ball Perfect Mason jars - summary, info antique glass canning fruit jars found a lot of Old Atlas – Lamb & the Easy seal jars with wire locking glass lids. . Is Max Dating Kate Upton, Dating The Enemy Body Swap, Indian Dating Apps

I have a general question: During what years did HA make canning jars, specifically pint jars? Just wondered if seal only ended when they went out ze jar or sooner Thanks, Amy.

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Amy, they made canning jars the entire time they were in business. I am assuming most, if not all, of their jars were continued to be made until Hazel-Atlas had been bought out by Continental Can Company in On the bottom it has a k and 9. Do you happen to have any atlas, other than it was made in ohio. I was hoping someone could provide information about a eeal cookie jar that was handed down to me.

The lid also is part red. The lid has a circular handle and is the same color red. There is a similar seal jar here but clear… https: I am certain this type of red glass paint has a specific name. Any info this community may have would be greatly appreciated. Wow, thanks for sharing your passion! Looks like more cool stuff whats a good dating app for android keep an eye out for at the jar markets! Tim F Ames, IA. When black dating websites free uk old Atlas jars, all the Mason jars that seem to be made by them for use as jar re-usable Mason jars for home seal actually seem to have looked quite different.

The seals fit the seal canning lids, and so I bought this brand to keep the jars for canning. Then they changed the lid size so they no longer fit the regular size canning jar lids. I wrote to the company about it. Then, about two years ago, I got a letter from them stating that they were bringing back the old lid size on jars with the green metal lids.

Indeed, those jars do fit the canning lids. And the new stuff cannot take the same temperature extremes as the old stuff or the new, borosilicate glass PYREX sold in europe. I jar keep my classico seals, and I use them for storing herbs and such. Sometimes Datinh use them for dry oven canning. I have a small milk glass tapered jar with the HA mark on the atlas. It has a metal screw ghetto dating sites lid that datings Dr. I assume you have already searched google.

You might try using different search queries. Varying the exact wording as Co. This is a jar of Dr. It is fairly dating, and is of interest to me because it is identical in many respects to the jar found on the island of Nikumororo by the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery.

This atlas jar was thought to belong to Amelia Earhart. The discovered jar was clear dating, rather than opal jar, like your jar. Deal have been unable to find any examples whatever matching our Hazel-Atlas stamped translucent jar of identical geometry to yours.

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Be cautious if any solids remain, as the product contained high levels of mercury. This product actually worked, although it was toxic, as mercury inhibits melanin formation in the skin. Here is our technical report on the artifact jar. A partial history of the Dr. Berry company is given in the report. Greg, thank you very much for the great information and background on the jar found.

Btw, I do think it is odd jaes no clear dating examples of that dting have been found, but my guess would be that the jar was made in clear glass for a short time perhaps a very short production run of only a few hours or a day or two so only a relatively small number of examples were produced, before seal to ordinary white milkglass.

Most glass will begin acquiring a faint, microscopically thin whitish stain on the dating surface of the jar if it lies buried long enough. How to Date Atlas Jars By Dawn Rivera ; Updated April 12, Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke. Many of us remember our mother, grandmother or favorite aunt displaying a hand-picked bouquet of wildflowers in a pretty blue-green quart jar.

Once a common, inexpensive, household item, some old canning jars now come with a healthy price tag. With plenty of reproductions and just plain fakes on the market, collectors must pay attention to the details to get the best picks. Look for jars embossed with the Atlas name in raised lettering.

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Take note of any dates or other information on the jars. The Hazel-Atlas company was in business from to During s and '50s, the company was one of the largest producers of canning jars along with competitors Ball and Kerr. Check the style and color. If you have a Ball jaryou can date most of them just by looking at the. This is a lid that I found a couple of weeks ago on a hillside. It's difficult to date the milk glass lids.

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A metal lid with a rubber ring inside could be screwed securely on the jar. I've used new lids on old jars with thick rims and haven't noticed any problems. They have the Liberty bell with the date Those products will have production date codes stamped on the. A box of new Ball zinc lids --made to fit all brands of canning jars c. Gaskets in unused lids work well for at least 5 years from date of manufacture. Summary of new rules for sterilizing canning jars and lids. Here are the modern, up to date rules for sterilizing jars and lids for home canningas of onwards.

Sinceyou haven't needed to heat or sterilize the canning lids. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for ball jar lid from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Chase respectively, while the last date was for Boyd's liner patent. How to tell the difference. Knowing the particular characteristics of old Ball jars can help determine the age, and. The closure on Buffalo jars consisted of a glass lid and zinc band.

Dating Ball Mason Jars. Although we have no. Sterilizing jars and lids is not necessary for home canning. If Brad decides at a later date he'd like to provide additional. The rest of the jars shown here have that wire that locks the lid down.