Asian dating spam

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asian dating spam

Jul 14, Did you get a dating site text message that you're worried came from your boyfriend's online activity?. Nov 29, is a picture gallery of women from the Far East--mainly While not a scam, definitely has a sneaky. Aug 7, AsianDate is a popular niche dating website catering mostly to American men who are looking to date women with Asian backgrounds.

I am really interested in you. I hope I can have a chance know you better, can I? You seem to be the right man I am waiting for. I am very glad to meet you here as I have a strong feeling that you are the right person for me. Can you believe it? It is hard to explain. You are so attractive for me so i have to take the initiative to contact you. Too, several of these letters the very first contact these supposed women had had with "Michael's" profile included such implausibly forward statements as "Do you want to regard me as your special princess in your heart forever?

Those just don't ring true to me as the type of thing a genuine woman seeking lasting love would say to a seventy year old man she'd never met before, especially absent a photograph or any other identifying details. To give you an idea of the frequency of the letters, around 60 letters arrived within the first nine days - about 6.

The only real "out" I can see from the evidence in the previous letters section of systemic lying by female supposed clients of asiandate. A reader of this page once wrote to me to let me know that he had evidence that asiandate. Whilst this might occur to some extent, I doubt that it occurs to the extent that would be necessary to excuse the otherwise disingenuous claims of the letters presented above: Even if it did, though, would you be willing to pay money to a dating website which manipulates your profile without your consent or even knowledge?

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Replicating the results To check that this wasn't some strange anomaly, on 5 July I created another fake account, "John Smith", aged 88 the maximum age it is possible to set for men on asiandate. I will die within a month, the doctors say.

asian dating spam

As with "Michael"'s account, I provided no photographs. Within two days, the account received 15 letters, with similar results as for "Michael" - many of the writers claimed to have read, and to be attracted to "John" based on, his profile; many of them provided more than one photograph. Chat pop-ups for "John" didn't start as immediately as for "Michael", but once they did after about a daythey were similarly incessant, and equally implausible.

It is even strongly suggestive of systemic scamming - that these letters are sent out by the asiandate. Today 14 JulyI came upon the smoking gun that all but proves that this is the case: Below is a screenshot of the letter in question, in which I have circled the smoking gun in red.

Please take a moment to consider the implications of this. In all likelihood, the "personal" letters by "women" writing to you with such admiration for you and your carefully constructed profile are in fact generic form letters sent out by the asiandate. And if you respond? Who knows how that works? Presumably, your letter is assigned to a paid member of the asiandate. Yet it also points to the shotgun approach that some of these people use.

She might be a legitimate user who is so thunderstruck by your handsome appearance that she feels compelled to e-mail you, based only on your pictures.

She might be a legitimate user who contacts hundreds of men to find an easy prospect.

asian dating spam

Or she or he might be a scammer. The free membership is worthless. This Standard Membership lets you create a profile and view other members' photos and profiles.

Why I believe that is a scam: my negative review

But if you want to communicate with members, you will need to upgrade to either the Gold or Platinum paid memberships. Between the two ends of the spectrum are many other payment plans. We found that Platinum is a mostly valueless upgrade from Gold both are paid plans. As shown by the chart above, the only feature of possible worth is that your profile is outlined in the site's signature lavender color.

But this is meaningless because hopefully you will be the one initiating contact, not the woman. What's The Site Like? It's all driven by images and raw data, intent on making sure that the woman meets basic criteria of looks and life circumstances religion, children, etc. Here is the entire narrative for one woman: I'm the deepest, darkest black and the brightest, most blinding white!

asian dating spam

The site's approach is the diametric opposite of a site like OKCupid, which prompts members to write quirky, funny, rich narrative profiles. On OKCupid, it's a brutal world: Keep in mind that English is a second language for a large number of women on AsianDating.

Does Getting Porn Spam Mean You’ve Been Surfing Porn Sites?

Add in the fact that many of them have minimal education but not all. Surprisingly, the site works smoothly and usually does what you want it to do except when hitting paywalls. It also has a bad habit of timing out and logging the member out after a short time.

Images are easy to pull up and scroll through, though we found the x px sizes to be too small. We especially liked the side-by-side comparison charts, showing whether the man and woman match up in basic criteria: And their photo galleries are often full. Most women even have videos published which men need to pay credits for in order to view. After signing up, most dating apps encourage its members to complete their profiles.

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The site does not persuade you to complete your profile. It seems that adding a profile picture and information is insignificant to get ladies to contact you.

Even with an empty profile, your inbox would still get bombarded by messages from women. Which just proves that almost, if not all, women profiles in AsianDate are fake and messages are sent by bots.

asian dating spam

There is not much difference in the mobile app and the website in terms of features. This allows for faster and more convenient way of contacting. If you click the message, it will redirect you to the chat function which you have to pay credits for to continue.

I actually find my experience funny. Despite signing up without a profile picture, I immediately received several letters from Asian women in my inbox.

asian dating spam

The letters on the first page were free to read, but the succeeding—you had to pay credits. Aside from the letters, there was a right sidebar that showed users who were able for a free live chat.