Artaserse vinci franco fagioli dating

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artaserse vinci franco fagioli dating

The sensational countertenor Franco Fagioli led an all-male cast in an extravagant staging of Vinci's Artaserse, a neglected Baroque opera, at the other countertenor I have heard to date, Fagioli's voice makes me wonder. Artaserse franco fagioli dating. Vinci: Artaserse / Fasolis, Jaroussky, Artaserse / Fasolis, Jaroussky, Cencic, Behle, Fagioli the Frenchman Philippe Jaroussky. Vinci: Artaserse The creation of this Vinci opera in was a true event; it is a last shown in the Paris region, in a Franco Fagioli, Arbace.

His colourful voice, versatile technique, huge vocal range and stage presence is quite sensational. It was composed to an original libretto by the celebrated Italian poet Pietro Metastasio, which became so popular that it was set more than times by composers including Hasse, Gluck, Jommelli, J.

Artaserse vinci, Franco Fagioli, Vo solcando un mar

Compared with many of Handel's operas with which we are familiar, Artaserse has a surprisingly gripping dramatic plot especially when performed with all the recitatives intact and the characters face various political and personal dilemmas, which gives the composer ample opportunities to write emotionally charged arias.

Set in 5th century B. Persia, the opera revolves around political intrigue, filial loyalty, friendship and the relationship between two pairs of lovers. Artabano, the ambitious prefect of the Royal Guard, attempts to seize the throne by killing Serse, King of Persia. However, by giving the bloodstained sword to his son Arbace to hide, Arbace in turn becomes the suspect of the murder. Arbace insists he is innocent but cannot betray his father.

After many twists and turns including a poison plotthe opera reaches a speedy climax: Artabano is forced to confess, Arbace is freed, Artaserse is crowned and the two couples are reunited. The stage action begins before the overture: Within this open-plan stage, the opera sets are created by a clever and speedy use of a revolving stage and movable partitions. Up to that point, everyone including Fagioli was singing beautifully, with technical finesse, but when Fagioli sang this bravura aria with jaw-dropping virtuosity, the audience simply erupted and raised the roof.

Two things entered my mind as I listened: Artabano reveals his plans to kill the whole royal family and make Arbace king. Arbace is horrified at his father's treachery, and angrily refuses to follow him.

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Arbace is led away by the guard, and Artabano sighs, saying that despite all that he cannot condemn the son he loves. Megabise enters and notices Artabano's hesitation. Megabise says that time is short and they have to act quickly if he is to secure the throne for Arbace. Together, Artabano and Megabise discuss the plans to kill Artaserse. Artabano promises Semira's hand in marriage to Megabise if he cooperates, which Megabise is very pleased to hear.

Semira enters, and Artabano forces her to marry Megabise against her will. Amalo e se al tuo sguardo. Semira asks Megabise to spare her from the marriage if he truly loves her, but Megabise refuses. Semira declares that Megabise can have her body, but can never win her heart. Nevertheless, Megabise is content to marry Semira, even if it means that she will hate him for it.

Non temer ch'io mai ti dica. Semira is devastated at the turn of events. Mandane enters and talks to Semira. It pains both of them greatly to think of Arbace as a traitor, and Semira notes that Mandane will have to abandon her feelings for him. However, it still pains Mandane greatly to think that the man she loved would turn out to be so cruel. Se d'un amor tiranno. Semira also feels greatly conflicted, and is confused about who to side in this crisis.

Se del fiume altera l'onda.

artaserse vinci franco fagioli dating

Meanwhile, in the Great Hall of the Royal Council, Artaserse is hesitant about taking the throne as he is afraid that his inexperience will let everyone down. Megabise enters and informs Artaserse that Mandane and Semira wish to speak to him.

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Megabise then escorts the women in. Semira pleads with Artaserse to have mercy on Arbace, but Mandane insists that vengeance must be served. Artaserse is unsure of what to do as making a decision means having to choose between his sister and his lover.

Artabano enters, and Artaserse asks Artabano to console him. Artabano says that Arbace deserves to be punished, but Artaserse is conflicted, and worried about Semira wrongly accusing him of cruelty. Artaserse appoints Artabano to be the judge at Arbace's trial. However, Mandane doubts that Artabano will actually carry out the punishment against his son. Arbace is then escorted in by guards to stand trial. Arbace is horrified to see his father as the judge.

Once again, Arbace chooses to remain silent, but continues to maintain his innocence. Artabano thus declares Arbace guilty, to the horror of Artaserse. Arbace is sad that his father would condemn him so in front of his very eyes.

Leonardo Vinci: Artaserse

Per quel paterno amplesso. Mandane is horrified to see Artabano condemning his own son to death, and accuses Artabano of being heartless. Va' tra le selve ircane.

Semira is also horrified to see her brother sentenced to death, but Artaserse maintains that he had left Arbace's life in Artabano's hands, and thus was not the one who sentenced Arbace to death.

Nevertheless, Semira accuses Artaserse of being a tyrant. Artaserse and Artabano lament the accusations that Semira and Mandane respectively have made against them. Artabano says that he is the most miserable, and Artaserse says that though Artabano's grief is great, so is his own. Non conosco in tal momento.

After everyone has left, Artabano, now alone, says that he almost lost himself in the feeling of being appointed Arbace's judge, but hopes that Arbace will not think that he saved himself at the cost of his own son. Act 3[ edit ] In the prison, Arbace continues to lament his cruel fate.

artaserse vinci franco fagioli dating

Artaserse, who has been doubting the guilt of Arbace, his long-time friend, all this while enters the prison to secretly release Arbace. Arbace is grateful for Artaserse's belief in him, and wishes Artaserse all the best before he leaves.

L'onda dal mar divisa. Artaserse believes that he is doing the right thing by releasing Arbace, and continues to believe in Arbace's innocence.

VINCI Artaserse

Nuvoletta opposta al sole. Artabano arrives at the prison with Megabise and the other conspirators to look for Arbace. However, Arbace had already escaped and was nowhere to be found.

Artabano thinks that Arbace has already been executed, and Megabise promises to help Artabano get his revenge as he poisons the sacred cup. Meanwhile, Artabano is devastated at the apparent death of his son, and swears to have his revenge by killing Artaserse. Meanwhile, Mandane is conflicted by her feelings for Arbace. Semira enters and brings news of Arbace's apparent execution.

Semira blames Mandane for being heartless, but Mandane too is devastated by the news of Arbace's death, and accuses Semira of not understanding her pain. Semira realises that insulting Mandane has not made her feel any better.

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Meanwhile, Arbace sneaks into the palace to look for Mandane. Mandane is happy to see that Arbace is still alive, but at the same time cannot bring herself to forgive Arbace for killing her father. Tu vuoi ch'io viva o cara. At the venue of Artaserse's coronation, Artabano hands Artaserse the poisoned sacred cup. Artaserse, surrounded by his nobles, swears to maintain the rights, laws, and customs of his subjects and is about to pledge this by drinking from the sacred cup, unaware that Artabano has poisoned the drink.

Semira enters the temple, still unhappy about Artaserse's decision to execute Arbace. Mandane arrives and brings news that Megabise and his fellow rebels had reached the palace entrance, but Arbace was alive and had already killed the traitor, thus saving Artaserse. This act confirms Arbace's innocence to Artaserse, and Artaserse gets Arbace to swear his innocence by drinking from the sacred cup.

Artabano is now faced with seeing his son die or confessing the truth. He confesses to all that he has poisoned the cup, intending to kill Artaserse and that he had also assassinated Serse. Artabano then draws his sword and is about to kill Artaserse, but Arbace grabs the poisoned sacred cup and threatens to commit suicide by drinking from it if Artabano goes ahead.

Artabano throws his sword away and is detained by the guards.