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anne marie rie rasmussen dating

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Title of Periodical or Series: February It is well known that due to the content in omega-3 fatty acids, consumption of fish and shellfish is beneficial for human cardiovascular health.

However, a number of recent studies have shown that fish consumption may be also a potential dietary source of exposure to various environmental pollutants with well-known potential adverse effects on human health.

Moreover, there is still a lack of information regarding levels of emerging contaminants in fish and shellfish, in particular among consumers and stakeholders. Within the ECsafeSEAFOOD FP7 project, a wide variety of emerging contaminants including brominated flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, perfluoroalkyl substances, musk fragrances, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, UV-filters and endocrine disruptors, as well as inorganic arsenic and methylmercury, were analyzed in fish and shellfish samples collected all over the European Union.

These data, together with those regarding nutrient concentrations from different European food composition databases, were integrated into a new online tool, called FishChoice.

anne marie rie rasmussen dating

In this paper, we report how FishChoice was designed and present its main improvements compared to previous tools or software programs, in terms of selected pollutants, number of species, and specific recommendations for an optimal consumption of fish and shellfish. Development of QuEChERS-based extraction and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous quantification of bisphenol A and tetrabromobisphenol A in seafood: Fernandes Title of Periodical or Series: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Publication Date: The developed method promotes a better removal of interferences than that achieved with the classic QuEChERS procedure.

The method was validated following the guidelines of the European Union EU for relevant seafood matrices such as fish, mussel, and seaweed. Human exposure to brominated flame retardants through the consumption of fish and shellfish in Catalonia Spain Main Author s: In contrast, hexabromobenzene was found in almost all samples at concentrations ranging between non detected and 0.

The dietary exposure of BFRs through consumption of these 10 species of fish and shellfish by the population of Tarragona County was estimated for different subpopulations, classified according to age and gender.

Furthermore, calculations were performed in upper- middle- and lower-bound risk scenarios. According to our data, the current concentrations of BFRs in fish and shellfish suggest no significant health risks for the consumers. Effects of dietary microplastic exposure on the organ toxicity of a mixture of chemical contaminants in zebrafish Main Author s: Toxicology Letters Publication Date: September Biological system used: Exposure protocol based on evaluation of: Major effects were detected on the liver.

Habitat selection disruption and lateralization impairment of cryptic flatfish in a warm, acid, and contaminated ocean Main Author s: Marine Biology Publication Date: September Anthropogenic release of greenhouse gases is leading to significant changes in ocean physicochemical properties.

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Although marine organisms will have to deal with combined effects of ocean warming and acidification, little is known about the impact of interactions between these climate change variables and contaminants. Nowadays, mercury emissions are mostly of anthropogenic origin, and part of these emissions is deposited in the ocean sediment. Within this context, our goal was to determine the acclimation potential of a benthic flatfish, Solea senegalensis, to future climate change scenarios and methylmercury MeHg neurotoxicity.

After 28 days of exposure under three-factor crossed treatments of MeHg contamination non-contaminated and contaminated feed, 0. Our results indicate a differential effect of hypercapnia decrease on brain mercury accumulation.

MeHg-contaminated flatfish displayed decreased AChE activity, impaired lateralization, and bottom choosing judgment. Contaminated fish spent significantly higher amounts of time in the complex habitat, where they could neither bury nor match the background.

While warming led to higher enzymatic activity, acidification decreased Hg accumulation, but also affected AChE activity and disrupted habitat selection. Present-day MeHg environmental concentrations may lead to severe disruption of behavioral and neurological functions, which, combined with ocean warming and acidification, might further jeopardize the ecological fitness of flatfish.

Bioaccumulation and elimination of mercury in juvenile seabass Dicentrarchus labrax in a warmer environment Main Author s: Environmental Research Publication Date: August Warming is an expected impact of climate change that will affect coastal areas in the future. These areas are also subjected to strong anthropogenic pressures leading to chemical contamination. Yet, the consequences of both factors for marine ecosystems, biota and consumers are still unknown.

The present work aims to investigate, for the first time, the effect of temperature increase on bioaccumulation and elimination of mercury [ total mercury THg and methylmercury MeHg ] in three tissues muscle, liver, and brain of a commercially important seafood species — European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax.

In both temperature exposures, higher MeHg contents were observed in the brain, followed by the muscle and liver. Overall, the results clearly indicate that a warming environment promotes MeHg bioaccumulation in all tissues e. These findings suggest that seafood safety may be compromised in a warming context, particularly for seafood species with contaminant concentrations close to the current regulatory levels.

Physiological responses under different temperature and salinity conditions Main Author s: Harmful Algae Publication Date: July The dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf.

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Blooms have been related to several toxic events in which respiratory problems in humans and mortality of benthic marine organisms have been observed.

In the coming decades, an increase in temperature and salinity is predicted in the Mediterranean Sea as a consequence of global warming that may provoke alterations in the dynamics of marine microorganisms. In this study, the physiological effects of changes in water temperature and salinity were analyzed, and their interaction through a multi-factorial experiment using two strains of O.

In order to perform an accurate and reliable estimation of cell abundance, hydrochloric acid and sodium-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid treatments were evaluated for the purpose of disaggregating cell clumps, with the former providing lower counting errors, especially after the stationary phase.

Two groups were distinguished by cell size in all high temperature conditions and a positive correlation was found between the amount of small cells and growth rate. The results suggest that climate change may not affect intensity of blooms, but their toxicity may be enhanced. Identification of gymnodimine D and presence of gymnodimine variants in the dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii from the Baltic Sea. March Gymnodimines are lipophilic toxins produced by the marine dinoflagellates Karenia selliformis and Alexandrium ostenfeldii.

Currently four gymnodimine analogues are known and characterized. Here we describe a novel gymnodimine and a range of gymnodimine related compounds found in an A. The structure of 1 is related to known gymnodimines with a six-membered cyclic imine ring and several other fragments typical of gymnodimines.

However, the carbon chain in the gymnodimine macrocyclic ring differs from the known gymnodimines in having two tetrahydrofuran rings in the macrocyclic ring.

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December Azaspiracids AZAs are marine biotoxins that induce human illness following the consumption of contaminated shellfish. European Union regulation stipulates that only raw shellfish are tested, yet shellfish are often cooked prior to consumption.

anne marie rie rasmussen dating

Analysis of raw and heat-treated mussels Mytilus edulis naturally contaminated with AZAs revealed significant differences up to 4. Consistent with previous studies, high levels of 3 and 6 were detected in some samples that were otherwise below the limit of quantitation before heating. Levels f 5, 10, AZA13 13and AZA15 15 increased after heating, leading to the identification of novel carboxylated AZA precursors in raw shellfish extracts, which were shown by deuterium labeling to be precursors for 5, 10, 13, and Environmental Research Special issue: Non-regulated environmental contaminants in seafood: November Given the potential of Perceived Consumer Effectiveness PCE in shaping pro-environmental behavior, the relationships between PCE, awareness of causes of contaminants in the marine environment, and concern about marine environmental contamination were investigated using Structural Equation Modeling SEM.

PCE is the belief that an individual has in being able to make a difference when acting alone. A web-based survey was performed in one western European country Belgiumone northern European country Ireland and three southern European countries Italy, Portugal and Spainresulting in a total sample size of participants.

The analyses confirm that European citizens are concerned about marine environmental problems. Participants from the southern countries reported the highest concern.

In addition, the study participants did not have a strong belief in themselves in being capable of making a difference in tackling marine environmental problems. However, a higher awareness, which was associated with a higher degree of concern, enhanced the belief that an individual can make a difference in tackling marine environmental problems, though only when a concrete action was proposed.

Consequently, information campaigns focusing on pro-environmental behavior are recommended to raise public awareness about marine environmental problems and at the same time explicitly refer to concrete possible actions. The findings indicate that when only awareness and concern are raised without mentioning a concrete action, PCE might even decrease and render the communication effort ineffective. Insights from five European countries Main Author s: November This research classifies European consumers into segments based on their health risk—benefit perception related to seafood consumption.

Solidarity of Grief: Pulse Anniversary and USCA -

The profiling variables of these segments are seafood consumption frequency, general attitude toward consuming fish, confidence in control organizations, attitude toward the marine environment, environmental concern and socio-demographics. A web-based survey was performed in one western European country Belgiumone northern European country Ireland and three southern European countries Italy, Portugal and Spainresulting in a total sample of participants.

A cluster analysis was performed based on risk—benefit perception related to seafood and the profiles of the segments were determined by a robust 2-way ANOVA analysis accounting for country effects. Seafood consumption frequency is mainly determined by country-related traditions and habits related to seafood rather than by risk—benefit perceptions.

Segments with a higher benefit perception, irrespective of their level of risk perception, show a more positive attitude toward consuming seafood and toward the marine environment; moreover, they report a higher concern about the marine environment and have a higher involvement with seafood and with the marine environment. Consequently, information campaigns concentrating on pro-environmental behavior are recommended to raise the involvement with seafood and the marine environment as this is associated with a higher environmental concern.

This research underpins that in such information campaigns a nationally differentiated rather than a pan-European or international information strategy should be aimed for because of significant cultural differences between the identified segments. November Food safety assessment and communication have a strong importance in reducing human health risks related to food consumption.

The research carried out within the ECsafeSEAFOOD project aims to assess seafood safety issues, mainly related to non-regulated priority environmental contaminants, and to evaluate their impact on public health.

anne marie rie rasmussen dating

The mass murder at the well-known gay club happened on June 12,killing 49 people and wounding 53 more. The senseless crime horrified the nation and devastated a community. I didn't really know what to expect. The nightclub building is still there, with the sign advertising the club still glowing. It's on a neighborhood street corner in downtown Orlando, with a Wendy's across the street and a Dunkin' Donuts next door. Around the building, a curving wall has been erected with colorful photos of the days after the event.

Photos show the gorgeous outpouring of love and compassion, people in rainbow colors holding balloons and streamers and signs saying "Orlando strong" and "We are Pulse.

Solidarity of Grief: Pulse Anniversary and USCA

As we lingered at the site, what struck me was how familiar it seemed. I had never been to Pulse, but I felt an eerie chill. I was reminded of other clubs I've been to in other cities. It could have been any club in any town, and it could have been me in that club.

I can imagine dancing the night away with my friends, gossiping, flirting, believing we're in a safe place, only to have that bubble violently burst in explosions from a Sig Sauer MCX. The thought shook me, and my heart ached anew for the terror of the victims at Pulse that night. My fellow advocates and I wandered the site, looking at the faces in the photos, quietly acknowledging the gravity of the sacred place. We all were overcome with emotion.

I was choking back tears, and Kevin said he found it hard to breathe and his legs were trembling.

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The memorial is that moving. The next day, the conference was underway. Each block has eight panels, and each panel honors someone who died in the AIDS crisis. The whole quilt of 49, panels is too large to exhibit at this kind of event.

Perhaps because I was primed by my emotional experience at the Pulse site, I was deeply moved by the handiwork. I was moved by the idea that every panel was crafted by a loved one of the loved one. I thought of the person who took the time to design and build a panel and the care, the love, and sadness in each stitch.

Several times while looking at the panels, I had to stop and consciously take a deep breath.