Ang dating daan bible exposition araneta ticketnet

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ang dating daan bible exposition araneta ticketnet

Bro. Eli Soriano at the Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines entertaining people's question and reading the Bible's answers live. As August sets. The 25th anniversary of Ang Dating Daan was celebrated w/a Worldwide Bible Exposition at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Ang Dating Daan: By Demand; Ang Dating Daan: Bible Exposition Worldwide .. [4] Grand Finals are held in Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines.

Eli, long pictured as evil in the Iglesia ni Cristo. In a case for libel where Bro. In English, they mean starved, plunderer, extortioner, money-hungry, and deceiver.

Eli also had provided proofs that the INC had distorted his speeches and commentaries to prove consistent patterns of mangling of tapes by the Iglesia ni Cristo on statements made by him. An example was when Soriano was asking for 3. A discussion of these can be found in the court records of Criminal Case No. This libel case was dismissed for lack of evidence. Eli and then later joined the INC. The preacher was quoting the magazine, SAY, that Manalo is a billionaire.

Trillionaire, said Manuyag, not billionaire. Afterwards their home was straffed. Eli for several offenses, have, in turn, been used against the preacher as either complainant or witness. It is to send a strong message that it is not taking things sitting down. The members were pictured as fools — laggards with the brain of a shrimp. This had been so after the Interpol caper has failed.

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Interpol whom the INC had access to, had found out that the Bro. Eli whom enemies wanted to humiliate before the world is not in hiding — and is even a man of God — not a sex-starved fugitive as the dramatization painted him to be. Veridiano became a member of the INC. Eli and the organization. What about GMA ? Earlier, it had made Daniel Razon to decide whether to remain as anchor and restrict his language when referring to the Iglesia ni Cristo, or resign. If he does not like restrictions, the INC may boycott the station.

At the same time, he was working for GMA. But he chose to leave GMA rather than restrict his language — not even in anchoring but in preaching in church. Why did religion have to involve a TV station? Do not allow advertising or other commercial considerations to undermine accuracy, fairness or independence. I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties nor shall I accept or offer any present, gift, or other consideration of a nature that may cast doubt on my personal integrity.

INC hates being critiqued. They came in full-battle gear looking for Bro. Eli whom they could not recognize though they talked to him. Wycoco was reported preparing another raid in when he succumbed to heart attack. One time, it was because Bro. Eli was calling them Iglesia ni Manalo that they took as insult. Thousands upon thousands of people gathered in front of the Human Rights Commission in the Philippines to show their support to Brother Eli when the latter was indefinitely suspended by the MTRCB from appearing in any television program.

A rape charge filed against him was dismissed as the investigating prosecutor found no probable cause to prosecute Soriano. Filed sometime before October 5,the case was dismissed on January 26, It was penned by Alexandro Lopez, Asst. But the dismissed case was ordered re-filed by the Office of the President Gloria Arroyo, one widely known as supported by the INC through bloc voting.

Media People Talking Why do we allow these things to happen? Columnist Conrad de Quiros, in exasperation, asked this question. Over the same years it has grown, it has been trying to keep certain prominent citizens out of jail or, in the case of public officials, keeping them in power. P-Noy himself did the axing after finding out that Gatdula had a hand in the illegal detention of a Japanese fugitive. All of these must make us ask: Why do we allow this?

Why do we allow the INC to begin with to interfere in elections? This is out-and-out flouting of the separation of Church and State, a thing expressly forbidden in a democracy.

ang dating daan bible exposition araneta ticketnet

And yet we see no law stopping it, and yet we see only politicians seeking to profit from it. The Supreme Court has some justices and other people therein known to have been highly recommended by the INC and cannot be said to be free from public perception of being stooges for the INC.

At least, that was the experience of Bro. An enterprising young lawyer found that unconstitutional powers are being interpreted as vested in the MTRCB.

It is not a secret that litigations are highly the interest of the INC where they try to influence results, one of which is the Barrameda case, he said. Marites Vitug, in her book, Shadow of Doubt: For three days after the publication of her book, Vitug was receiving death threats on her mobile phone.

And Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr? In earlier reports, Newsbreak through Romero surmised that the ruling of the Supreme Court was to please the Iglesia ni Cristo. It was not exactly a legal reason, the report said. The report is interesting in that the dissenting justices pointed to suppression of the freedom of speech in their decision. Of all people, why did he not inhibit himself from the case, considering his links with the Iglesia ni Cristo?

With just their endorsement, the message is clear: And as venial as one can be, if your ambition is lying in wait for an invitation, you can be used and finally play the willing tool.

But it takes two to tango. Are we that weak to resist?

Ang Dating Daan 34th Anniversary: Bible Exposition on October 30, 2014

De Lima was reportedly surprised said Eduarte had declared the case was closed when he is not even involved in the investigation nor part of the team. A check into records show that Eduarte is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo. If there was no abduction that happened, why are there many complaining from diverse places? Would it hurt to check if there are? Fruto was one of the INC ministers picked up earlier for questioning regarding the Antonio Ebanghelista blogs that blared corruption issues within the Iglesia ni Cristo.

It is clear that The Daily Tribune is not as popular as other broadsheets. The comments are scanty and are lorded over by INC members who spam the same comments over and over. In the case where Binay berated Justice Secretary De Lima whose group is trying to look into reports of abduction, media was also used in impressing to the public which case is closed or unclosed. Sepillo Sr — On July 18,my name was written in social media as one among those ministers who were abducted and could not be seen.

We told our contacts that we are safe and not abducted.

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My family were wondering why my name was included there when we are just silently doing our responsibilities in the Locale of San Roque in Tolosa Extension, Leyte East District. Who could have done that and what was his aim? Upon arrival at the San Roque Locale, I found the brethren already gathered by the Head Deacon based on the order of the District and there was the Video man. It was not a day for Worship Service at San Roque, but the video would show that the service was just over.

At that moment, I decided not to make the [second] video because, first I had already made one last July 21, as proof that I was not abducted.

Second, the brethren already knew on July 23, about the call from Ka Tenny and Ka Angel, and because of that, they will be asking questions like what is happening with the church. The following day, July 24,came the reading of the Circular pertaining to the family of Ka Erdy. I have read that Circular concerning the expulsion in the Worship Service at Tolosa Extension, but I felt so hurt that it has come to this.

I could not anymore take it that after reading about the expulsion of the family, they would order me to proclaim fervent obedience and submission to the Administration — and with that I had to involve even the brethren!

The members clearly know about killing being a part of the culture of the Iglesia ni Cristo. If they find us on the way, they will kill us.

They may run over us, hold us up, kill or trace our steps to home. These reports need verification, and if true, should be addressed by proper government authorities. No Mercy A church is supposed to be the very first example in showing how character is supposed to be developed in a vibrant community.

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ang dating daan bible exposition araneta ticketnet

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ang dating daan bible exposition araneta ticketnet

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Patawarin Mo Ako Composed by: He had appeared to various Philippine TV shows and studio albums. A man presenting himself boldly unto God Almighty. Araw at Ulan Composed by: Joselito Caleon ; Interpreted by: Sitti A Filipino bossa nova singer Sitti Navarro or popularly known as Sitti, started her career to fame after releasing an album back in She was part of the Katy!

The Musical way back December of She has this very clear singing voice that makes you want to just stop and listen, to ponder. Kumapit Ka Lang Composed by: Noemi Ocio ; Interpreted by: Mela Ravanilla Wag kang hihinto. Tayo ay maglalakbay sa daan ng buhay kasama ang Dios na lumalang.

This song has a very dreamy entrance with a very innocent voice of Mela. It encourages you to fight all obstacles ahead. With the its strong lyrics, kumapit ka lang.

You Stood By Me Composed by: Vincent Labating ; Interpreted by: But after 4 years, he departed and decided to have his solo career. Inhe launched his first solo album entitled Panimula. A year after, he auditioned for The Voice Philippines in He is not a stranger in this one of a kind competition.

ang dating daan bible exposition araneta ticketnet