Am i dating an alpha female

The Alpha Female: 9 Ways You Can Tell Who is Alpha | Science of People

am i dating an alpha female

Some men like their women submissive, sweet, feminine, and nurturing – and hey, there's nothing wrong with that. But that woman is certainly not an Alpha. Strong, independent alpha females are self sufficient, but we also We may not agree on some things, but dating me means you need to But please get out of my way–you could be preventing me from finding the right man. There has been some recent media focus on the Alpha Female and it has become apparent that, in the dating world, the more confident, dominant ladies could.

She is not easily swayed, but has no trouble compromising if need be. An alpha female has certain beliefs and she has serious reasons why she holds on to them, which is why it is almost impossible to sway her. Nonetheless, she is not completely inconsiderate not to get engaged in a compromise if it is absolutely necessary and unavoidable.

They become relationship martyrs who whine, and keep problems to themselves until they eventually blow up. An alpha female is nothing like them, considering that she calls it as she sees it. She clearly knows if there is a problem that needs addressing, or if her boyfriend is just giving her a hard time. An alpha girlfriend is sensible and rational, which is why she has no trouble leaving her partner if the relationship is truly lacking substance.

It Takes A Real Man To Date An Alpha Female

While other women would turn to denial as a defence mechanism, not only to protect the relationship but also to protect their ego from getting hurt, an alpha female will never run away or deny that a problem exists. When conflicts and issues arise, she will tackle them head on and without pretension, because she believes that you cannot properly deal with a problem if you are not honest enough to admit what it is really about.

She has genius-level EQ. An alpha female has no such issue considering that she has high emotional intelligence. This means she has the ability to control her emotions, to see through the actions of others, and to rationally weigh the pros and cons of any situation.

As a person with superior EQ, she has great control and discernment of proper and most rational behavior. This strength of hers enables an alpha female to clearly see if a relationship worth saving or if her boyfriend is worth dumping. She is filled with boundless energy and positive vibes. Unlike some women who are prone to whining and complaining about their day, the moment they meet their partners an alpha girlfriend always sees the bright side of things, and hardly ever spends her time sulking in front of her boyfriend.

They are constantly on their mobile phones waiting for a call or a text message; and when they receive none, they are instantly on edge and ready to bite anybody who comes near them. An alpha female, on the other hand, lives independently even if she is in a relationship.

am i dating an alpha female

Her life does not revolve around her boyfriend. She does not feel insecure or jealous even if her partner is having fun without her. In fact, she enjoys time alone with herself every once in a while.

It does not apply to the alpha girlfriend. She has no qualms admitting her mistakes. Alpha-wannabees believe that to be strong and fierce means being perfect, and not being caught committing a mistake.

am i dating an alpha female

Which is why they have the tendency to be defensive, and be in denial when they eventually make one. A true-blue alpha woman has no problem admitting her mistakes, and apologizing to her boyfriend immediately.

The Alpha Female: Dating Struggles And... Scaring MEN?

She believes in herself and she knows she is worth desiring so any action that resembles begging for love and affection is a total no-no. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows. She is not interested in a catfight. Some women even enjoy this because they see it as a chance to show their superiority. They will put down the other girl in front of their boyfriends, they will show how they are prettier, sexier, and more desirable.

15 Signs He's Dating An Alpha Female

The other women will hold their body like her. They will talk in the same voice tone. They even will laugh for the same amount of time as the alpha does.

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By the way, alpha female behavior is harder to spot in a group of males and females—males confuse the female attention spans. When the alpha female leaves, a social vacuum is created Another way you can spot the alpha female of a group is by watching how each group member exits. However, when THE alpha female and there can be only one, see below for details you will see something odd happen.

Either conversation stops completely and the group members look around expectantly for a new alpha, or the group disperses. It is more of a spectrum.

am i dating an alpha female

Some women have a high tendency to be alpha. Some women only like being female alphas in their home, but not in the business environment. Some women are only social alphas around certain groups of friends. On a ten point scale she might be a seven or a four, for example. There can be only one alpha female per cluster What happens when two alpha females are in the same office? Or, maybe two words: The alpha female with the higher degree of alpha-ness usually takes charge and the second alpha female backs down.

Well, she seethes, plots revenge and then backs down. In social groups most of the female drama comes when two alpha females are competing to be the social conductor and non-alpha females or alpha females to a lesser degree are not sure who to follow. We all have experienced whether we knew it or not a group without an alpha female. Alpha females actually have the very important role of social lubrication. Alpha females are social lubrication and business mediators We have very little awareness of how important they are and how much we do, in fact, rely on alpha females.

They bring social ease to a group. They smooth over business disagreements and take charge. They have many names, both good and bad: