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alonzo bodden dating

Eventbrite - Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse presents Alonzo Bodden LIVE from NBC's Last Comic Standing, Conan and Scary Movie 4 at. Though he often flies under the radar, Chad Daniels has carved out a rather nice niche for himself with his acerbic yet sweet take on comedy. Over the years he. Winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing, Alonzo Bodden is back to tickle your funny bone. In response to overwhelming requests from Americaders who loved his.

It isn't so much about the cruise crowd. The thing is that people are on vacation, versus coming to a comedy club, so I don't hit as hard.

And since I do two shows a week for basically the same audience, I do a lot more improv and crowd work. I'm not going to do as much social and political content.

alonzo bodden dating

Just a word of advice: I'd avoid southern-rock cruises. On your latest podcast, you had a riff about how you would have declined to host the White House Correspondents Dinner had you been asked, which you weren't.

Can you expand on that? So, the thing about that is that whenever people read something on Facebook — which is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to us — they read what they want to read in something.

What happened was that TMZ posted a hypothetical question to a bunch of comics: If you were asked to host the dinner, would you? So I posted a clip of that interview on Facebook.

alonzo bodden dating

And the part that people glossed over was "If you were asked. I don't know about that. But why would you turn it down? Because doing anything in D. To do that gig, even though you're making fun of Donald Trump, would be an endorsement. The other thing is that, before he even said he wasn't going, I said you can't make fun of Donald Trump because he has no sense of humor, particularly about himself.

alonzo bodden dating

Also, I don't need the entire black and Latino community hating me. And I don't need my mom smacking me in the head. Plus, Trump supporters, they're angry people. They don't have a sense of humor. The minute you tell a joke, they'd be yelling, "Fake news! The last president to skip the dinner was Reagan … because he'd been shot. And Trump will say, "I'm Reagan-esque. I liken it to the kid who doesn't get invited to the party so he says, "I'm not going to the party because look how bad the party is going to be.

The whole thing is just a lose-lose operation. And now, with him not going, I think it's even worse this year. Can we start a petition to have Jeff Ross host it? But it would be a waste without Trump there. But he would be good. It's like when Lewis Black did it during the Bush administration, and even though Bush didn't go and Cheney went, it was still great because Lewis skewered him.

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Lewis joked about being scared to tell jokes with Dick Cheney close enough to punch him in the dick. Which is a scary moment. Did you ever think we would get to a point where George W. Bush comes off like a wise elder statesmen? Two things scare me about this administration. One is that I apparently agree with Kim Kardashian on immigration issues. The other is that I agree with George Bush on press issues.

Those are two people I really didn't want to be in a camp with.

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alonzo bodden dating

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