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Aaj Entertainment is a Pakistani entertainment channel owned by Recorder is also airing Indian and Turkish content but its main focus is on local dramas. [1] Aitebaar; Main Kamli; Mere Humdum; Nayaab; Rishta Hai Jaise Khwab Sa; Court Room; Choki Date: Unknown; Date: Unknown; Credit. Choki # - Episode 27 | Aaj Entertainment - Best Pakistani Dramas . Choki No Full Episode release date, Choki No Full Episode leaked video. Later, he also worked as Casting Crew for Balaji Films TV Serial “Saat 10/ u/s /// /34 IPC & 25/54/59 Arms Act FIR Date After a dramatic chase by alert members of the Crime Branch team, he was Neeraj Kumar S/o Nawal Kishore R/o Gali No.9, Jharoda (nearby Police Chowki), Burari Delhi.

Accused Gopi Ram has six children from his separated wife. He separated from his wife due to frequent domestic quarrels. Efforts are on to trace the absconding accused Bulbul, and further investigation of the case is in progress. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested a cheat from Punjab who indulged in internet fraud and cheated innocent people on the pretext of providing Canadian Visa for Rs. The accused was indulging in cheating by advertising through www.

The accused had cheated a Tamil Nadu based engineer and total 4 passports, 1 laptop and 5 mobile phones have been recovered from his possession alongwith fake visa and job offer letter in Toronto, Canada. The complainant further reported that the accused Surinder Singh lured him by conveying that he has been shortlisted for a job in Hilton Garden Inn in Toronto, Canada at a handsome salary of Canadian dollars per month and provided him with a scanned copy of fake job offer letter embossed with Visa of Canada.

The complainant became suspicious and verified the Visa from Canadian Embassy in New Delhi, which was found to be fake. His father was in furniture business who had expired about 2 years ago. After that, he started his career as a Technician Radiographer and worked in different private hospitals in Ludhiana.

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In the yearhe left for Mumbai for better jobs in famous hospitals, but failed to get suitable placement. Thereafter, he started petty jobs in Film City in Mumbai for his livelihood. In the yearhe came in contact with a Jalandhar based person in Bollywood, who inspired him to work as Asstt.

In the yearhe came to Chandigarh and started shooting Punjabi music videos with well- known singers Mintu Dhoori and Jatinder. He extended his work as far as Goa. During this course, he came in contact with several girls doing modelling. He spent most of his earnings to portray a lavish life to impress models. Owing to this, his marriage ended in a divorce in the year and he also incurred huge losses. At this juncture, he came in contact with one Qureshi of Mumbai who was indulged in cheating people, through internet, on the pretext of providing Canadian Visa.

He started cheating people on pretext of providing Canadian Visa. The other victims of the accused are also being identified. Investigation of the case is in progress. Shani and Ct Sudhir assisted by Inspr. Dharick has revealed that in the last days of Novemberhe along with Nazir Ali came to Delhi to recce the routes and returned back to Tamil Nadu.

In the morning of They stayed in a hotel near Nizamuddin arranged by Nazir Ali. All the four planned to depart to Chennai from New Delhi railway station. At New Delhi railway station, Nazir Ali instructed Dharick to wait at a particular place with the bag and took Mujibur and Abbas to make arrangements for journey to Chennai.

However, before all these persons could reunite, accused Mohammad Dharick was caught by the police team. Seeing him caught by police, the remaining three accomplices slipped from the station. Mohammad Dharick was interrogated. On this, a team led by Inspr.

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These three are presently on the run and raids are being conducted at their known whereabouts. The fifth person who had handed over the bag to Nazir is yet to be identified. He is an A. He has four brothers and one sister and all of them are unmarried. Further investigation of the case is in progress. The Narcotic Cell of Crime Branch, Delhi Police has arrested a drug trafficker and have recovered 1kg of fine quality heroin from his possession.

An input was received in Narcotics Cell of Crime Branch that a person namely Ramdhan is indulging in the supply of heroin. Immediately, a team led by Insp. A trap was laid near Peeragarhi Metro Station Delhi and at 2: Ajmer, Rajasthan was apprehended alongwith 1Kg of fine quality heroin in his possession. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. Efforts are in progress to trace the source of supply. During sustained interrogation, the accused has disclosed that he was a truck driver.

Recently, he came in touch with one Sarwan Singh of Mandsaur who offered him good money if he could supply heroin at different destinations. Ramdhan accepted his offer to earn quick money and started supplying heroin to various drug traffickers.

He is married and having two children, three brothers and four sisters. He is eldest among siblings. Ramdhan has studied up to primary level at his native place and due to poor financial condition of the family, he started working as helper in trucks and then became a truck driver.

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A trap was laid at the expected place and at the instance of the informer, the accused was apprehended. This case was registered in August after receipt of a complaint of extortion of Rs. According to the complaint, the victim was lured by one woman and her co-associates in Rani Bagh. He was detained there for several hours and beaten on the pretext that he had committed rape. The accused persons posed themselves as Crime Branch officials.

They had demanded Rs. In this regard, case FIR No. Once the client was pressurized and terrorized by this act, they used to demand huge money for not taking legal action against him. Likewise, in this case, they demanded Rs. Apart from the above, the accused have also disclosed several other incidents of extortion in Delhi at various places.

Accused Jitender Kathura basically hails from Mathura, UP and is the eldest amongst 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He studied upto middle class and in the yeargot married with a girl, who belongs to Rama Vihar Delhi.

After marriage, he shifted his residence to Mangol Puri, Delhi while his other family members are residing at his native place. After coming to Delhi, he came in contact with earlier arrested accused Neeraj, a local criminal. Accused Jitender also started committing crime with Neeraj and his associates and he is found involved in more than 25 criminal cases of snatching, burglary and auto theft etc. On the other hand, the already arrested accused Vijay Prakash was in touch with one Sunny, who was running a brothel house in Rani Bagh with his wife and Neeraj etc.

Vijay Prakash was a close friend of accused Jitender Kathura, who was well known to the aforesaid police constables. Hence, the accused persons Vijay Prakash and Jitender Kathura hatched a criminal conspiracy and planned to extort the clients to earn huge and easy money in a very short span of time in connivance with some sex workers and police constables.

As per plan, they used to lure people in their traps through smart and beautiful girls. Once the client was pressurized and terrorized by this act, they used to demand huge money for releasing them. Earlier arrested accused constable Pawan used to guide the accused persons about police functioning and how to evade being caught while the accused Jitender Kathura used to operate the racket and provide all support to the other accused persons.

All the accused persons including Manoj, Pawan, Neeraj, Vijay, Sunny and two women have already been arrested in this case while accused Jitender Kathura was still on the run. During his absconding period, he left Delhi and remained in hiding in different places in the area of Mathura and Agra Districts in UP to evade his arrest.

The proceedings of declaring him Proclaimed Offender were under progress. The charge sheet against remaining accused persons has already been filed in the Court and the case is presently pending trial. In the meantime, another boy also joined them. They gave her a packet of khaki colour by saying that this packet contains a huge quantity of notes and she may take this packet after giving them her gold ear- rings.

Initially she declined the offer. On this, one of them informed her that a child of their family is seriously ill and one "Pandit" has assured that the child could recover only in case his body is touched by some old gold.

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They further informed her that the packet contains a lot more money than the value of her old gold ear-rings and if she agrees to keep this packet, there will be no loss to her. Rather, with her cooperation, a seriously ill child of their family would be able to recover from illness. Finally, she got influenced by their emotional talk and she gave her gold earrings to them and kept the bundle of notes with her. After this, both of them went away.

On reaching home, she opened the bundle and found that only one note of Rs. Another similar type of complaint was reported at PS Burari, where the complainant had alleged similar type of cheating in similar manner and lost her gold earrings. Both the accused were put to sustained interrogation. Initially, they tried to deceive the police but finally, they revealed that they had cheated many people of their cash, jewellery and other valuables by giving them bunch of currency notes.

They also disclosed their involvement in both the above mentioned incidents. They further disclosed their involvement in commission of other such incidents of cheating they had committed at Karnal, Panipat, Ambala, Haryana, due to which they had been jailed in Panipat, Haryana in two cases.

He is married and earlier used to do glass cutting. He is an illiterate and unmarried.

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PS Brhamno ki bari, Jammu. Const Naresh received information through wireless that one Tata had pelted stones on the police as well as public near the area of Subhash Palace and the police vehicles were chasing them. On getting this information, Const Naresh and Const DHG Shankar intensified their patrolling and on locating the above said Tata in the area of PS Bharat Nagar, they overtook the speeding Tata and tried to stop the offending vehicle.

But instead of stopping, the inmates of the vehicle intentionally and brutally crushed the police motorcycle and fled away from the spot leaving behind the bleeding victim Const Naresh who died at the spot. During investigation, it was revealed that criminals of Mewat region of Haryana headed by Shakir were involved in this crime. A reward of Rs. A reward of fifty thousand was also declared on his arrest. Rasad was subjected to sustained interrogation. During interrogation, it was revealed that he is an active member of gang involved in theft of cattle as well as other crime in Delhi and NCR region.

For the purpose of committing crimes, these gangs use specially modified vehicles, preferably Tata Pick Up. On the fateful day, while accused Rasad along with his associates were returning back in their Tata with stolen cattle, they were intercepted by the police vehicle and in the process of escaping, Rasad along with his associates crushed the intercepting police motorcycle resulting into the death of Const Naresh and injuring Const DHG Shankar of PS Bharat Nagar, Delhi.

He is an illiterate and belongs to a labour family.


He is married and having three children. He has a long criminal history and was earlier arrested in a case of theft of bolts of railway lines. He is not attending the courts in these cases. The couple helps many people in solving their problems.

Date of production 26 October Produced by International award winning documentary Producer Nazimuddin and written by famous documentary writer Zia-ur-Rehman Zia with background voice of Mohammad Naqi and Nilofer Abbasi. Please rate if you like it. I will upload more. Hawaa Ki Beti Wtiten By: Many women working under Jan-e-Alam are constantly harassed, subjected to assaults, and slandered when they refuse the advances of their boss.

Maryam, the female protagonist, also gets victimized by him. When she refuses to comply with his inappropriate demands, he traps her in a business scam and gets her jailed. In a society, where it is so easy for a young girl to lose her dignity and to stain her reputation because of uncontrollable circumstances, will Maryam ever get riddance from sick minded Jan-e-Alam?

Syed Ali Raza Usama Produced by: Babar Javed Cast with respective character names: Nusrat Thakur, Ghazanfar Ali Cast: The quality of spoken Urdu is exceptional.