5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

Flu Shot Facts: Hidden Truth in the Fine Print

5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

The current flu season is a nightmare, spreading ferociously. It is the th anniversary of the Spanish flu (1,2) pandemic, and the date is This is the scary part. "Victims died within hours or days of their symptoms appearing, their of the immune system because of proteins called cytokines (5). CDC officials estimated flu vaccinations last year prevented 5 million is a reaction to the vaccine, not a true influenza infection, not even a mild "No study to date has shown an adverse consequence of inactivated influenza This story was provided by MyHealthNewsDaily, a sister site to LiveScience. A pandemic occurs when an entirely new and virulent influenza virus, which the Tom Frieden was asked what scared him the most, what kept him up at night. were hospitalized and 49 died—5 percent of that population of young men, dead. What proved even more deadly was the government policy toward the truth.

Sure enough, I received another form. It was assumed I had got confused and ticked the wrong box. How much pressure are parents under to say yes to these vaccines? I am known for being irritatingly opinionated and self-assured. After I asked for your thoughts, my email inbox was filled with replies from concerned parents on both sides of the debate. One mum emailed me to tell how when she raised her concerns about vaccinating her healthy child, the school nurse said: It might happen, so you are best to cover yourself.

Is the flu really comparable to a house fire? I also heard from parents of high-risk children with asthma or diabetes who are more likely to suffer severe complications of flu, such as pneumonia. They could not understand how I could be so selfish.

5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

A GP emailed to explain that mass immunisation is a form of herd cover: And I take his point. Except my son is not an animal, and I am not a sheep. Dr Ramsay adds that last year it was My maths calculates that this means close to one in four of those immunised could still get the strain of flu they were vaccinated against. I suspect we all know someone over 65 who refuses point-blank to go anywhere near the flu jab.

Many swear it caused them to feel terrible for two weeks. I have emails from people who say their muscles ached for ten days. One small business owner says he offers vaccinations because sick days are a genuine threat to his business.

He is right, of course; I am not an understanding employer when it comes to staff calling in sick.

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But I wonder what happens if you opt out but then need to take time off if you get the flu. You don't need to get the flu vaccine if you got it last year — the strains are basically the same. There are two reasons why it's recommended that people get the flu vaccine every year, Cunningham said. One reason yearly vaccination is needed is that the strains of the flu virus that are circulating change from year to year. Each year, health officials identify the viruses that are the most likely to cause illness during the upcoming flu season, according to the CDC.

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The vaccine for the flu season, protects against two type A influenza viruses one is a strain of the H1N1 virus, the other is a strain called H3N2and an influenza B virus. One of these viruses the H1N1 virus was also used to make last year's vaccine, but the H3N2 and B viruses are different from the strains used to make last year's vaccine. The second reason a flu shot is needed every year is that the immunity that develops after getting the shot wanes by the following year. The flu vaccine contains thiomerosal, which may be harmful.

Thiomerosal — a preservative that contains mercury — has never been shown to be harmful, Cunningham said. The type of mercury linked with nervous system damage is methyl mercury, he said. Concerns over methyl mercury levels have led to recommendations that pregnant women avoid eating large amounts of certain types of fish, such as swordfish. In contrast, thiomerosal is an ethyl mercury compound.

6 Flu Vaccine Myths

Still, because the preservative raised controversy, especially over a now-disproven link to autismit was taken out of almost all U. The injectable form flu vaccine is available to health care providers in two ways — they can get large bottles of it, which contain many doses, or they can small bottles, which contain an individual dose of the vaccine.

There is a tiny amount of thiomerosal in the multidose bottles.

5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

The preservative ensures that no bacteria will grow in the vaccine, Cunningham said. The individual-dose bottles contain no thiomersal. People concerned about the compounds effects can ask their provider for an individual dose. There have been no controlled studies in women who are pregnant, nursing, and children under 3 years old.

5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

The flu vaccine insert claims: There have been no studies to indicate whether vaccines are safe for children under 3, or pregnant or nursing moms. Effectiveness of the Flu Shot Is the flu shot effective in decreasing incidence of the flu? That is the million dollar question, right? Please note, I have not read every single journal article about this. I was more interested in what researchers who were not getting paid by the vaccine industry had to say about the flu shot.

I placed most of my focus on meta-analysis: On the rare occurrence when it is matched correctly, however, people need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms, and there is no evidence that vaccines affect complications such as pneumonia or transmission.

Another review of over 40 studies, concluded: On average, perhaps 1 adult out of vaccinated will get influenza symptoms compared to 2 out of in the unvaccinated group. To put it another way we need to vaccinate healthy adults to prevent one set of symptoms. However, our Cochrane review found no credible evidence that there is an effect against complications such as pneumonia or death.

Another meta-analysis found even less of an impact from vaccines. They reported an 8. There is little support that flu vaccine is effective. At best it only ever-so-slightly lowers your chances of getting the strains of the flu virus it vaccinates against.

Flu Shot Facts: Hidden Truth in the Fine Print

Mortality Rates Whether or not the flu vaccine has a real impact on mortality is of great significance. If we can decrease mortality connected to the flu, that would be win, right?

5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

The research all pretty much says the same thing. In fact, it appears the more people get the vaccine, the higher the death rates become in the elderly. If you made it this far, kudos to you for really taking the time to read and think about this flu vaccine topic seriously. Are we just taking what the vaccine makers and government officials saying at their word? Or are we really digging into the research to see if what they are reporting is based on good solid research?

So, back to the original question.

5 true scary dating horror stories reaction to flu

Should I have taken my doctor up on her suggestion to get the flu shot? Could we have avoided getting the flu? But there are far greater things at stake that could have long-term health implications for my family. Do you vaccinate or not vaccinate for the flu? More Articles about the Flu We have some more posts in this series on the flu vaccine: