3 date rule dating service

Three Day Rule, a modern take on matchmaking.

3 date rule dating service

42 reviews of Three Day Rule "My journey with TDR began when I attended a couple of their parties with some girlfriends at The Viceroy in Santa Monica. Talia Goldstein founded Three Day Rule in , after quitting her day job as a TV Swingers, where the characters waited 3 days before calling a girl they'd just met. Since then, TDR has grown into a professional matchmaking service Your matchmaker will gather feedback on the quality of the match after the date. Laurel House is a celebrity Dating Coach and Flirting Expert, 5x published .

Get matched Once we've met you in person, if we think you're a fit with our premium members, we'll match you for free. Get started with a free membership! You have two options: In either option, the first step is to fill out our quick private profile. This will take less than five minutes, but you can add more depth later on. Signing up puts you in our free database and lets our matchmakers search for you as a potential match for their clients.

You must meet with a matchmaker in-person to be eligible to be matched. If you would like to explore the option of becoming a TDR paid client, sign up and set up time with your matchmaker. Why is TDR different? When Talia, our CEO, founded Three Day Rule, her mission was to create a much more enjoyable, stress-free dating experience for both men and women.

We train every matchmaker to ensure they are positive, empowering, and personalized in their approach to finding you a committed relationship. We are real people who meet you and all of your matches in person.

3 date rule dating service

We find potential dates and ask them the hard questions, face-to-face. We only introduce you to the most compatible matches, saving you from bad first dates.

Three Day Rule Reviews (Incl. Cost & Real Customer Experience)

You go on dates and give us feedback, so we get even better over time. Nicolette also draws from her past experience and connections in the tech world, where she developed her own projects, partnerships, and platforms and honed her natural talents in networking. From providing helpful ice-breakers to finding true personality matches, Nicolette is driven by her goal to help others find love and happiness.

Alyssa Park alyssa threedayrule. Alyssa's experience in the dating industry is extensive - she has worked in the dating space with matchmaking companies to online dating sites like Match in roles ranging from matchmaking to marketing. As a TDR Matchmaker, Alyssa feels like she is living her dream every day as she channels her high level of empathy and a strong intuition to find the right connection for her clients.

Her approach is always positive, and you can count on Alyssa for solid advice and a wealth of knowledge about all things dating, both online and off. As a Matchmaker, she is an expert coach to her clients through the ups and downs of dating and encourages her clients to get out of their comfort zone, in turn helping them find success.

Her experience working all over the world, has given Kelly a unique perspective on different cultures, beliefs, and values giving her a leg up in making the right matches.

Her genuine empathy allows her to connect deeply with clients, always focusing on helping her clients reach their goals. Jocelyn Connolly jocelyn threedayrule. Her background in education, led into her work in the dating space where she greatly values connecting and continuing to educate each day.

As a Matchmaker, Jocelyn channels her natural ability to create relationships and truly help her clients across all facets of their dating journey. Stacia Firestone stacia threedayrule. She has always had a natural inclination for finding the right spark - from hosting speed dating parties in New York to helping everyone she knows connect. Among her many accomplishments during her 7 years at PopSugar, Stacia expanded the virtual user experience to a real-life curated, subscription service.

She loves bringing people together in this unique way. A former TDR Matchmaker, Beth knows that relationships of all dynamics play a crucial part of health and wellness. Before you can love someone else, you need to love yourself first. Beth loves helping her clients find self-love and guiding them to confidently portray themselves in a healthy way where they can be their most authentic selves.

3 date rule dating service

Beth has committed her life to helping others create balance within a healthy mind, body, and soul. Caitlin Cooper caitlin threedayrule. She has used her experience as a TDR Matchmaker to create a unique blend of these skills to help women find balance in the mind and harmony in the body to attract and sustain the relationships that serve their highest selves.

She breaks down the complex and time-consuming practices of meditation and proper self-care into easily accessible tools for busy professionals to implement in overbooked schedules. Bree Jacoby breestylist threedayrule. She specializes in personal brand consulting for busy, successful men and women. Bree's been an entrepreneur since she was 13 years old, and by 20, she was managing and building up retail businesses in Los Angeles and New York City.

Bree fiercely believes her clients shouldn't have to think about how to dress.

Team - Three Day Rule

Her goal is to increase her clients success while helping them to look their best - giving her clients the confidence to own any situation they walk into, whether it be a business meeting or casual drinks. Goldie Rush goldiestylist threedayrule. She works as a fashion designer, stylist, and image consultant utilizing her stylistic intuition and naturally caring nature to change people's lives.

Goldie is known for her innate ability to bring someone's hidden self to the surface. She performs miraculous personal style transformations that boost self confidence and focuses on the power of attraction.

Marisa Meloski marisastylist threedayrule. She has worked in visual merchandizing for brands including Madewell, J Crew, The North Face, Puma and Vans and enjoys styling photo shoots, fashion shows, and music videos throughout Boston. Marisa prides herself on building a personal brand and image for all of her clients - one that instills confidence and pride.