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yugioh dating site

Yu-Gi-Oh is a Japanese manga series about gaming written and illustrated by Kazuki .. Taking place a few years after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, the series follows a boy named Jaden Yuki as he attends a Duel Academy, built by. MaiOtaku is your website for meeting single anime fans, otaku, getting connected , finding love, making friends, and more. Dating site for yugioh players. Sustaining a good man. Smalltown boy turned bigtime basketball lovers just waiting to silence the banker and collect your inbox is.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yugi shook his head. Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do? How important is your match's age to you? Yugi always liked his dates older than him.

He blushed and checked the somewhat box.

yugioh dating site

What is your current marital status? Yugi checked the never married box. Choose the category that best describes your highest level of education. Yugi checked the High School diploma Box. How important is your match's education to you? Yugi sighed 'They have to be able to hold a decent conversation. Yugi smiled he was almost done. He just had to finish the last registration pieces.

Welcome Yugi Moto you have 12 matches.

yugioh dating site

Yugi sighed dating sites never appealed to him he thought they were a load of crap. He was about to check them out when the teacher dismissed the class. Heba Moto, Yugi's twin brother the boys are virtually Identical but Heba has Egyptian looks he got from the boy's mother, and Yugi has Japanese looks he got from his father. Yugi is a calm person and he hates violence because when he was younger he got beat up a lot.

Heba is angered rather easily, and because he had to defend Yugi from the bullies, he uses violence but only when necessary. Atemu Sennen, Heba's Boyfriend of 3 years now. Atemu is 22 and the CEO of Sennen corporations. He is tan skinned and has the same hair style as Yugi and Heba.

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They get mistaken as twins a lot but Atemu is taller than Heba. Yugi then told him about the deal Joey and him made. He doesn't seem like they type to. Much like Yugi and Heba, Yami is Atemu's identical twin. However like Yugi he has their fathers pale Japanese skin. Once Yugi got back to the Apartment he went to his room and sat Joey's laptop on his desk.

yugioh dating site

He sat at the desk and stared at the laptop. But I have to rule out the crazy people. As soon as he did he got a message. What's your favorite food? I didn't read you're profile so I'm sticking to the basic's. What's your ideal date. Not one for public places. Is it because you're famous? Yugi sighed, 'Did I just agree to a blind date? He crawled into bed and attempted to sleep.

He was thankful he didn't have class tomorrow. The next morning Yugi got up and studied until he had to get into his date cloths. He put on black leather pants, a lilac colored leather shirt and buckled boots. He also put on his neck and wrist belts, as well as his belt that held his deck. He decided to leave his deck at home 'Don't need it stolen.

Yugi grabbed his car keys and began to drive to the restaurant. Yugi pulled into the restaurant drive way and checked the time again 4: To say he was nervous was an understatement. He was petrified 'Please don't let them be a crazy person! He was about 3 steps from his car when 6 children ran up to him. This would be why he hated public places.

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Yugi inwardly sighed and went back to his car. He kept emergency signed photographs incase situations like these arise. Yugi gave them the photo's and the kids began asking for advice on their decks. Read More a try and see how they work for you.

Gamer-centric dating is extremely niche. As such, these sites are nowhere near the scale of mainstream alternatives like OkCupid or Tinder.

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Gaming Passions The Passions Network is a large web of online dating sites, each one focused on a particular point of interest. Right away, without creating an account, you can perform a Quick Search to browse through potential matches based on age, location, and distance.


But for best results, you should create your own account. Be sure to join various Groups, which are categorizations that highlight your gaming preferences. If you're one of them, I implore you Some may pine for the good old days when games like Ultima Online, Everquest, and Dark Age of Camelot dominated the scene, Read Moreseems like a reputable service. This adaptation is not related to any other works in the franchise aside from the first Yu-Gi-Oh!

yugioh dating site

Loosely adapting the manga from chapter sixty onwards, the series features several differences from the manga and the Toei-produced series and largely focuses around the game of Duel Monsters, tying in with the real life Yu-Gi-Oh! A remastered version of the series, focusing on specific duels, began airing in Japan from February 7, The adaptation received many changes from the Japanese version to tailor it for international audiences.

These include different names for many characters and monsters, changes to the appearance of the cards to differentiate them from their real-life counterparts and various cuts and edits pertaining to violence, death, and religious references to make the series suitable for children. An album containing some tracks from the English dub music entitled Yu-Gi-Oh! Only three volumes, comprising the first nine episodes, were ever released.

The names were also Americanized, but the series setting and the original music remained intact.

yugioh dating site

Konami currently distributes the series and its spin-offs, in addition to producing English dubs through its renamed subsidiary, 4K Media Inc. Capsule Monsters episodes Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters is a twelve-episode spin-off miniseries commissioned, produced and edited by 4Kids Entertainment, which aired in North America between September 9, [27] and November 25, It is set before the end of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Duel Monsters, apparently somewhere between episodes andand involves Yugi and his friends being pulled into a world filled with real Duel Monsters they can summon using capsules. It is similar to the Virtual RPG arc in many respects, but it does not seem to have anything to do with the early Capsule Monster Chess game featured in early volumes of the original manga. It is currently the only animated Yu-Gi-Oh! It was published in Japan by Shueisha on September 3, and has four sections.

Two weeks after Yugi's battle with Kaiba in Death-T, Yugi gets a call from Kaiba, who tells him to meet for a game at the top floor of Kaiba Corporation. Mokuba stumbles in on them, and tells Yugi that Kaiba has not yet awoken from his catatonic state. It turns out that the Kaiba that Yugi is playing against is a "Cyber Kaiba", controlled by the KaibaCorp computer, using all of Kaiba's memories. Other books The Gospel of Truth series guide for the manga.