Night owl cinematics married vs dating sites

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night owl cinematics married vs dating sites

Night Owl Cinematics' Ryan & Sylvia Reveal Juicy Story Of How They Met! and has amassed an astonishing 55 million video views to date. Husband Ryan is in charge of editing and directing all the videos on the YouTube channel, . No Promise Of Fancy Pools Or Slides—But We Got Work Done At This. As of 17 September , Night Owl Cinematics' YouTube channel has over k The duo started to date 5 years later and eventually got married at . Owl City developed a following on the social networking site MySpace, like many musicians Temple University (Temple or TU) is a state-related research university. SPH Websites . RYAN SILVIA, ALSO KNOWN AS NIGHT OWL CINEMATICS Before married couple Ryan Tan and Silvia Chan started doing this It's not like I 'm lying or trying to be someone I'm not - it's just that I Most popular video: 11 Differences Between Dating & Marriage ( million views).

Catch him at various bars and pubs where he perform as a singer too! He aspires to be the voice over talent for the SMRT announcements and is willing to charge for only 3 languages. She has passion for the arts and a soft spot for children.

Her experience as an actor in Act3 Theatrics as well as being a drama teacher will prove to be a valuable addition to the team. She is also working as in events as well as a waitress. Her passion lies in acting, makeup and traveling. Along with her good tastes in music, there is plenty to look forward to from Nixie. He's Burmese but prefers to be called a Myanmarian. She is super obedient and well loved by everyone in NOC!

She sometimes acts as the supporting actress in our comedy skits: Don't let her quiet disposition fool you, she's the one in charge of all our salary! As such, we rely on her to cook up and explore incredible and novel ideas and concepts in order to come out with the most entertaining videos Krystin Lim CO-PRODUCER Newly joining us as a Co-Producer, Krystin has spent 5 years in the UK, and she enjoys anything to do with creative production, from film to art to food.

She has done drama and stage performances as a kid, and shifted to backstage and production work as she grew up. As a bonus, she has attended culinary school in London, and is very passionate about food. Someone full of drive and seems to have infinite enthusiasm, he is consistently striving to improve himself and to innovate.

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Scott Vanderven Scriptwriter Scott is our new freelance scriptwriter who recently graduated from Hillsong College Australia, studying Theology and Songwriting. He is now an Assistant Director for our shoots and is the second in command in terms of our video production!

He is one of the best editors and cinematographers of NOC, and has now taken on the role of leading the crew, and will be in charge of making sure all the necessary shots happen in our shoots! Bryan Seah CREW Bryan came in as an intern and has opted to stay with us, until his unfortunate hiatus of 2 years as he needs to serve the nation.

We will be looking forward to a fitter Bryan to join us after he ORDs so that he can carry more equipment!

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An incredibly fast learner and the mood-maker of the office, she is often making the most noise in the office. C has sufficiently showcased her skills and talents in her designs, and her works are in virtually all of our videos ever since she has joined us. She also used to be a barista, and absolutely loves coffee. But when we started inwe never saw that overnight success.

The duo also had a drama that was loosely based on their lives, titled Munah And Hirzi, that aired on Suria in The two, who are friends and also fellow Fly Entertainment artists, say they have different plans for their videos every year. Last year, they embarked on a strategy to increase the number of subscribers on their channel from 30, to 70, This year, they will be making videos that carry messages about issues they are passionate about, such as the foreign labour policy.

The two often receive requests for videos from fans, but they say that they will not accede to requests that they do not think reflect who they are.

Maimunah, known as Munah on YouTube, says: We always had the goal in mind to come up with content that is true to ourselves, but could also be very relatable to our viewers. We don't listen to K-pop," she says with a laugh. Tan Jianhao, 20 Number of subscribers: I'm not that confident in real life," he says.

night owl cinematics married vs dating sites

But YouTube is a platform for him to showcase another side of him. It's not like I'm lying or trying to be someone I'm not - it's just that I have a different personality in front of and behind the camera.

It is a feat especially as his is the rare comedy channel among the most-subscribed in Singapore that is helmed by one person alone - most of the other top comedy channels are managed by groups of people.

His quick rise in the online popularity ranks is something that continues to surprise him. Now, I have more thanviews a video. Sometimes, I ask myself, 'Who actually watches me? In the video, Tan and two friends sing about being men in Singapore. But Tan sounds more excited talking about some of his other videos, which are often comedy skits about Singaporeans.

night owl cinematics married vs dating sites

People watch and identify with what I'm saying in the videos and laugh at themselves. Maybe, sometimes, people won't understand the inside jokes, but most of them are relatable for the general Singaporean. More than 60, Most popular video: Zhang says he has been uploading content to YouTube sincestarting with his dance videos and recordings of dance competitions he had participated in.

It was only in that he started vlogging about "social" issues such as people with body odour. Neo has made it known that Zhang and fellow YouTuber Noah Yap were cast in the movie as they already had some online popularity, and Zhang agrees that YouTube was important in launching his acting career. From there, people also understood what I do. But I'll never abandon the channel, because it is where I came from and a place where I can directly interact with my fan base. Khoo and Chiang were in fact the core duo who had kickstarted that channel, producing and starring in various video clips for their former employer, gaming company Garena.

Banana for our former employers and, therefore, we had no ownership over the channel. We branched out because we wanted to create something we could call our own.

Singaporean YouTube stars make their mark online and offline

Banana is now managed by a different team of people. Khoo says they were also lucky to have loyal fans cross over to their new channel. Even better, they now "make enough to be comparable with what someone with a college degree and a few years of work experience would make outside". We don't know much about Mandarin entertainment," says Khoo.

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