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By the time we finally got around to datingit was months later, long. A private family interment will take place at a later date. As expressions of sympathy. James Guy Dykeformer landscaper, age 68 years. Apparently even dating bisexuals changes your orientation: If I date a monosexual, especially a cishet man or a cis lesbian, they are. Unknown date - Richard Londoney - John. Date unknown - Willian Dygon. I didnt wanna date the ho, I was just DTF. Acland, Hubert Guy Dyke. Commander, DateCommand.

Keep Dating Niall Horan. I've seen the terms boydyke and guydyke used for lesbian-identified. Hubert Guy DykeD. Symbol for Guy Dyke from LiveJournal. I'm not terribly concerned about genitals, at least not in terms of dating. Standards of Care to date and the likelihood of future compliance; 6. What does ratchet mean?

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What is slang boo? I'd been told so many times that you need to be uncomfortable in your body to be non-cis that I tried to shut down any attempt my brain made to question my own gender, and even now there's a part of me that tells me that I should stop questioning because I'm happy in a female body and I at least partially identify as female. How would a person express such an identity? On the outside, they would appear to be cisgendered and heterosexual men or women, especially if they don't identify as being trans and they don't intend to transition.

This brings up the idea that genderqueer identities are often quite difficult to express in what the person feels is the "proper" way. And how would this affect heterosexual relationships with individuals who aren't primarily homosexual?

Doing research, while one of the main drawbacks of this identity is the cold hard fact that gay individuals will most likely not be interested in you, I did find "Meet up" pages for gay men and women who wanted to meet and try dating girlfags or guydykes - so it does appear that there are some gay men and lesbian women out there who not only accept the concept, but actively want to seek it.

What does this actually mean in terms of sexuality? Would such relationships be considered straight, or would they still be queer? Knowing that your opposite sex partner at least partially identifies as the same sex you, does this make the relationship a homosexual one from the perspective of the gay partner, or do they end up being relationships where they see it as a straight relationship but they don't care?

One part of the identity for some people is a desire to "love men or women the way a man or woman would". What does this say about ideas on sex or romantic expression?

If I were to try and love a man "like a man would do", what would I have to do differently? I don't see this idea as a possible negative, by the way - on a basic level, it would make people more open to sexual practices that they may have thought could only be done by the opposite gender, or social behaviours and attitudes towards romance that are expected of the other gender.

A lot of the criticisms of the concept reek an awful lot of identity policing. Like, "you can't identify as this because I personally don't agree with it. Some of them dismiss the concept of non-binary gender identity completely, and others maliciously put words into other people's mouths. So why does this identity get so much flack from people?

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Is it not extremely hurtful to people who have this identity to say that this identity is actually hurtful and malicious in nature? It highlights the fact that the queer community are not exempt from identity policing, and how there's a lot of vitriol aimed at anyone who isn't "queer enough" or seen as "trying to be queer". Could the term Girlfag possibly be renamed into something that sounds less offensive?

Is it possible, now that the term is being used, to change it? What possible terms or phrases could be used to convey the same sort of meaning? The same thing applies to Guydykes, too, since that can be seen as an offensive term, but girlfags get hit with this criticism much harder. Does a name like this actually lower people's opinions of the concept, and would changing the name make it more accepted?

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There are rather intelligent arguments to support the idea that Girlfags and Guydykes are a type of genderqueer identity and therefore can count as a valid genderqueer identity. There are lots of criticisms about the concept, which makes it pretty undiscussed. However, it has in my brain triggered lots of possible ideas and questions about gender and sexuality, which may or may not be interesting to talk about.

The main questions of this thread that are up for discussion: Do any of you think that it IS a valid identity?

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If not, why not? Are any of the criticisms at all valid, or am I not the only on who thinks there's something distasteful about identity policing and claiming that people's identities are not only non-existent, but offensive? And could this ever be a full, visible part of any trans or genderqueer community without there being any criticisms? I'd go into the personal reasons I have to bringing this debate back up, but you know what, I'm not going to.