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Wanderlei Silva targets December for fourth fight with ‘Rampage’

As heavyweight Cro Cop punctuated the fight with a signature head kick knockout at the Saitama He is called The Axe Murderer, after all. Wanderlei César da Silva nicknamed "The Axe Murderer" and "Cachorro Louco" (Portuguese It was after this fight that Silva earned the nickname "The Axe Murderer". .. Record, Opponent, Method, Event, Date, Round, Time, Location, Notes .. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dating Site Murderer, sometimes known as “Good Intentions Axe Murderer”, is an advice animal image macro series based on a dimly lit photograph of a.

Jackson knocked Silva down near the end of the first round and mounted him as the bell rang. In round two Silva caught Jackson with a counter right hand and followed up with knees from the thai clinch knocking Jackson out, successfully defending the Pride middleweight championship with the win.

In Japan, Silva additionally gained his reputation as a fighter who has never been defeated by any Japanese opponent, resulting in a trend of various Japanese fighters being arranged by Pride to face him. Hunt won the non-title match by split decision. Silva also took this fight on two days notice.

dating site axe murderer mma

The loss, by unanimous decision in the tournament's semi-finals, was Silva's first defeat in a middleweight match in Pride; however, since it was not a title fight and held under special rules due to the grand prix format 2 rounds instead of 3Silva was still recognized as the middleweight champion.

A rematch between Arona and Silva took place at the Pride Shockwave event on December 31,with Silva winning by split decision. Emelianenko's doctors stated that his hand, which had recently undergone surgery, would not be in good enough shape to fight because the metal implant would still be present.

Because Silva was also a champion, he received a first round bye and fought in the second round at Pride Critical Countdown Absolutewhich took place on July 1, On July 8,at UFC Liddell did end up winning that fight. However, talks dwindled and the fight as advertised did not happen. After a brief stoppage to tend to a swollen eye on Silva, "Cro Cop" struck Silva in the head with a left kick, knocking him out.

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On October 21, at Pride The Real DealWanderlei issued his challenge to Chuck Liddell to a fight inside a Pride ring in February, when the promotion returned to Las Vegas, however Dana White stated that the fight would not be happening, citing Silva's recent KO loss to Mirko Cro Cop which would have not allowed the NSAC to clear him medically for the fight that soon after being knocked out.

Wanderlei Silva in Every time I need to give a good show for them because tickets are so expensive and pay-per-view is so expensive. The fans know which fighters want to give a show.

I love my fans and fight for my fans. It's so incredible that I'm from Brazil but when I fight American fighters the crowd is much more for me over the American fighters. They know I'm going to put on a show.

The Frustrations of a Former Teenage Wanderlei Silva Fanboy

Wanderlei Silva talking about fighting in America and his motivation for fights. After the fight Silva said, "Win or lose I like to give the emotion for my fans" [11] He also added that he gave his best and promised that next time he will deliver a win. Silva then finished the fight with ground strikes to earn the knockout. During the second round, Silva rocked Franklin hard with punches and almost finished the fight during that moment. This was counterbalanced by Franklin dropping Silva three times in that round, each time with singular strikes.

The Frustrations of a Former Teenage Wanderlei Silva Fanboy | FIGHTLAND

Silva then announced he would be out of action untilas he underwent facial surgery to repair his nose which was broken during Silva's second fight with Cro Cop, and then repeatedly broken again in later matches and remove some scar tissue from above his eyes to avoid bleeding and being easily cut open during future fights. At UFCannouncer Joe Rogan emphatically stated that Wanderlei looked like a totally different person in the wake of his recent facial reconstructive surgery.

After three rounds of fighting, Silva was awarded the unanimous decision victory 29—28, 29—28, and 29—28 [17] and his first victory in almost two years.

dating site axe murderer mma

I felt the reason he got the decision was the knockdown right at the end. After Leben defeated Akiyama with a triangle choke in the third round Leben verbally called out Silva saying "Come on Wanderlei, I'll take you out too" in his post fight interview. This meant that he would not be seen fighting in the octagon again until early During the fight's first round Leben won by KO with several uppercuts before following Silva to the ground for a referees stoppage at the 27 second mark.

Le managed to confuse Silva with his unorthodox kicks, and landed a spinning backfist that dropped Silva.

‘The Axe Murderer’ comes out of retirement: Wanderlei Silva signs with Bellator | MMAjunkie

During the second round, Silva managed to shake Le with huge punches and knees that completely broke Le's nose. This latest episode harkens back to the brief feud between Silva and Chael Sonnen.

They didn't show very much of it, but it was a mess. We couldn't leave the set.

dating site axe murderer mma

We had to get Wanderlei back, but we had Dana White on the phone. It was an absolute mess.

'The Axe Murderer' comes out of retirement: Wanderlei Silva signs with Bellator

We had Vitor Belfort on the phone, wondering, hey, if this guy really walks, will you get on a plane? It was that [bad]. We thought the show was over. I'm the bad guy. I insulted this entire nation. You wear the white hat. You get to come in and be the good guy. When you're bullying me, when you're physically starting fights with me, when you're quitting and walking off set and leaving this whole thing hanging, you're now making me vulnerable.

If I'm vulnerable, then I become the good guy. I don't want to be the good guy. But you do, so enjoy being the good guy.

I'll keep being the bad guy. But stay with me on this, because you're ruining everything. It's like, dude, this isn't little league baseball, man.

dating site axe murderer mma

You could take all those great little sayings that your coach told you or you got in a fortune cookie and you can shove them up your ass when I'm around, because I don't care about any of them. This is a fistfight in a steel cage. There's nothing about honor and sportsmanship.

This is about an applause and a paycheck.