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It was initially intended to be a fortified trading centre but ultimately became part of Copenhagen. All the major institutions were located there, as was the fleet and most of the army. The defences were further enhanced with the completion of the Citadel in and the extension of Christianshavns Vold with its bastions inleading to the creation of a new base for the fleet at Nyholm. Along with the fireit is the main reason that few traces of the old town can be found in the modern city.

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Inwork began on the royal residence of Christiansborg Palace which was completed in Indevelopment of the prestigious district of Frederiksstaden was initiated. Designed by Nicolai Eigtved in the Rococo style, its centre contained the mansions which now form Amalienborg Palace. Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson led the main attack.

Particularly notable was the use of incendiary Congreve rockets containing phosphorus, which cannot be extinguished with water that randomly hit the city. Few houses with straw roofs remained after the bombardment.

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The largest church, Vor frue kirkewas destroyed by the sea artillery. Several historians consider this battle the first terror attack against a major European city in modern times. In the background from left to right: Nicholas Church and Holmen Church The British landed 30, men, they surrounded Copenhagen and the attack continued for the next three days, killing some 2, civilians and destroying most of the city.

Painting prospered under C. Eckersberg and his students while C.

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This dramatic increase of space was long overdue, as not only were the old ramparts out of date as a defence system but bad sanitation in the old city had to be overcome. Fromthe west rampart Vestvolden was flattened, allowing major extensions to the harbour leading to the establishment of the Freeport of Copenhagen — The spread of housing to areas outside the old ramparts brought about a huge increase in the population.

InCopenhagen was inhabited by approximatelypeople. Byit had someinhabitants. With its new city hall and railway stationits centre was drawn towards the west.

Plans were drawn up to demolish the old part of Christianshavn and to get rid of the worst of the city's slum areas. German leader Adolf Hitler hoped that Denmark would be "a model protectorate " [44] and initially the Nazi authorities sought to arrive at an understanding with the Danish government. The Danish parliamentary election was also allowed to take place, with only the Communist Party excluded. But in Augustafter the government's collaboration with the occupation forces collapsed, several ships were sunk in Copenhagen Harbor by the Royal Danish Navy to prevent their use by the Germans.

Around that time the Nazis started to arrest Jewsalthough most managed to escape to Sweden. InDunst participated in 'Christiania Distortion', an event supportive of Christiania. As they could not make use of the Gay House, Dunst's part of the event took place in a bus circling around Christiania.

A perpetrator has not been found.

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During a brief shootout with Politiets Aktionsstyrke a special intervention police unit he was seriously wounded and later died from his injuries in the hospital.

Although known to be a sympathizer of Islamic extremismthis is not considered to have played a role in his actions. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message Pusher Street inafter eviction of the hash stands. A 'no photo sign' remains. Since its opening, Christiania has been famous for its open cannabis trade, taking place in the aptly named and centrally located Pusher Street, although named Green Light District by the Christianian council.

Although the hash trade is illegal, authorities were for many years reluctant to forcibly stop it. Proponents thought that concentrating the hash trade at one place would limit its dispersion in society, and that it could prevent users from switching to 'harder drugs'.

Some wanted to legalize hash altogether. Opponents thought the ban should be enforced, in Christiania as elsewhere, and that there should be no differentiation between 'soft' and 'hard' drugs. It has also been claimed that the open cannabis trade was one of Copenhagen's major tourist attractions, while some said it scared other potential tourists away.

Even though the police have attempted to stop the drug trade, the cannabis market has generally thrived in Christiania.

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During the late s 'hard drugs' such as heroin were considered permissible, but this had grave consequences. In one year, from toten people had died in Christiania from drug overdose; four of them were residents. Most of them lived in a building called 'The Arc of Peace', which was in an extreme level of disrepair: One floor was overrun by a feral cat colony. Heroin-pushers were eventually evicted by the residents, and the "ban" on hard drugs continues to this day.

Violence in the neighborhood increased and many Christianites felt unsafe and unhappy with the new residents. This resulted in sabotage acts directed towards the bikers as well as the publication of several provocative manuscripts urging the Christianites to throw out the powerful and armed bikers. This tension culminated when the police found a murdered individual who had been sliced to pieces and buried beneath the floor of a building.

Christiania reacted with two colossal community meetings—one outside the building—where it was agreed that the bikers had to leave. The Hells Angels recently[ when? A biker war between the Hells Angels and rival gangs over the drug trade continued in Copenhagen until from the murder of the leader of Bullshit, 'Makrellen', who controlled the cannabis trade in Christiania.

Action against open drug selling[ edit ] Since its opening inthe open drug trade of Christiania was a thorn in the side of Danish authorities, a constant source of public discussion, and led to protests from neighboring countries as well especially Sweden with its no-tolerance drug policy.

When the centre-right cabinet of Anders Fogh Rasmussen took office inone of its promises was to end illegal activities at Christiania. These were, including the obvious cannabis market, a long list of alleged criminal activities.

People demanded the end of 'hard drugs' sales, such as cocaine and amphetamines, weapons trade, dealing with contraband etc. The Christiania residents claimed them to be purely speculative accusations. Inthe government began aiming to make the cannabis trade less visible. In response, the cannabis sellers covered their stands in military camouflage nets as a humorous reply. They knew about this operation, and decided to take the stands down themselves.

The police made more than 20 arrests in the following weeks, and a large part of the organized dealer network of Pusher Street was then eliminated. Before they were demolished, the National Museum of Denmark was able to get one of the more colorful stands, which is now part of an exhibit.

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On 16 Marchpolice raided the area. Allegedly, many dealers started to move huge amounts of cannabis out into Copenhagen and the rest of the country instead. This was done in order to avoid the heavy police-presence in Christiania and to meet the demand for cannabis by clients. The open cannabis trade returned to Pusher Street after the raids, but the stalls were again torn down by Christiania's residents after the shooting. Further developments[ edit ] The open cannabis trade in Christiania has been hailed by some Danes and condemned by others.

The center-right government took a number of steps to enforce the law in Christiania.

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The first step in this process was a police crackdown on the cannabis trade. Both politicians and police declared that the cannabis trade would not be allowed to return.

The second and currently ongoing phase is the registration of all buildings in Christiania. The third step will be the demolition of a number of wooden private residences situated in a nature conservation area the historic naval fortress of Copenhagen.

These buildings had all been approved by the authorities before the new government passed the current law on Christiania. Beginning in the summer ofa series of protests were staged by Christiania members. During the same time, Danish police made frequent sweeps of the area.

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In the summer of this passed the 1,th patrol about 4—6 patrols a day. These patrols normally consisted of 6 to 20 police officers, often dressed in combat uniform and sometimes with police dogs.

In Januarythe government proposed that Christiania would be turned into a mixed alternative community and residential area adding condominiums for new residents. Current residents, now paying DKK 1, USD per month, would be allowed to remain but need to begin paying normal rent for the facilities, albeit below market rent levels.

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Christiania has rejected this scenario, fearing the freetown would turn into a normal Copenhagen neighborhood. In particular, the concept of privately owned dwellings is claimed to be incompatible with Christiania's collective ownership. In Septemberthe representatives of Christiania and Copenhagen's city council reached an agreement to cede control of Christiania to the city over the course of 10 years for the purposes of business development.

The state has now full right of disposal of the Christiania area. On Junethe State signs the agreement with Christiania that the Christiania area will be transferred to a new foundation, the Foundation Freetown Christiania. In Julythey made the first payment, and the Christianites went from squatters to legal landowners. A foundation, run by residents, was set up to raise funds and apply for a bank loan.

copenhagen dating sites

Christianites were able to buy about 19 acres of the initial acre plot. From this moment, the same legislative rules that apply for the rest of Denmark apply to Christiania. Quotes from politicians[ edit ] Christiania is a dwelling for people who wish to live in a different manner But it is crucial that varied ownership-models are introduced, so that there will be both private and partially owned houses.

We the government have emphasized that there should be varied ownership-models, such as private ownership Because it is the case for the surrounding society in general, that there are variety in the ownership.

There's no question that what they've been doing is illegal It is a political priority that there be built new houses as suggested, to ensure a development of the Christiania-area with varied ownership-models. All of the proposals were rejected by the jury. The cost of the architectural competition wasDanish kroner. Christiania's own development plan was awarded the Initiative Award of the Society for the Beautification of Copenhagen in November In MarchChristiania was featured in an episode of the political satire television series Den Halve Sandhed English: In Octoberthe opening titles of the music video for " Mama Said " stated "Christiania is a magical place in Copenhagen; this is where Lukas Graham was born".

Out of the Park: Christiana was featured in an episode of the late Anthony Bourdain 's Parts Unknown.