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69th Inter Martiniere Meet 69th Inter Martiniere Meet - La Martiniere College

As per Forbes, La Martiniere for Boys is one of India's 5 toughest schools to get into. with La Martiniere for Girls being ranked 1st, and La Martiniere for Boys . Inter-Martinière meet (held alternately in Calcutta and Lucknow) in football. La martiniere kolkata girls for dating. Aug 05, · La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata | CISCE affiliated school in Kolkata. Girls Day School in Elgin Kolkata. Find Fee. La Martinière Calcutta (informally known as LMC) is an independent private day school located in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal. It comprises two single-gender boys and girls schools. language of instruction. La Martiniere Calcutta has an annual meet with La Martiniere Lucknow hosted in the month of September.

The contribution of the school to society has been recognised by people of stature and importance in their own fields.

La Martiniere for Girls, Circus Avenue

Jyoti Basu, legendary politician and erstwhile Chief Minister have both graced the school with there presence. As our Founder came from France, we have a France connection and the then President of France, President Mitterand visited the school on his visit to the country. On 7t May,the School was honoured by the visit of MS.

This was indeed a memorable day for the school.

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We were also honoured by the visit of Mrs. Our Students moved out of the four walls of La Martiniere to larger arenas in the world doing their Alma Mater proud.

A the closing ceremony of the th year celebration, the Dept. In this our th year, we look forward to building characters of children who will put back into society as much as they have taken, so as to build a world that is both equitable and progressive Principal's foreword Welcome to one of the most respected and admired school — with a rich legacy and a remarkable standing of years! Owing to strong academics, top-notch and varied extra and co-curricular activities, and consequently the exemplary performance of our boys, both in and outside school, we treasure the reputation of being rated as one of the best school in India.

We are a school based on strong Christian values, but secular in our instructions. This develops the sense of passion for learning and they start to enjoy each day in school. After class 12, their journey in school comes to an end, when they pass out as thorough gentlemen, ready to face the world.

All of this is achieved under the close guidance of highly learned and caring staff, who know what it takes to continue to give. A successful school does not function in isolation. As the new Principal, it will, therefore, be my endeavor to develop a tri-polar bonding — between the school, the students and the parents, so as to share the collaborative effort that will bring forth spiritual nurturing, effective and successful learning. A kind of education that can change my boys and through them will make the world a better place.

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It will be a source of satisfaction to see that my boys have been prepared not just to earn a living but have learned how to live. I use this platform to acknowledge with gratitude, the dedication and sustained efforts of all those people who played an integral part in the growth and development of this great institution over the past years.

The student body has grown exponentially in size through the years, with approximately 3, students on the rolls in compared with in and 1, in with each class now comprising five sections named A, A1, Alpha, Alpha1 and Alpha2 of approximately 50 boys each. Although parents and Old Boys question the quality of the LMB experience with the increased class sizes, the schools continue to be a popular choice for parents to which to admit their children.

Although admissions are competitive, preference is given to children of Old Martinians. Under the terms of the Founder's will, a certain number of Foundation scholarships covering the costs of school fees and full board are awarded to Anglo-Indian boarders. The girls' school has 3 sections per class A, B and C.

la martiniere school kolkata girls for dating

Each section comprises 35—40 girls. In 11 and 12 there are four sections each- 1 for humanities, 2 for commerce and 1 for science. Each of these sections comprise 25—40 girls ranging in class size based on the subject Campus The schools are located in south Calcutta, with the Boys' School having its main gate in Loudon Street and the Girls' School having its main gate in Rawdon Street.

They face each other across Rawdon Street. The main Boys' School building is in the centre of the campus, and was completed in and is notable for its European Classical architecture, with the Round Chapel, ringed by imposing Corinthian pillars, at the heart of it.

Above the Round Chapel is the beautiful library.

la martiniere school kolkata girls for dating

The boarders dormitories are on the top floor. Classrooms are spread through the main building.

la martiniere school kolkata girls for dating

The building was ruined by a cyclonic storm in June which destroyed a "stately Gothic porch" on the south side of the building and a blue dome "that rivalled the dome of the Calcutta General Post Office". The school chapel was in the dome. Lack of funds made it impossible to rebuild both these features. The building was modified in with the addition of a western wing which now houses the Principal's office on the first floor.

The new junior school buildings are on the North Side of the campus. A basketball court and a memorial bust of the founder, Major General Claude Martin, are also located in the north side.

The old junior school building, previously known as the technical block, and swimming pool are located to the west alongside Loudon Street, Atmodya Bhavan built in and comprising the main auditorium and middle school classrooms to the South and the Constantia building not owned by the school, but controversially built on school property on the "dhobi ghat" to the East. The Lower Circular Road end of the playing field was planted with seven Ashoka trees, known informally as the "seven sisters".

These were uprooted to make way for Atmodya Bhavan. The sale of the "dhobi ghat", inwas the subject of a long-drawn lawsuit, which went all the way to the Supreme Court in New Delhi, with the Old Martinians Association suing the Trustees of the school for illegally selling school property. While the school benefitted financially from this transaction, the sale of the property and construction of the ugly Constantia building defaced the campus, and lead to the complete loss of grass on the playground.

The court case soured relations between the Old Boys and the school Governors for a number of years.

The boys' school used to have a very strong campus feel, with the Principal, House Masters and senior teachers living on campus. This added to the ethos of the school as the masters in residence supervised after-school, extra-curricular activity. However, in a controversial decision, the Governors of the school decided to no longer accommodate the senior teachers on campus, and now only the Principal has his quarters on campus.

There were five identical houses known as "Panchkothi" along the north side of the campus.

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Controversially, some of these old buildings have now been demolished in order to make way for new buildings. However, the Principal's residence still stands as originally constructed. The medium of instruction is English, with Hindi and Bengali offered as second languages.

In all other years, students take internal examinations only. Extra-curricular activities include debating, elocution and quizzing, and sports like football, swimming, cricket, hockey, athletics, basketball, boxing, rugby,and table tennis.